Monday, April 20, 2015

Dark and Gritty vs Light and Campy

Maybe its because I have gotten older, maybe things have changed.

But when I look at old shows, it seems to me they could tell a story with awesome characters (who were not necessarily perfect) with highs and lows but they did not need to go into the darkest, saddest parts of our psyche to do it.

I mean game of thrones, incest? really? murdering all the main characters off? really? murdering most of the interesting characters off? really?


Mind you, yes, they are based off the books and generally books are more of a mind trip than a visual media, because writing is the purest of all art forms because it forces the reader to imagine what is being told to them, and it can be as fantastic or as fucked up as the person desires.

And game of thrones has done well to bring such imagery to the small screen, but this blog rant is mostly about visual media and not written.

That being said, look at the hobbit or lord of the rings, the characters are pretty awesome, not necessarily perfect, and it does get heavy and sad sometimes. It did indeed dive into the evil part of humanity, the lust for power.

Compared to Game of Thrones, both being a fantasy setting, are different styles of story telling.

Next up, science fiction and lets compare 2 of the same series: Battlestar Galactica

The Original was fun, adventure and very, very awesome characters. They never showed the starvation, misery and death that came with the cause of their exodus, they said it, implied it and left it to the viewers imagination.

As such when it was brought up, it was kinda unpleasant but you were able to put it to the back of your mind.

It wasnt afraid to kill every single person important to the main character. Apparently there was plans to have this eat away at him and eventually cause him to retire from being a pilot.

His right hand man, a smoking, womanizing gambler is certainly flawed but an ace pilot (its the trope, get used to it) but had the show gone on perhaps we would have see him settle down and maybe get an explination to why.

Now with the new one, first of all FEMALE STARBUCK and thats not the problem, my problem is Kara Thrace.

They kinda imply/explain why she is the way she is and here is the problem


The womanizing (maninizing I guess in this case) did not come across very well. I think she had maybe 4 or 5 partners over the course of the show. Hell, the original Apollo had that many serious relationships in the original series.

Actually it was just implied that the original starbuck was a womanizer, maybe he was before the show, but he only had 2 women and he was leading both of them on, and eventually he focused on the blond.

My problem with the new show is the new characters are less awesome than the original ones, who appeared to be almost perfect. That can be boring, but it wasn't.

This is to blame on the producer, as he is known to kill off loved characters and was not afraid to dive into the dark part of star trek (which he appeared to create...)

I guess it depends on your mood, personally, I use movies, books and video games to get away from reality and truth is, the world sucks. You have to work for money, because someone said money is important and if you do what you love for your job you are a rare and lucky person and nothing ever happens fast enough.

As miserable as these characters are, I would love to be a viper pilot in battlestar galactica, you have one fucking job. Fly your plane, follow orders, protect these ships.

Even my other 3 favorite shows right now are kinda dark.

The Last Ship, for a Michal Bay production is filled with his tropes yes surprisingly dark, decently written but all the characters are AWESOME UBERMEN but they arent boring and they are challenged every week.

Hell of Wheels, the same story, however lately they have been cleaning up the cast a bit, some may want to move on and maybe they want to shake things up a bit. What it has over the last ship is a lot of character development, now this may be because its into its 5th season and getting ready to end after 6 or maybe they had a clearer vision of what story they wished to tell.

Banshee unfortunately is very seasonal, it does not have a grand vision of a story to tell over its entire series, its characters all have troubled pasts and as the show progresses we learn more about each of them and gradually start to understand their motivations as they struggled against a new threat/antagonist.

Set in a small amish town in Pennsylvania.

They are not afraid of the fuck, the violence, in fact its almost too much by times and from what I understand thats what turns most people off the show, they are not afraid to show their leading lady, in all her hotness, naked on a bed shlicking. They are not afraid to show the sheriff tear an mma fighters arm to pieces because he raped a local girl.

These characters are all fairly awesome and have a story to how and why they are where they are, and it is an intersting story every time and once again, like the above 2, they are being challanged every week. The show is never boring, this one may be fairly heavy but the characters are not looking to be miserable, they are just trying to find their way.

Maybe its because Im watching dramas for possibly the first time in my life, but it seems to me that people like watching other people be miserable maybe its entertaining, maybe it improves their mood but I think it is because they can relate. Movies and TV are starting to become less of a fasntasy wonderland and more of a reflection of out civilization, they are not trying to teach facts but maybe make a point and make people think.

I think that kind of show would be showing people who were lost and trying to find their way, because that would relate the most to everyone watching.

and they used to say this shit melted your brain.