Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dating as an adult

So there is about 10 people who actually look at this shit,

guys I dont think Im that wise, funny or insightful but so long as you are here how about another rant?

I've seen many post on facebook about dating as an adult. One suggests that you are either step dad (because some people are too stupid to use birth control and therefore shouldnt reproduce in the first place), two is ugly chicks (compared to my favourite musicians all women are generally ugly) and 3 single forever.

That is not quite correct,

There exist attractive, single women without children at all ages. Quit your bitchin

The other one I saw is "its like sorting through a dump looking for the least broken, ugly thing"

That is also correct, however I feel that it is correct for dating at all ages. We are all broken and ugly somehow.

Hell, look at this blog. Do you think someone of sound mental status would rant like this? Exactly

What it actually is people, specifically men, do not want to put in the time or effort into a new relationship after a certain point. 

It makes sense

If you consider the investment of time (remember time = money) and investment of money (time * money, time * time, time^2) the loss from dating is exponential, and when you are young you dont care as much about time or money, as you get older you do. Time is valuable and shit doesnt pay for itself.

Dating for some time, then the marriage, then the house then the family etc...financially its a crazy risk. Considering the current state of the planet, politics, environment and economy it is almost negligent to bring a child into this world and expect them to eventually succeed.

That is not the problem, the problem is time.

When my parents were my age, my mother was 2 years away from birthing me, which means that my parents were a year into dating, and a year away from marriage (I think)

both had stable jobs and one year after I was born (mom 30, dad 33ish) they built a house.

A fucking house.

That is incredible. I only know one (maybe 2) married couples who own a house, the rest of them live in an apartment because it makes a bit more economic sense.

I would love to build a house some day, if only to have a hidden man cave where I can store my nerf guns, lego and gaming stuff but that will likely not be a reality until I am in my late 30's almost. What the fuck

Maybe it isnt the time, maybe it is the economics, and generally speaking people are not as financially stable as their predecessors were at the same age. 

Finally: how about that divorce rate? 50% give or take. Half of marriages fail, even with dating becoming less formal and people being able to date around and figure out what they like and who would be the best suited for a partner marriages still fail.

There is only 2 ways out of a relationship, someone ends it or someone dies. Bottom line, it will never end well, so to everyone brave enough to try I salute you and hope that your time together brings you more joy then the eventual end of your relationship

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dear self

It's been a pretty crappy couple of years hasn't it?

First that miserable job as a flight instructor. A couple of ex girlfriends that survey job

You know why all these failed don't you? After the instructor job you lost your fight. You didn't fight then maybe you should have.

Your failures since then have come from you being docile and not fighting.

You were an idiot thinking you were being nice and accommodating. No you were being a cuck.

The survey job, you didn't express your concerns until you were pissed off. Probably wouldn't have been an issue if you had the balls to do something about it when it happened.

But you know what, I'm proud. You stated committed in the last two relationships better than you have in the past

I know there was that French girl and big breasted one and weeabo plus the one who had a crush on you when you were younger... Possibly two of those actually.

There would have been a time where you would have said fuck your relationship and fucked those girls, but you didn't.

You are more patient and tolerant than you were before all of this.

You have made many positive changes and it would be easier to just roll over and give up. It's not going to get much better and it isn't ever going to get easier.

But you owe it to the people around you and especially yourself to keep on fighting.

Yeah, break ups suck but remember there is atleast one girl who falls asleep masturbating to you.

Also when life is getting hard, it means God is afraid of your progress. Keep going, don't give up on flying, don't give up DJing and for the love of fuck use women the way they were meant to be used.

As fuck dolls.

DJ Drifter's Dancefloor Survival Guide


I am too lazy to check sources for all of this material, it is based off personal observation, experience and opinion.

To survive the beast that is the dance floor one needs to understand it and to understand it we should go over its history.

The bar a location where people exchanged currency for alcohol, little has changed with regards to this however the activities outside the consumption of alcohol has changed.

Perhaps it was consumed out of necessity, easier to make and keep over clean water. In this case everyone went to a watering hole of some kind to exchange information hang out etc

Because of this volume of traffic the bar's diversified, you could get a meal, a bed or perhaps hire some kind of mercenary or enjoy some form of entertainment musical or otherwise.

Eventually these kinds of bars changed, bars that served food became a restaurant, bars with beds became hotels, bars where you could hire someone became a dive and the entertainment would take over what the bar was a comedy club, music venue, cabaret.

 They all served alcohol however that was not their dominant trait, in this case we will be focusing on bars that had some sort of musical entertainment.

At first the musical entertainment was to make the place a little less quiet and perhaps a bit more energetic. Think about the piano player in old western saloons.

