Friday, June 14, 2013

Part 4

I am a getaway driver for a bank robbery...fantastic.
This went so well last time, atleast I can fuck them over if need be and not be fucked over
Well that was actually alot of fun. Got chased through ally's and lost the cops, go my car sprayed and new engine and we are home free. Joey has nothing new for me, I guess I will go see Toni.

He wants me to blow up vans...I have a lovely flame thrower kicking around that has not been used in a little while hehehe

I may have went a little crazy with the flame thrower...I really should have thought that threw, it was hard to find a vehicle after.

I need to pick up the cash...I scared them so...good? Anyway that fuck left me a letter and you know what? He is still yelling orders at me. My fuck I can never get a word in with these people, working with them may be a little irritating now

Well it was a fucking ambush, and that fucker sends me another letter, atleast he wasnt yelling at me. My fuck I want to talk sometimes and everyone else to shut the fuck up. Anyway go see joey, pick up the limo pick up luigi, pick up toni. Joey is the black sheep of the family, spells his name with a y. Fucking italians.

Must say Joey cleans up good, this isnt a fucking limo. Thank god, its a BMW 760. All these mafia guys in one car, it would suck if we got chased and I had to maneveur one of those ugly stretch things around this fucking city. And now the rain starts, great this would suck if we get chased.

We got fucking chased by fish trucks. They did not stand a chance against my skill, and you know what? these italian guys kept their mouths shut while shit was exploding around us and we were being shot at. They trusted me, that is fucking awesome. Im not sure if anyone has ever trusted me like that before, and they seem to know when to be quiet. I change my mind, I like these guys. I want to just work for them until I die.

Well Salvadore is the guy in charge, sounds like he has some use for me and seeing as nobody else needs a transporter and I like working for these guys lets see what they have.

I need to look after his girlfriend Maria...and she looks like a redhead. Well atleast he told her to shut up and it seems that these 2 do not get along. My fuck she talks to me like a cunt...and doesnt shut up

and she was totally undressing me with her eyes. This is not good.

She wants to score some drugs, Im guessing that she uses sal for money and he uses her for pussy. She is just a prostitute with clothing on. She is a little chatty and my name is fucking claude. IF PEOPLE WOULD SHUT UP AND MET ME SAY SOMETHING THEY WOULD KNOW THIS. I am not fido, kid, bro or whatever the fuck you guys call me. Claude. Fuck.

Now I need to wait outside while she goes in and dance? My fuck I had better get paid well for this. This is boring as tits, I would kill for a cop chase right about now...

Fuck my life.

Well that was a hell of a case, the swat raided the dance and they were shooting people and fighting. Maria was useful in a fight, she punched out 2 guys on her way to the car, then a nice short chase followed.

Im getting used to being chaed in the BMW, Im going to miss it. The boss wants his car back, pity. I have a feeling that Toni needs me for more work and Sal does as well. Fuck that noise, Im going to sleep. Maria touched my hand after I got her home, Im getting the vibe she wants to fuck me. God damnit.

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