Sunday, November 1, 2015

An open letter to a old student and friend

If you read this, you will probably know who you are and Im worried that the next time we hang out I may not be able to properly voice my concerns

also Ill likely forget it

also I need to use this thing for something

There was a time I supported and even shown you some of your habits towards people when we were younger, I was wrong.

You should only treat people like that if they are from our hometown because..damn...

Im quite happy to see lately the effort and time you have put into your recent relationship (and possibly one or two before this one)

I am not happy to see that you are bored. I dont understand why you dont end it and I dont buy your excuse of not wanting to be a bad person

You did mention not wanting to hurt them, at least I know you love them.

If you love them, and if you loved your previous ones why were you always on the look out for the next replacement

Why was the phrase potential partner uttered when you were already in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship, you should not be looking.

I know I have a lot to answer for in this department (more than everyone knows, except for maybe 2 people)

You love your partner, but you do not seem to respect them

I understand why, these seems to be some communication issues, and you have never had a problem expressing yourself to me. Your partner seems to be settling down, you two really need to talk about things.

The lack of sex is a problem but does it indicate lack of desire for intimacy with you, lack of attraction to you or just not into it. This is shit you need to figure out

Then you need to figure out what you want to do with this relationships, because it is not fair to either person you are in a way leading them both on.

Now, on to the potential partner

At first you spoke of this individual like a conquest.
you should not treat them that way if you feel like they would be a better fit to your current relationship

Hell I regularly hang out with someone who I think it would be fun to date, but I am never going to find that out. Oh well

When I told you that there was no chance at sex with your potential partner because you were not single I knew how much your heart sank. If you really cared, if you really felt like this one was the right one that should not have mattered.

Because if you were single you two would be a thing, then you can go back to wanting the other person you feel would be a better fit for you.

Then you would get bored of your potential partner. Because it is what you do. They seem to me to have a similar sex drive to your current partner

And there is no taboo with this one, you would have no reason to be embarrassed or hide this relationship.

Every partner you have had in your live you have had at least one reason to hide it, they were too young or old for you, they were in a relationship, they had a kid something, anything that you feel people may have judged you for. I know you never cared but you like the thrill of being sneaky and getting away with it. There will be no such thrill with this one, your potential partner. The sex may be all right the first time, but I suspect it will quickly get boring

Maybe Im wrong

but I doubt it, lately I havent been wrong about these sorts of things and I hate it

If you love the other person more, do right by both parties and communicate with them, If you dont then it doesnt matter, this other one isnt going to be an easy conquest. People with who actually abide by their morale code do not break easily

In my experience, in that case, you get bored very quickly after the chase is over.

Also women with a low sex drive should just go to hell


yes I realize I never finished my rant about my ex girlfriends. Actually just realized that now, Ill make another post another time

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blogging from the phone: redux

Well I'm going to try this again

Here's some background I'm at the shop because the Honda cirvix is loud and not holding a charge.

Like my most recent ex actually

Anyway, I'm starting to hate sleep. I used to love it dreams were a blast.

Now they are either terrorifying or unpleasant.

get out of my head woman.

Good fuck I would love a dreamless night


I thought I had something interesting to talk about, but I suppose not. Interestingly enough my friend told me I was being paid less than the other dj.

He failed to mention the other dj is working the night's that are twice as long as mine, 5 hours vs 3


You lied to me, again just like you lied about the once or twice a month and just like quiet nights

Good thing I love this gig and you

Wait I remember now, also I flaked out on my hot friend from Moncton on Saturday

Sigh, her boyfriend is a lucky man


like literally, I need to go for an hour to get off. I can't fap, I can't fuck without it taking up a large part of my day

The lady digs it, but still


Sorry burn and mill. It will probably be one of yours

Sunday, October 25, 2015

at one point, 1/3 of my dancefloor was exes

I think the title deserves some contex

There was only 3 on the dancefloor, the blonde (ex) and her two (hotter) brunette friends.


Fatties tonight? Hell no

Cleevage? More than my body had room for.

I got my ass grabbed (by a man)

Frequent fliers, Cowboy and Minimilf you two ask for the same songs every week, Ill try to drop them when I see you coming up, actually a good night my set was spot on and I only missed 2 requests (because I did not have them, whatever)

I teased my ex saying I didnt remember her, she actually took me seriously. WTF

We swam together for about 10 years, Im probaby not going to forget who you are


Her friend found it hilarious, probably should have been kinder, oh well.

