Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Well that town certainly became a hot spot this year didnt it.

Im not going to bore you with 'facts'

Problem is people wanting you to support the cops will spin their own, people wanting you to condemn the cops will spin their own.

What is known that a cop shot a black man.

Jury does not charge cop.

Anyone opposing the police protest, in a violent manner.

My buddy posted something on facebook

Ill give you the tl;dr version


Everything else aside, he is right.

And maybe that is the reason why the jury didnt charge the cop. It seems that the cop had no reason to shoot the young man, but if these protest are any indication, maybe this was unavoidable.

On the other hand if the young man had not been killed, these protest would not have happened and maybe the young man would not get in trouble with the law, we arent going to know now are we.

That is the real crime, and that is why the cop will not be charged, for the rest of his life he will wonder 'what if' and someday the what ifs will get the best of him and he will feel awful that he was not punished, it wont happen now and it may not happen for 10 years, but once the reality of what happened because of his one action sets in he will feel awful.