Wednesday, September 9, 2015

bonetown was fun, bonecraft is shit

It should surprise none of you that I own bonetown and bonecraft.

If you havent played either game, play bonetown. It is entertaining, sexy, slick and just silly awesome.

Bonecraft, as an idea sounds much better however it feels unpolished and rushed. It is a parody of warhammer, elves dwarves space chainsaw sword, assault rifle, armour the whole thing. You play as a character with character.

I like the setting, the ranged weapons are a nice addition however the humour and the drug stuff just feel a little forced.

"You must consume x to y. It has pleasurable side effects"

In game dialogue. The shit?

In bonetown you took mushroom and you didnt hurt anymore, you smoked weed and you could jump really high, you drank booze and your balls grew, you licked a frog and you turned invisible (kinda doesnt make sense but whatever) there was also peyote.

I think I may have got the drugs more or less correct, but they didnt have to tell you anything. When you smoked weed it was like, woah your high and can fly like a motherfucker.

Get a better pipe to fly higher

The humour came from the story and characters, you are a silent protagonist. They referenced several pop culture things, star trek 'being kept down by the man' ron jeremy ect

I dont feel this humor in bonecraft, it doesnt help the game is glitchy as hell

I really want to love bonecraft, the combat is fun, there is a difficulty setting, there is ranged weapons, you have a team of marines supporting you its a scifi/fantasy setting, there is sex (eventually) its a bit more rpg like than its predecessor

What turns me off of it is how obviously unfinished it is, they rushed it. There is tonnes of glitches and perhaps not enough play testing, its a little slow and tedious by times. Missions take too long and I forget why Im killing these orcs. The controls are good, but they put too much emphasis on the controller and not keyboard and mouse

Now Im going to give the game another fair shot, maybe it wont glitch out on me before the 3rd mission destroying all progress. But so far unimpressed, turned off and flacid.