Still funny

I recognized a lot of people tonight, all from highschool and guess what



Matt told me that playing closing time at closing time was cliche

I told him I know, thats exactly why I did it.

I love my job/hobby

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Have you ever been watching a hentai, and suddenly about half way through, unexpectedly it becomes tentacle porn?

I did, it was weird. I love tentacle porn but I wasnt in the mood for it


Now onto the silliness of djing. Disclaimer I DJ at a small town and used to DJ at a small university, so yea, everyone does know everyone else.

I suspect if you go back far enough I will tell enough stories about the university stuff, thank cock that it is less silly now.

Maybe because I am so much older and younger (at the same time) as many of the patrons.

Among the usual suspects are the younger sister of a girl I was in cadets with (BTW that girl was stupid hot)

Fun fact: my old air cadet squadron used to be mostly women, and if the officers were any indication, pretty attractive women. Pilots license and ladies, fuck yeah

Every week she asks if I remember her, of course I remember her. My friends had/have a tendency to go for women younger than them, so they were always dating a 9er or some shit.

Not sure why. BTW you guys are fucked, go for milfs for fucks sakes.

and several of my friends were interested in her, weather they admit it or not.

Another common one is my ex girlfriends father. To his credit he has become less old and creepy in the last few weeks and actually isnt scaring away women and actually is going for women closeish to his age.

In fact last week he was chatting up/dancing with a woman in her mid 30s at minimum, who was significantly hotter than his milftastic previous.

Kudos mang

And forgive me for sounding racist, a couple of black guys. They ask for black music, always out drinking and dancing so to the best of my knowledge of old rap and hip hop I indulge them

Thank you, you all give me purpose.

I see a couple of other odd ones I knew from highschool (or earlier) they havent come up to me to make a request yet, so I cant be fucking up that bad.

Last week was the first quiet week I ever had. I hated it, I need to bring a better game this week and get the place packed

Otherwise my awesome (and hot) manager may (and probably will successfully) kick my ass

I have only had one chick (fat, blonde, white dress) try and make out with me. So far I am doing a pretty good job and avoiding it, I dont do that game anymore. I suspect it will be unavoidable new years matter.

I hope she wasnt a bride

One regular(ish) girl is appreciative of the requests, so hugs and kisses on the cheek are rewarded.

That isnt so bad, was a time I would prefer booze but I need to drive home

Also my drive is loud as shit, missing muffler. Fuck sakes I sound like a ricer now.

and finally there are droves of familiar looking females. Generally I remember the guys, I feel like I probably went to school with them somewhere sometime but I dont remember any names.

My old roommate suggested that I learn their names, make them more human as opposed to objectifying women


Ill do that when I dont feel like slab of meat up there.

Now, for the DJs prayer

Dear God,

Please let me not fuck up
(And let them enjoy my music and come out and play)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The one that got away

I feel like I may have been giving some poor advice lately,
mostly because honestly I did not have an answer. Today I would like to talk about the one who got away, for those of you who do not have one, skip a little ways, Im sure there will be something else down there eventually.

There is a girl that just sticks with you, once in a while she will creep into your thoughts, more often into your dreams.

I used to tell my friends to move on, and let that shit go. It was not healthy for them or their relationship on the virtue that previous relationships should have no effect on current. See some previous post.

I suppose that isnt the worst advice but it really does not help them, its almost like how soldiers used to be told to man up as a way to deal with combat fatigue (PTSD)

Here is something useful to say instead

Its ok.

That is such a powerful statement, and I know, sometimes it isnt ok but in those cases its probably best to just listen,

It okay, it tells the person that these are normal thoughts. If they want to push through them or push them out of their minds that is up to them, but maybe they should do something else.

Enjoy them while they last

There is nothing wrong with reflecting on a better time, it lets you know what you did right and perhaps how to apply it to now. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a fantasy or dream where things happened differently.

It becomes wrong if you indulge this too much, but that is a slightly different story

It is good to go through these not with force, loud music or trying not to think of it, just let it go where it will. You may find out some interesting things about yourself and about that girl/relationship that made it so good.

