Thursday, June 13, 2013

Claude's Chronicle 3

Well I could not get into the dog food factory and the message directed me to a payphone outside mistys appartment. A vocie on the other end of the line told me to get a fast car and know what, I think that dealership may have restocked their lamborguni...

Well that race was easy, went on all night and we finished...well I finished at the crack of dawn. These guys were not even close to me, how boring. Not at all like that race I had with that black guy back west in San Andreas...anyway Im feeling tired now, I think I will call it a night. I have a feeling that payphone will have more work for me and that marty guy may be at his factory.

Once again no marty, that guy works fucked up hours. I thought about heading over to Joey's but I went back to the payphone, maybe I will catch a glimpse of misty getting naked in her apartment and typically I dont need to deal with people talking there. He had me put a bomb in an ice cream machine to kill some mobsters that wanted to cut off his cock, I did take an ice cream sandwich from the truck before I blew it up.

It rained vanilla and blood, kinda neat. I recieved another page...seriously how the fuck do people get this number. Actually, why and how the fuck do I have a pager?

Anyway, the voice is telling me to kill things with fire. I think I like Shit a little collateral damage, but no hookers. Thank god, atleast those women shut the fuck up when you tell them to.

Jesus fucking christ, he had me follow porn he made with a donky...from a guy who stole that shit. What the fuck is wrong with this town? I have not received any pages about jobs from that guy however I did get a page from joey, telling me that I can steal more payroll vans and give them to him to be cracked, seems like an easy way to make money. He may have also said that he has something from for me, well seems like I have nothing better to do, might as well see what he has.

Toni Cipranni needs a driver? Sounds like a mafia man. Anyway joey needs me a driver for later and Toni needs me to drive around his modified Audi S8. Atleast it is a nice car, I feel like Jason Statham now, fucking hell. Im not even fucking british.

Well Toni wont mind if I drive away with his car that his son has worked so hard to modify right?

How the fuck does the ammunation have my pager number? WHAT THE HELL LEAVE ME ALONE!

You know what though, Toni is a decent guy. He likes daft punk, when the triads were chasing us (for a short time because I am that fucking good) he had old daft punk blasting, yelling some shit in italian. It was surprisingly fun, I think I want to work for these guys for a bit.

Im heading to Joey's, sounds like he has something fun in mind.

It was get a dead body to the fucking crusher, while being chased. You know what, I enjoy a good chase. These guys did not give me a good chase, he keeps paging me about some job but I think I am going to go to sleep, I will talk to him in the morning.

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