Dancing during this time would have been practically non existent in this venue with the exception of extreme drunkenness and/or the fooling around with a hooker before bedding them.

This eventually became a live singer of sorts in the early 1900's, these spots were usually pretty classy, formal a very chill atmosphere with a different kind of dancing, more intimate, reserved kind of dancing.

Fast forward to the 1950's, WWII is over, and many soldiers would have spent more time in bars and drinking than they would have had the war not happened, and the peace made these men restless and this would influence the next generation.

Dancing would start becoming less formal and the music was more energetic and upbeat, this would be the first time that we would see a noticeable change in the formality of dating. Before WWII dancing and dating were formal, organized and more often than not you were likely to marry the one you were dating.

I feel that this change happened because of the restlessness of old soldiers, some who brought home wives from overseas and the change in music.

Live bands are awesome, and they bring a lot of positive energy to their venue, however they are limited by their skill and knowledge as a musician. They would need to take breaks and they do not know how to play or sing every possible song.

Enter the vinyl record and the sound guy, the first DJ. They could play any song they had and it was easier for a DJ to have a record than for a band to learn a song. The DJ also didnt requre any breaks, playing records takes far less energy than singing, Musically speaking anything went, and that affected how people danced. You could have a combination of high energy group dancing, you could have slow intimate dancing, you could have fast intimate dancing.

This change in dancing affected how people dated. It was becoming more acceptable to not only have multiple relationships but multiple sexual partners before marriage.

The peak of this was the 1970's, arguably the decade with the most variety of excellent music.
Soul, funk, rock and disco. It was all excellent. Generally speaking a bar had a genre of music and within reason it stuck to it, and when they didnt great things happened.

DJs started experimenting with mixing different types of music and a new way of making music: the synthesizer the first example of electronic music.

If you listen to modern dance/electronic music you will still hear old disco influence (that may be because a bunch of the producers are old and remember how much they loved disco)

From here on out very little changed, bars had a normal genre of music, people would have multiple dates and partners before marriage. It has got to the point where sex and dancing do not need to be done to further a relationship, they are just fun.

Dancing, dating and fucking are not formal. You do not need to marry, dont need to love, hell dont even need to like. You can do all 3 just for your own fun.

Lesson 1: Have fun
You are there to have fun, so do what you would find fun. You dont have to dance, you dont have to pick up people. If you choose to dance or pick up people, go all in. The dance floor is a great equalizer, you will not be judged by the people around you. The DJ may tease you but I promise you that they admire you. It takes great amounts of courage to get up and dance or to try and talk to a stranger at a bar.

Lesson 2: You will fuck up.
...and thats ok. Very few people are naturally good dancers, even fewer are hot dancers and many people struggle talking to a complete stranger. So if you have the courage to do these, you will likely fuck it up and dont worry about this. The people around you who see this may tease you but they will not judge you, because they lack the courage that you have

Lesson 3: Be Brave
See previous 2 lessons, sometimes shit just happens and thats fine. Take the risk in talking to someone new, go out and dance like no one is watching.

Lesson 4: Don't be creepy
I see this often, many 'studs' thinking they will pick up. I will cover the art of picking up women later in this. Its ok to be nervous, and awkward (just remember to have fun and be brave). You start being creepy when you forget that first rule, you are there to have fun. You become creepy when you start to want sex after the bar rather than have fun in the moment.

Lesson 5: Live in the moment
The hang over will likely suck tomorrow. You may not get laid tonight. This is going to cost money etc. All of these things should not concern you on the dance floor. You are not there to think about the future, you are there to enjoy the moment. You are surrounded by positive energy, music, people dancing, hot people dancing, people dancing hot. Enjoy it, because there will never be a moment like that exact one ever again.

Lesson 6: Dance like no one is watching
Who cares, be brave, live in the moment. Notice a fucking trend here? It will boost your confidence and it will draw people to you. If you are not afraid to look foolish while dancing then someone else will be less afraid. Eventually the dancefloor will reach critical mass of silly dancing and even the most rooted of wall flowers will be unable to resist its appeal. Dance like no one is watching, its good for you and better for everyone else.

Lesson 7: Fuck like the whole world is watching
After you have had your fun, fucked up and been brave (and not creepy) there may come a moment where you connect with someone, eye contact, running into, dancing it doesnt matter. That connection may eventually lead to intimacy, and when you finally get naked, get down then get off do it like a porn star on live stream and put on a hell of a shot.

Posts I removed because I offend people. Fuck you.