I have to be honest I am having a hard time clicking the publish button, because I still do not know if this is right

This morning I woke up, with my morning wood, as usual. I was not sure if I should fap to some porn, think about a certain girl, or remember some really good sex/seductions in my life.

This is the time that she would creep into my head, and I would usually try my best to get her out of there, then I decided that it was ok.

It was ok that I wished that things worked out, that she was still probably beautiful and if I had the chance I probably would, again knowing what I know now.

And you know what, just like that she was gone allowing me to turn on some porn in peace and get off before I get off to my morning run.

Maybe Ive just finally grown up a bit, who knows. Now I think its ok to think about her, despite the fuck ups that were made maybe it time to just be ok with it. There is nothing that can be done now, no amount of rage, desire or lust will change how I fucked up.

I like the results, it lets me focus on more important things, such as rachel starr.

Now for those of you who skipped that because they dont have one that got away, they either dont take any risks or they caught her.

Fuck you by the way

You know who you are you luck fucks

Lets talk about its ok, it came up earlier. It is a powerful statement, you are validating that what people are acting and how they are feeling is normal, combine it with some kind of physical touch and you have shown that they have your support.

Now lets talk about the bitches

What, really, do women want? Now if you have to ask this question you are probably not getting laid on a regular basis or you do not have a girlfriend, because honestly if you had one of those you should not give a fat flying fuck about what women want, you know it but you dont know you know it you know what i mean? probably not, but you do.

Girl in their late teens/early twenties usually have  some ideal idea of a relationship, prince charming and all that nonesense, but as they go from 18 to 19...19 to 20 they become aware of how hot they are, then decide that for the early to mid 20s that they want more sexual relationships and finally as they get into their mid to late twenties then they want something a little more settled.

Interestingly enough this is also, generally how things apply to the bar scene, early on its party hard, then they ease up for a bit.

Men seem to be opposite, around the early 20s men just want to fuck, then upon realizing what a dick they were to women, or getting bored of being with a different girl they decide to settle down a bit

In all three cases there is a dont give a fuck level beyond the final state, usually brought on by a shitty break up or mid life. This is where you have 40 year olds behaving like they are in their early twenties.

There was a guy, let us call him D-WAYNE, and he was maccing on a girl, actually reasonably close to his age and (I never thought I would say this) younger and better looking that his milftastic now ex wife.

I really was hoping that he would get some ass in crotch, but alas there was none to be had.

Oh, right this is new I guess Im properly a DJ again, I suppose you guys want to hear any funny stories from that shit, its not as crazy as it was

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

bonetown was fun, bonecraft is shit

It should surprise none of you that I own bonetown and bonecraft.

If you havent played either game, play bonetown. It is entertaining, sexy, slick and just silly awesome.

Bonecraft, as an idea sounds much better however it feels unpolished and rushed. It is a parody of warhammer, elves dwarves space chainsaw sword, assault rifle, armour the whole thing. You play as a character with character.

I like the setting, the ranged weapons are a nice addition however the humour and the drug stuff just feel a little forced.

"You must consume x to y. It has pleasurable side effects"

In game dialogue. The shit?

In bonetown you took mushroom and you didnt hurt anymore, you smoked weed and you could jump really high, you drank booze and your balls grew, you licked a frog and you turned invisible (kinda doesnt make sense but whatever) there was also peyote.

I think I may have got the drugs more or less correct, but they didnt have to tell you anything. When you smoked weed it was like, woah your high and can fly like a motherfucker.

Get a better pipe to fly higher

The humour came from the story and characters, you are a silent protagonist. They referenced several pop culture things, star trek 'being kept down by the man' ron jeremy ect

I dont feel this humor in bonecraft, it doesnt help the game is glitchy as hell

I really want to love bonecraft, the combat is fun, there is a difficulty setting, there is ranged weapons, you have a team of marines supporting you its a scifi/fantasy setting, there is sex (eventually) its a bit more rpg like than its predecessor

What turns me off of it is how obviously unfinished it is, they rushed it. There is tonnes of glitches and perhaps not enough play testing, its a little slow and tedious by times. Missions take too long and I forget why Im killing these orcs. The controls are good, but they put too much emphasis on the controller and not keyboard and mouse

Now Im going to give the game another fair shot, maybe it wont glitch out on me before the 3rd mission destroying all progress. But so far unimpressed, turned off and flacid.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

be honest

You know, lately Ive had a lot (probably too much) time to think and really focus on what bugs me. What one thing bugs me more than anything else.

