Monday, January 26, 2015

Planned Parenting

you know what, I keep going back to teenage me, thinking there must be something redeeming, some passion, something that is worth going back to.

I have yet to find that thing, perhaps being a bit more cocky and passionate would make me a better pilot, but I have a few years of age and a bit of experience in the field and confidence, practice and study is probably going to be generally better.

No, this post is going back to the source of this blog: women, and specifically how people should go about the sex.

I must have mentioned this before, but PROTECTED SEX IS GOOD

and I mean, more than just a condom, a condom and a back up form of birth control.

Condoms are good primary protection, they stop STI and pregnancy, HOWEVER condoms can fail, and if you are not careful about your partner you may have exposed yourself to a rather unpleasant illness or pregnancy, so ladies, be on the pill, then nuva ring, whatever.

If you are unwilling to be a parent (especially if you are not capable at the time) you should ALWAYS be using birth control.

Hell, even the pope recently said that Catholics should not breed like rabbits. the Catholic church still is generally against birth control, but like many faiths they are focusing on perhaps a misguided interpretation. The bible says be fruitful and multiply, my parents had one daughter and one son. I think at this point (if age wasnt a factor) they should be allowed to use birth control because they have given one male and one female to the human race.

Why is this coming up? Well, there are 2 girls I know.

One of them is pregnant, and its her second. Before you get any ideas no it isnt mine, Im not a fucking idiot.

Anyway, this girl already has one, she has her own place, decent job and reasonably stable. Actually probably a surprisingly decent parent. However she cannot remember to take birth control, hence her pregnancies.

You know, people set fucking alarms to remember to take pills, people do not forget what time they need to go to work. Thinking that you will forget to take a pill is a bit silly of a reason not to take them.

The other girl, for reasons that she claims are not her fault, has always had unprotected sex with her partners, however she claims to have never forgotten to take her pills.

Seeing as she doesnt have any kids, she probably hasnt.

But does she not consider the future? Like, what about future partners, or children that could potentially have an STI because she didnt have enough of a spine to tell her partners wrap it before you tap it.

Now, I am not saying she has an sti, but she put herself at risk every time she did it without a condom.

Some couples, after several years, will go without a glove as sign of respect, trust, intimacy whatever.

You know what? Thats fine, anytime any couple has mentioned that to me they still use birth control, they just dont use condoms.

Bitches love flavoured condoms.

Anyway this is about birth control, STI ect

You know, it is a problem, however it seems to be better under control now than its 'outbreak' and I think thats because people are generally smarter about who and how they fuck, and this is a good thing. Perhaps thats why I am generally appalled about people who do it foolishly.