I've spent the last 2 or so minutes thinking about this while wanking

The type of women I go for, I tried to figure out some kind of pattern physically or emotionally

Common denominator (most of the time) decent tits. However that only applies to the ones I can remember

Im finding the more attractive women at the bar isnt necessarily based on how good they look, but how good they can dance.

Plus glasses. I like glasses

I am also finding that I see less fatties on my dance floor, so I am

a) getting less fatties
b) filtering out the fatties
c) desperate
d) not giving a fuck

honestly, 3 of those, at the same time are far more likely than the first one.

But I realized this last week, 2 women in particular stuck out. One had glasses, was curvy and her crew was just fun to play for, they were silly not horribly wasted and asked for the cha cha slide about an hour and 15 into my set. In terms of DJing, thats 15 minutes in. First hour doesnt count, never has

And I mean ACTUALLY curvy, not fat empowering curvy. 30-26-30 kind of measurement. Concave, not convex and yes in terms of measurements there are women with better tits and asses. But she was dressed modestly and one hell of a dancer.

I dont see too much modesty in my profession

The other girl, is slim, tone and showing off that midriff.

Bitch does core, guess shes allowed to show off. Very limber, very good dancer.

Why does dancing attract me you ask? Well, first, it is an indication of fun level in bed (if not potential skill)

Generally speaking, the better dancer (hot dancing, not necessarily hot looking) is likely to be a very fun fuck and probably fairly skilled.

Also an indication of level of difficulty, if she is dancing and you are drawn to the ass, probably fairly easy for you to take home, if you are drawn to the tits, probably fairly hard to take home.

Dancing can also indicate confidence, level of shame, and energy

Girl is dancing by herself (or much better than her friends) probably fairly confident, moderate to low levels of shame and moderate amounts of energy.

Girl is bouncy, dancing like her friends probably moderately to low levels of confidence, moderate to high levels of shame and high levels of energy

Girl is dancing awkwardly, you know what I mean, looking around, unfocused, shuffle hands kind of up.
High levels of shame, low levels of confidence, and low levels of energy. If you are drawn to this female, it certainly is not because of how she was dancing

I could go on for days about it, but those are the 3 types more or less. Provocative, Bouncy and Shy.

A shy girl is likely one that will be difficult to take home. Provocative easier and definitively more fun. Bouncy girls are usually protected by a whore train, so difficult, and possibly fun. You are taking a risk with that one

All this assuming that the girl is single. Ive seen single girls dance like all the above, Ive seen married girls dance like all the above.

Thinking back on my kill count, I am not sure any of them were particularly good at dancing


the skinny, toned ones, who could dance like strippers, were fantastically fun in bed.

how do I know this, because I actually remember how those two women fucked. Most of them I dont have any recollection, so most of them are probably only passable at best, probably half my fault.

Awkward first time? Well booze can fix that but that is a valid concern from the potential love interest of my former student

and no I mean a cool student, not my actual former students. I dont talk to them

Awkward first time, I mean, sigh. You both want it right, and yeah I suppose maybe there could be some nerves or expectations

but you both want to do this, that enough should motivate you to go at least an hour. Hell if its the first time I personally would push for 2, you should try to impress the female. It does improve the odds of future service.

That was horrible.

YES, I am working on reworking that paper I did years ago. YES it will be reposed. YES I will actually try to have some sources

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dealing with break ups

Women can be the fucking worst sometimes. Take my best and oldest friend. When him and his lady broke up I was madder than he was about it, however none of us were surprised.

The dude loved her, like alot and from the get go many people (including myself) thought that it was doomed however they demonstrated something I seldom see in relationships: an unstoppable desire to make it work

Well almost unstoppable, it stopped and he's still on good terms with her.

Good for him, taking the morale high ground. Without him I would be a much worse human being

However she has shared her sexual exploits with him

What. The. Fuck.

I mean, I guess I'm happy that they can be that honest with each other, but for me I would be like (and have been like) nope.

My approach has been a bit more... Surgical. Usually, immediately after I'm a cut out like a tumor kind of guy, after a little while when I have emptied my fucks and have none to give I'll try to sort of keep in touch.

If I'm bored

Or if I think I can get easy sex

Let's face it, that's all exes are good for.

Try not to be bitter try not to be bitter try not to be bitter

One time I've had a former flame speak to me about their love life, not sex, she just asked my opinion.

The guy followed my play book, tell the girl what she wants to hear, enjoy the SEC and avoid a serious relationship

Wish I followed my play book more often

Then he ghosts her and she asks what I thought. To which I said he is just trying to have easy sex.

I suppose another more positive way to deal with break ups is to go on a rampage, an option that I think everyone should do. Basically it proves that all women are sluts and not worth your time while boosting male confidence.

It feels good to be back.