No, its not women.
No, its not women who cant fuck.
Its not lying, cheating, death, incompetence, failure or bad luck.

Its the general cowardice of people. Im guilty of this too. What I mean by the cowardice of people is their general cowardice on telling people what they think/want.

How many times in your life would things have gone much easier if people just told you what they expected you to do or expected out of you?

Like a professor, like a boss they give you a task and you do it. Sometimes people are afraid to tell this because what if you say no, what if they are wrong ect ect ect

Its not really lying, it could be, but thats not the problem.


In the work place, the company I used to work for forgot to tell me that they kinda fired me. No they did not call, e-mail or snail mail me anything. No they never used the word terminated, fired, laid off, released.

They just said that at this time they had nothing for me.

Thats all they said, and I assumed (haha, I know Ass of U and Me) that this was a temporary problem and would be sorted out eventually.

They knew otherwise because they were expecting me to return my secure area pass. They told the powers at be that I would be returning my secure area pass soon.


Until the powers at be sent them an e-mail, causing a bit of a scramble and me almost loosing my patience with them. All they had to do was send me an e-mail telling me they wanted me to return my secure area pass. That mini heart attack that I put the person on the other end of the phone through could have been avoided. I know you were stressed, I could hear it in your voice.

You could have told me.

As for relationships and women. I know certain females have probably expected me to stick around in the wings for them for when their current attempt at an 'adult relationship' goes tits up.

I will not name names.

These women generally did not tell me what they expected out of the relationship or a sudden change such as, oh I dont know, Im actually in a serious relationship now, we should not act the way we used to.

I will not name names.

You know girls, if you were afraid of hurting me or wanting to let me down easy your fucking awful at reading people.

Do you not think, for a second, that if I was actually interested in you, in that way I would have asked you out, or spoke about an alteration to our friends with benefits.

I will not name names.

Half you ladies were cheating on your boyfriend with me. There is literally no way in hell I would ever consider a serious relationship with you, but to your credit you were hot and decent in bed. I just needed you to get my kill count up. The other half, well they were the ones who wanted sex from someone else.

I will not name names.

So no, Im not hurt you have a boyfriend now. I dont miss the sex that much I have had better plus I can get the job done with the internet and my hands at night. No, Im pissed off that you couldnt be bothered to tell me what you were expecting from me.

I have cheated and fucked up just about every relationship I have attempted. However I ALWAYS MADE IT CLEAR WHAT I WAS EXPECTING OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP.

I know some girls would disagree with me, fortunately they either dont know this blog exist or are smart enough that they avoid it.

There were some girls who were obviously completely in love with me. I didnt love them back, couldnt trust them. I made it clear to those girls that, at this time, that sort of relationship with them was something I would avoid, atleast until they proved they could be trusted.

Spoiler alert: those types of girls cant be, but if I can change I suppose they could.

There were girls who I was interested in something serious, and they never gave me an indication one way or another.

There were some girls I only wanted for sex. And every fiber of my being wanted them to be awesome in and out of bed because they were so fucking hot. On an unrelated note the girls that come to mind in this case were either abysmal at the fuck or so abysmally bad people that I was no longer sexually attracted to them.

Its really, really, really hard to tell a girl that your breaking up with her because she doesnt make you hard anymore.

And as for the times I have cheated sometimes it came back to a lack of communication. Generally from the girl of what was expected of the relationship. I didnt think we were serious or she was that interested, oh well, onto the next one.

There was totally times because I fucking felt like it.

As for girls cheating on me? I brought it on myself. My taste in women has generally been appalling and I should have thought with my head not my cawk in matters of the heart.

In matters of the fuck always go with your cock.

Things have come full circle

an old DJ I trained in high school gave me some training about a month ago and I am to replace him as he is moving away and can no longer DJ at this spot, truth be told I get the feeling that he was getting kinda tired of it. Its a hit or a miss in terms of fun, last night for example there was 12 girls I saw, maybe 20 max and at least twice as many guys.

Interestingly enough there did not appear to be that many couples, go figure.

So generally speaking my dance floor was made up of the same 7 girls.

