Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Claude's Chronicles 6

I need to kill Sal? Fine. Boom boom boom.
I just chased his ass with a car and shot at him. A lot. Then when my car blew up I decided to show a rocket up his ass. Fuck you for trying to kill me because your fucking wife makes shit up.

I swear to fuck she had better give me the best head or I will shot her.

These 2 girls a fucking dykes? Excellent?  Seems a 3 way is in store for me. Seriously this asian chick that has a thing for maria seems to be coming on to me. Maria you may be replaced because it seems SHE WILL ACTUALLY RIDE MY COCK. Fuck her name, it starts with a...akira maybe? I dont know. However she has referred to me as Marie's territory. I could get used to that.

Well I got another page. Seriously, I dont know why I have a pager I dont even know the number to it, so how the fuck can I give it out. I literally just felt something vibrate in my pants and it was there and random ased people have been sending me pages.

8 ball, that son of a bitch, these were his pants and its his pager.

Wait, the car was a trap...a bomb probably. Did 8 ball try to kill me? Fuck Sal turned the guy who saved my ass on me. Im glad he is done, in fucking fact I want to end all of the mafia.

Anyway, new page and an new street race. One was in a lambo...he was kinda challenging the other 2 were in a chev truck and a hummer, my fuck A challenging drive would be nice. I won the race so the voice has some more work for me, may as well check it out. I will talk to the dykes later.

2 guys are riding with see if I am capable? Riiiiiiiiiiight. This is going to be fun. Kill some diablos, I do driving and shooting. Well atleast they were kind enough to give me an uzi.

Jack some cars? Easy enough...

Yeah it was, akira practically gives me a triaid supra, the other two were easy to find and I just love me an excuse to go over to port land and run over those assholes in the suits.

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