Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maybe Im wrong

After doing some more digging on the comics and such, perhaps the idea that Iron Man/Stark pushing for a superhero registry isnt that crazy.

It happened after a superhero battle killed lots of people.

Like more than New York in Avengers

We have seen one thing from Stark, he does not want people to die. Remove the ego and everything one thing he said in Iron Man 1 was that he created better weapons to save ameican soldiers, and his profound change came from seeing the tools he used to protect these men and women used to kill them.

He wishes to keep his tech (tech that could be weaponized) to himself because he is afraid the america government will not take the proper precautions to keep it from killing people who do not deserve to die, we saw this in 2 and honestly he was right. One company go their hands on one suit, they hired a evil genius and he created a squadron of automated armour.

AI are BAD

In 3, the government once again hires a think tank that is evil, however this time the think tank isnt exploiting american weapons or tech, it is exploiting american feat, ect ect, the manderine ect ect ect

But ultimately, Stark is totally justified for wanting to keep the government out of super heroes because they will try to duplicate or out do them, just in case they go crazy.

Shield did it in avengers, and turns out key members of shield were actually hydra agents, Thank god stark doesnt know about that (we think) otherwise there is really, really no reason to ever trust the government with superpowers.

Im noticing a trend here,

but maybe the game changer is protecting the innocent. Maybe stark will wonder if the superheroes without rules are more dangerous than the government copying some of his toys, maybe he thinks this registry will make things easier to manage, and thus be able to protect more lives.

In a strange shift, The capt isnt really for the government, remember he fought for a country during a time at witch the us was still very much worth sacrifice (after winter soldier he may be less convinced of that) and he totally wasnt fond of sheild doing what hydra was doing.

So, the capt is againt rules and regs and Iron man is for.

If this is where things are going in 'phase 3' then shit is really going to hit the fan in this next movie.

Also Ultron is an AI, designed by stark.

I thought we already determined that AI + POWER ARMOUR IS A BAD FUCKING IDEA


and all of our speculation could be totally wrong, many writers, directors have said they do not wish to follow the comics exactly, look at the aesthetic changes they made to some of the heroes uniforms.

The idea of a superhero registry is a scary idea. X men have already done it, keeping track of a group of people that may not be wanted.

Maybe thats why capt is against it, it is exactly what the nazis did to the jews during the second world war, and fundamentally it is evil.

If they go this way they owe us an iron man 4 (its the first, and still most successful) and they need to show us how stark changes and why.

What will happen beyond infinity wars?

Probably bad things, superheroes with nothing to fight tend to fight each other or shoot banner off to space.

(Infinity wars sounds kindof like secret wars so hopefully a bit more guardians)

and spider man

and the x men

Thursday, October 23, 2014

On a lighter tone

I fucking love super hero movies, Im extremely excited about Avengers 2

and to a lesser extend Captain America 3, which is what this is all about.

There is lots of speculation about the plot of 3, however it should be pointed out that they havent even finished preproduction yet. They dont have a script.

An idea that was floating around was the superhero registry or whatever from marvel, when the government required all super heroes and their powers be registered, so that they cal later do their bidding.

Tony Stark supports this, apparantly.

No. That does not make any sense in what we have seen with the tony stark in film, he does not like working with the government, and has no intention on giving all his secrets to them because he feels they WILL Fall in the wrong hands and be used for evil.

Iron man 2, he was right
Captain America 2 he was right

and Iron man 3, it was not his tech but he was right. The government in the marvel universe tends to hire evil or stupid to run anything that could destroy the world.

So, this plot for a movie doesnt make sense if stark is pushing it. Sure Im sure the government can try and manipulate him, however big business already run the government he would have way out because he has the tech and the money.

Plus some really powerful friends.

Generally speaking it seems that the only people who register are people who dont give a fuck about their identity (Im looking at you parker) or have something to gain from this,

And let us not forget the hundreds of mutants who would be totally opposed to this or maybe not because different time lines.