Thank fuck one of them is still hot (but I have known this one forever, we went to school together, she is a rare example of a girl who never got less hot)

But, the new manager is still probably the hottest girl there...sigh.

Actually, in terms of technique, I was quite pleased with how I was doing, one slight hiccup. I got distracted talking to an old buddy of mine (another DJ from high school actually). I was quite proud with how I was mixing the rap as well, I dont think I will be able to do it that well again.

I do wish people would tell me what they want to hear, but generally speaking there seems to be regularly requested songs for the summer of 2015.

Uptown Funk
Party Up - DMX (yes, really.)

Songs that appear to work (including those above)
TGIF (yes, really.)
Shake Dat


thats all I can remember from last night. Wish the recording software on VDJ would record the stuff we do on the controller.

But one of the bouncers said he actually did like my mix that night, so did the manager.
Even if they are just being polite, its my second solo gig there


But its weird because I actually feel like Im better than I was in university (when I was probably my best) Im taking bigger risks with songs and rarely cheats like back spinning and syncing the first and last beats of songs.

I want to desperately show that I do indeed know new tricks and songs

and all these people want to do is hear how I used to do this shit in high school. About 10 years ago.


Here we go again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm not trying to be tactful. I'm trying to be a jackass

You know what? Its a fucking miracle that I have the motivation to get out of bed because of some things.

Its probably a miracle that I kept trying at relationships after being sufficiently fucked around with by several women early on.

I wish I had a time machine; give myself a warning. Wait until your 25, they suddenly women and relationships work better.

Now first I actually still talk to some of my ex-girlfriends, why

1) gives me the opportunity to be an ass

and more seriously

2) We probably, in those cases, should not have been a thing anyway. We worked better as friends, or friends with benefits but we were both to horny/desperate at the time to see that.

But let me start at the beginning, and this time no third party. I used to rant alot about what I saw in relationships, how girls were treating my friends so as a third party I would look at this from the outside. Today you get what I have seen first hand, we may be here a while.

My first partner. Holey shit was this a cluster fuck.

1) first time, condom breaks, Scarry as hell, but no problems. Why? Simple both of us had no idea what we were doing, to the point where neither of us finished.

2) she refused to take birth control (became the limiting factor to why I didnt want to have much sex with her later on, why she cheated and go pregnant but thats further down the list)

3) she would, routinely, lie to me about where she was and what she was doing so she could hook up with other guys

4) on night when she was 'babysitting' I was hanging out with our mutual friends, and some of us decided to tease one of her friends a bit (a girl). She got fantastically jealous and said she was babysitting one night and I was all over her best friend. No, thats not what happened.

5) obviously, she would fuck other guys, actually had one of them answer her phone once to tell me to fuck off.

6) this one actually eventually got pregnant from a dead beat, then had another close call with a guy who turned out to also be a dead beat

tl;dr kinda clingy and very jealous girl who would cheat on me and did not use birth control

yeah, we are off to a real strong fucking start. Now heres why I still keep in contact with this one
she is an old friend, from highschool and I should forgive her a bit because a) I wasnt that interested in sex because it was my first time and b) she wasnt on birth control. so maybe that was why she cheated, still not a very good excuse but whatever and finally c) we were both way too young.

So after that one, there was another girl she was actually decently geeky and awesome, turned out to be a cluster fuck...

1) probably daddy issues
2) ended up fucking one buddy of mine in my res (to my knowledge, could be atleast 2)
3) asked him for help and not me when home life started to get rough

so as a result of this, I politely told her to fuck off. Turns out she spent a long time crying at the bus stop, missing her ride home or something.

This is kinda where I started becoming a real prick, because there was no reason for her to behave this way, she just did it. Now, unlike the first one who got jealous for no reason this one got upset when after she cheated on me  and I told her to fuck off and refused to talk to her. She tried to talk to me once after. Im not sure if she though some sappy romcom bullshit forgiveness would have happened in the snow storm or what because I was walking home from work and she was walking to the bus stop and stopped me, said are you just going to ignore me. I replied with yup, fuck off and kept walking.

Now, little known fact to everyone I felt bad and turned around to look for her, couldnt find her and went back to my dorm.

Did this one have any redeeming qualities? no, she was hot at the time, she had very nicely shaped, but not large, breasts. Do I talk to this one, no. Would I, dont know.

