Saturday, June 15, 2013

Resurrection of Claude 5

Another day, another note. Fucking hell.

Atleast he was kind enough to give me some wingmen with uzis..and and uzi for me? Toni you shouldn't have. I need to kill some soldiers and leaders of the triads...with these guys? Fuck that shit. I got into an audi and ran their asses over, then one guy was in a blocked off area. I just punched the shit out of him audi blew up, fuck this town. I stole a mini and jumped it over the wall to their fish factory and ran over every fucking triad I found.

Then got paid handsomely for it, fucking awesome way to start the day.

Rain mackerel? Sounds good. I need to rig a garbage truck with a bomb, park it in the fish factory and blow it sky high. Easy enough, problem is it is on a timer and twitchy as hell. So drive fast and smooth and dont hit anything. Easier said than done in this fucking town.

And it fucking worked! It rained mackerel, it was great. I took some of that shit home and fried it up, it was delicious.

Im done with Toni now...guess Sal needs me to do some things. Let us see what he needs.
Follow Bob...he is talking then I have to kill him. I will follow him in a mafia car to be subtle.

I cant believe that seriously work, I whacked the guy by just running his ass over. Fuck that noise

We need to use one head? my head? This guy wants me to fight his fucking war for him? Good to see my old friend 8 ball. That fucker doesnt even know his name.

100000 dollars? fucking hell, how the hell does this handless man make bombs...and a sniper rilfle? I fucking hate sniper rifles...

Well that was easy, and kinda fun. Now Im not sure what to do, Ive stopped the war with the triaids and I just sank a colombian ship with smack

Well shit

What am I supposed to do, really what? My boss looks like he runs this town, oh well Im bored with the mafia for now. I hear the garage needs me to steal cars for them. Maybe I will become a taxt driver

So that marty guy has another mission for me, pick up some thieves that he hired so he could get some insurance money...and they said nothing in the car. Then they fucking got killed by this guy. My fuck everyone in this town is an asshole, why did he have to kill the people who knew to shut their traps. Sounds like he has another mission for me.

He wants me to pick up his wife...great I wonder what for. He has a Vanguish now, its a nice car.

God his wife is a dumb cunt, and wouldnt shut up. I hope he kills her. He fucking killed her, schweet.

Wait, what he wants me to dump the vehicle into the sea? THIS IS A FUCKING ASTON MARTIN

Fucking nob, oh well. Perhaps he has money problems because he keeps destroying his cars in order to kill people. I cant swim so I dont want to drive it into the sea, so I inconspicuously pushed it into the water off the end of the wharf, thats not suspicious, right?

Fucking hell, his wife was cheating on him with a guy who wants to kill marty now. I need to pick him up...guess I know how this is going to go.

The fuck, why is marty outside? MY GOD THIS GUY JUST FUCKING SHOT MARTY

Im going back to the italians, they are less crazy. Fucking hell, I need to dispose of yet another corpse and car. Fuck this city, Im going back to san andreas.

Maria fucking paged me, seriously how do people get this number? Anyway the car is a trap...fucking hell whats going on here.

What? Salvatore was selling me to the cartel to end this war? Sal thinks me and Maria were fucking behind his back...BECAUSE MARIA FUCKING SAID THIS TO HIM WHAT THE FUCK WOMAN

God damn it learn to shut your hole.

She probabily said it to try and convince Sal to not get me killed, she actually gives a fuck about my life. Im not sure if anyone has before. Fuck the mafia, im in a boat and we are getting out of here.

Well I am in liberty city proper now. Is this girl asian? like triaif? WHAT THE FUCK.
Oh well, she has been kind enough to give me a place to lay low, may as well check it out.

A nice big garage, a nice new toyota supra in triad colours. I think I like this woman. Fuck today, Im calling it a night.

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