If you dont know what Im talking about here is what to watch and in what order

The Wolverine
Days of Future Past
Iron man
Iron man 2
Captain America
Iron Man 3
Thor 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
ALL of Agents of Shield
Captain America 2

more or less chronological order (well atleast for making the time line make sense anyway)
the wildcard is days of future past, it should either be the second or last one you watch because of the time travel. I say second because they went back and time and made the future better, and this is probably the present we are seeing on film

In that movie mutants save the president and the world. The government owes them and knows they can be trusted, they probably will not have a registration for mutant or super powers.

Finally, it has been said, that MCU will differ from the comics.

I swear to fuck if I hear that isnt waht happened in the comics one more time I will rip out your right kidney. You know who you are

If you want to see what happned in the comics, go read the comics, This is supposed to be new, surprising and not predictable. Like a good movie.

Salem witches, McCarthy communists and radicalized terrorists

I had a very unpleasant thought hit me today, after all that shit went down in Ottawa, for those of you who dont know someone was gunned down, here are the facts
This man was 24 years old, Infantry reserve guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier in ottawa and someone gunned him down.

This duty is a ceremonial thing, so he was dressed up, probably unarmed. It is not so much guarding the tomb, it is more showing respect to the dead because of war.

Allegedly this threat was known for a week.

Bullshit, they did not know that a lone gunman was going to shoot the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 9:51am EST Wednesday 22 October 2014. All was known was there was an increased threat of terrorism, so cut the guys on top and our intel guys some slack, they knew something was going to happen not what and they though they were prepared.

That isnt what worries me.

This man was a reservists, a weekend soldier, a person who wanted to dedicated military service to Canada because of patriotism, skill, enjoyment whatever but was unable to enter full service, perhaps because of school, family or employment. Until called into active service, reservists would not normally be shot at.

That isnt what worries me.

If you havent figured out by the title, what worries me is a witch hunt.

It started in salem years ago, when a bunch of girls got in trouble and conveniently blamed the devil, what ended up happening was everyone accusing everyone else of witchcraft, people hung, lost land and families destroyed by a fear and lack of trust of their neighbors.

During the cold war, people were afraid of communists, and after a couple of Americans betrayed their country by giving secrets to the USSR this threat became more than just boats and bombers, people started to trust each other less and became afraid of their neighbors, this lead to McCarthy hearings and McCarthy conning the america people into seeing communists everywhere, from the guy who gave them their coffee to their wife to their boss. This did not cause the loss of life its predecessor did but it did damage the reputation of some, beyond repair because of an accusation that (for the most part it seems) were misplaced and wrong.

Now the threat is terrorism, domestic or international, extremists, ideology, culture ect.

What seems to happen is young people go off to fight some one elses war, and come back more or less brainwashed and decide to cause some havoc at home.
The people they fight for are the allies of their countries enemies.
I do not believe these people are operating with a mission from their former commanders, what they do does not really help the cause it seems to me. I think they are doing this because they feel it is the right thing to do, what will make their new allies proud.

Back to the first thing I mentioned, apparently the intel guys know of the threat, and they know who would most likely cause the threat. They keep an eye on young people leaving to fight wars and coming back, making sure they are not crazy.

Right now this is a good thing, but what if it starts expanding? What if anyone who travels anywhere where they country isn't on best terms with Canada is questioned.

We have been told to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities. Similar things were told to people by McCarthy and in Salem, and these accusations lead to arrests, hearings, destroying of reputation and trust and in the case of the witch hunt executions.

What I am afraid of is that we will start seeing terrorists everywhere, and start trusting people less.

Do not let this happen, because if you do then the bad guys have won, they have divided us into smaller, more manageable numbers. Controllable numbers. Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau said it correctly tonight, standing together, shoulder to shoulder with every Canadian is the best response to this, because together we can do amazing things.