From here on out it is, a string of girls who deserved my best and until relatively recently I was unable to deliver. I feel bad for them on missing out.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

on the topic of superheroes

I powered through all the avenger movies, in this order

Iron Man 1
Iron Man 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
Iron Man 3
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Im going to also assume that the shit hit the fan with all these at the same time because:

Aliens destroy london, and no help from other guys? WTF thor
SHIELD is revealed to be nazis with super flying aircraft carriers, WTF rogers


Maybe it makes more sense if Captain America happened first, and because shield was disbanded and not organized they could not coordinate to help.

Guess I will go with that

Yes I know there is marvels agents of shield
Yes I know there is daredevil and LOADS of spider man movies
Yes I know there is the hulk.

Hulk 2 should come after Iron Man 1, hulk 1 doesnt make sense in this universe.
Daredevil and spiderman do not fit in this universe, but if I had to they would all happen BEFORE Iron Man 2. Also amazing spider man only...probably, it looks closer to the marvel universe





fuck, no matter

The real purpose of this blog is to give you all an update on my goal of no porn, no masturbation and no 4chan for the month of may.

Why? Honestly mostly to see if I could do it, because recently I have had so little to do that I would just watch porn and fap, several times a day.

its day 9 and rachel starr and mercedes carrera have invaded my dreams. Fucks sake, that kind of shit didnt happen when I was habitually watching this crap.

Also my buddy and his girlfriend had me chasing  their puppy all over fucking creation for some strange reason, but that is of little relevance

Honestly, it isnt so bad. I thought it would be worse, but I get bored, so I fap so I want to watch porn, so I want to fap so I watch porn ect ect ect

Im still bored as shit. I go do other things.

Avengers 2 is awesome btw

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

lady superheroes

really marvel?

sigh, perhaps you just tried the wrong ladies...


My God that would be awesome and heartbreaking at the same time

Also female thor? WHY, Black spider man, was that really nesscary? Killing Captain America and replacing him with the punisher

I feel that marvel is getting a little too trendy.

Female thor, always spouting typical modern rad fem shit, that turns me off of thor, hell that turns women off of thor you are making her appeal to a small number of people


Maybe if this was brought about by her mind slowly being corrupted by her powers and shes slowly going crazy and loosing her humanity to be redeemed or become evil later

THAT would be an interesting story.

Black spider man, he is cool but I really wonder why Marvel cant bother to just create a new black and/or female superhero who is awesome.


They have made strong black and female characters before, granted I will say that they were never centre stage, however they have warmachine and the falcon set up very well to replace their mentors if something was to happen to them or to become a new persona. These guys are awesome on their own and yes they are a sidekick but they are not wimpy, they can stand on their own with their own stories and if need be toe to toe with their mentor.

Marvel is afraid, because historically their ladies havent fared well in terms of movies.

yes this article mentioned the shitty male super hero movies, but fails to list the successful ones.

Batman, Batman Returns, Superman 1 and 2, Daredevil wasnt that bad and has since become a badass tv show, the animated shows have been nothing but awesome ect

I could go on


The point is, they have tried the wrong women. Electra really needs Daredevil to work, they have good chemistry. Catwoman isnt a hero, and dont fucking blame the superhero for that one that was poorly written.

Also supergirl, supermans little cousin, to me personally always came off as more annoying than arousing so, yeah, that one is probably always bound to fail.

Interesting only one of those heroes is marvel...the other 2 are DC...

Marvel may not be afraid of women super heroes, they just havent got around to making the movie yet and they seem to want to make the movies work with an overarching story (the infinitly gauntlet and stones for example)

In that case, there may be no room for these ladys right now, think of the marvel movies as chapters leading up to infinity wars part 1 and 2.

Why wasp?

Spoiler alert

1) She fucking flies
2) Her husband (first antman) is an abusive prick

she eventually divorces him and he goes evil (not sure if the two are related)

SO on top of her superhero shit, she has personal matters eating at her which could affect how she fights and how she makes decisions,


you could actually write about how this affects a person, for good and bad

So girls, chill, theres lots of better lady superheroes out there for you to look up to


stay on topic

and they may be comming, but they will probably not be comming soon, because this story is about something different.


Iceman is gay now after 'coming to it himself after jean grey stepped inside his mind'

Yeah, bullshit. 1) they made an xman gay who would be a heart throb for all the gay men, iceman has that jawline for days, fantastic facial hair, a manly man what man could possibly resist that..oh wait.

Truth be told iceman what is really started this ramble for me, and I completely forgot about him.

tl;dr version - I feel marvel has become too trendy, empowering women/radical feminism is trendy so lets make thor a radical lady feminist

Being gay is now in the process of being accepted by law, so lets make one of our mutants gay.
Granted the xmen is the perfect spot for a gay character, because he could be an outsider among outsiders.
E for effort marvel

Not enough black super heroes, there is a black president and alot of civil unrest among the treatment of black prisoners by police in the united states, maybe there needs to be a black superhero

They are right, but they are doing it the wrong way. If you want a strong female hero to look up to, publish more wasp, maybe more black widow, lady sith (is that spelled correctly) gomorrah, rescue. There is lots of girls to choose from and for the sake of that story, they cannot rely on their friends or love interest maybe they are the ones to to the rescuing who knows.

A gay superhero isnt an awful idea either, especially in xmen where the big thing is how much do you try to fit it and how much should you embrace your individuality, and if that was the defining internal conflict of one of there heroes from the beginning that would be fantastic.

Nothing wrong with a black super hero, and that sort of thing may be needed now given what is happening, but he deserves more than the hand me downs of another super hero, what message are you sending there?

Ultimately, I feel like these changes were done on a whim, without though and are more insulting to these people than showing more of a variety of heroes.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dark and Gritty vs Light and Campy

Maybe its because I have gotten older, maybe things have changed.

But when I look at old shows, it seems to me they could tell a story with awesome characters (who were not necessarily perfect) with highs and lows but they did not need to go into the darkest, saddest parts of our psyche to do it.

I mean game of thrones, incest? really? murdering all the main characters off? really? murdering most of the interesting characters off? really?


Mind you, yes, they are based off the books and generally books are more of a mind trip than a visual media, because writing is the purest of all art forms because it forces the reader to imagine what is being told to them, and it can be as fantastic or as fucked up as the person desires.

And game of thrones has done well to bring such imagery to the small screen, but this blog rant is mostly about visual media and not written.

That being said, look at the hobbit or lord of the rings, the characters are pretty awesome, not necessarily perfect, and it does get heavy and sad sometimes. It did indeed dive into the evil part of humanity, the lust for power.

Compared to Game of Thrones, both being a fantasy setting, are different styles of story telling.

Next up, science fiction and lets compare 2 of the same series: Battlestar Galactica

The Original was fun, adventure and very, very awesome characters. They never showed the starvation, misery and death that came with the cause of their exodus, they said it, implied it and left it to the viewers imagination.

As such when it was brought up, it was kinda unpleasant but you were able to put it to the back of your mind.

It wasnt afraid to kill every single person important to the main character. Apparently there was plans to have this eat away at him and eventually cause him to retire from being a pilot.

His right hand man, a smoking, womanizing gambler is certainly flawed but an ace pilot (its the trope, get used to it) but had the show gone on perhaps we would have see him settle down and maybe get an explination to why.

Now with the new one, first of all FEMALE STARBUCK and thats not the problem, my problem is Kara Thrace.

They kinda imply/explain why she is the way she is and here is the problem


The womanizing (maninizing I guess in this case) did not come across very well. I think she had maybe 4 or 5 partners over the course of the show. Hell, the original Apollo had that many serious relationships in the original series.

Actually it was just implied that the original starbuck was a womanizer, maybe he was before the show, but he only had 2 women and he was leading both of them on, and eventually he focused on the blond.

My problem with the new show is the new characters are less awesome than the original ones, who appeared to be almost perfect. That can be boring, but it wasn't.

This is to blame on the producer, as he is known to kill off loved characters and was not afraid to dive into the dark part of star trek (which he appeared to create...)

I guess it depends on your mood, personally, I use movies, books and video games to get away from reality and truth is, the world sucks. You have to work for money, because someone said money is important and if you do what you love for your job you are a rare and lucky person and nothing ever happens fast enough.

As miserable as these characters are, I would love to be a viper pilot in battlestar galactica, you have one fucking job. Fly your plane, follow orders, protect these ships.

Even my other 3 favorite shows right now are kinda dark.

The Last Ship, for a Michal Bay production is filled with his tropes yes surprisingly dark, decently written but all the characters are AWESOME UBERMEN but they arent boring and they are challenged every week.

Hell of Wheels, the same story, however lately they have been cleaning up the cast a bit, some may want to move on and maybe they want to shake things up a bit. What it has over the last ship is a lot of character development, now this may be because its into its 5th season and getting ready to end after 6 or maybe they had a clearer vision of what story they wished to tell.

Banshee unfortunately is very seasonal, it does not have a grand vision of a story to tell over its entire series, its characters all have troubled pasts and as the show progresses we learn more about each of them and gradually start to understand their motivations as they struggled against a new threat/antagonist.

Set in a small amish town in Pennsylvania.

They are not afraid of the fuck, the violence, in fact its almost too much by times and from what I understand thats what turns most people off the show, they are not afraid to show their leading lady, in all her hotness, naked on a bed shlicking. They are not afraid to show the sheriff tear an mma fighters arm to pieces because he raped a local girl.

These characters are all fairly awesome and have a story to how and why they are where they are, and it is an intersting story every time and once again, like the above 2, they are being challanged every week. The show is never boring, this one may be fairly heavy but the characters are not looking to be miserable, they are just trying to find their way.

Maybe its because Im watching dramas for possibly the first time in my life, but it seems to me that people like watching other people be miserable maybe its entertaining, maybe it improves their mood but I think it is because they can relate. Movies and TV are starting to become less of a fasntasy wonderland and more of a reflection of out civilization, they are not trying to teach facts but maybe make a point and make people think.

I think that kind of show would be showing people who were lost and trying to find their way, because that would relate the most to everyone watching.

and they used to say this shit melted your brain.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Planned Parenting

you know what, I keep going back to teenage me, thinking there must be something redeeming, some passion, something that is worth going back to.

I have yet to find that thing, perhaps being a bit more cocky and passionate would make me a better pilot, but I have a few years of age and a bit of experience in the field and confidence, practice and study is probably going to be generally better.

No, this post is going back to the source of this blog: women, and specifically how people should go about the sex.

I must have mentioned this before, but PROTECTED SEX IS GOOD

and I mean, more than just a condom, a condom and a back up form of birth control.

Condoms are good primary protection, they stop STI and pregnancy, HOWEVER condoms can fail, and if you are not careful about your partner you may have exposed yourself to a rather unpleasant illness or pregnancy, so ladies, be on the pill, then nuva ring, whatever.

If you are unwilling to be a parent (especially if you are not capable at the time) you should ALWAYS be using birth control.

Hell, even the pope recently said that Catholics should not breed like rabbits. the Catholic church still is generally against birth control, but like many faiths they are focusing on perhaps a misguided interpretation. The bible says be fruitful and multiply, my parents had one daughter and one son. I think at this point (if age wasnt a factor) they should be allowed to use birth control because they have given one male and one female to the human race.

Why is this coming up? Well, there are 2 girls I know.

One of them is pregnant, and its her second. Before you get any ideas no it isnt mine, Im not a fucking idiot.

Anyway, this girl already has one, she has her own place, decent job and reasonably stable. Actually probably a surprisingly decent parent. However she cannot remember to take birth control, hence her pregnancies.

You know, people set fucking alarms to remember to take pills, people do not forget what time they need to go to work. Thinking that you will forget to take a pill is a bit silly of a reason not to take them.

The other girl, for reasons that she claims are not her fault, has always had unprotected sex with her partners, however she claims to have never forgotten to take her pills.

Seeing as she doesnt have any kids, she probably hasnt.

But does she not consider the future? Like, what about future partners, or children that could potentially have an STI because she didnt have enough of a spine to tell her partners wrap it before you tap it.

Now, I am not saying she has an sti, but she put herself at risk every time she did it without a condom.

Some couples, after several years, will go without a glove as sign of respect, trust, intimacy whatever.

You know what? Thats fine, anytime any couple has mentioned that to me they still use birth control, they just dont use condoms.

Bitches love flavoured condoms.

Anyway this is about birth control, STI ect

You know, it is a problem, however it seems to be better under control now than its 'outbreak' and I think thats because people are generally smarter about who and how they fuck, and this is a good thing. Perhaps thats why I am generally appalled about people who do it foolishly.