Thursday, July 31, 2014

A tenacious bunch...

Well, time to write about something that matters to me, and that no one will likely read.

No matter,

So heres a background story. I used to be a flight instructor in waterville, teaching air cadets.
The airport was bought by Michelin recently.
Buthurt happened.

About the purchase. When it happened, it seemed that the municipal council was not opposed to selling the airport. They want to keep the plant here, it gives people jobs and makes money.

This decision seemed to be kept under wraps for a while, basically when I was an instructor there was only rumors of things, nothing was confirmed.

In fact part of the agreement of them hiring me was that I only work until the end of summer because

a) they were not busy enough to need 5 flight instructors (me and the other new guy were gone)
b) they could not guarantee how long the airport would be open

Well at least they were honest with me.

Now a few months ago a motion was passed to sell the airport, and only one person on the council voted against it.

Then nothing was heard about it for a while, until the apple blossom festival.

Then waterville had a huge fly in, spreading info and trying to get support for their cause.


Why the fuck did they not fight this months ago before a decision was made? NOW some of the hangar owners have the balls to sue the municipality for breaching the contract (which apparently says airport will be kept open until sept 2015)

You have no right to sue them, because you should have been after them in JANUARAY not MAY

and I get it guys, I really do. You would have to move every plane, hangar and pilot to a new location. That inconvenient, expensive and worse of all some may not move to the new location, there are other closer airports that are already established.

The farmers in the valley are really dumb fucks who REFUSE to give up their land.
Ive been there gents, and let me tell you those fucking cows are not going to miss a runway sized field.
Im assuming these rednecks hold on to the land just in case they have a descendant that wants to farm.
Fair enough, it be nice if nova scotia could rely on its own farmers to provide all its food, but its not.
Sigh, not all farmers are like that but down that way they will not give up the land, even the ones who do not use the land anymore.

So where do you put a new airport, drop 12million for a spot in greenville (I think). To expensive, how about dropping 6-7 million for a spot at greenwood, yeah that could work.

and the article then says someone asked why was greenwood not a listed option 2 years ago?

Because greenwood did not want civilians on an active military base.

There is soldiers, sailers and pilots there. Training for war.

Considering tensions lately, letting a bunch of civilians, who only fly on weekends on an active military base would not be my cup of tea.

Is there money in it for greenwood? Probably, does it matter? No. They are funded by DnD. They have the money they need, gotta love the federal government.

And a few years ago (from what I heard in waterville) Greenwood had no intention at the time of letting them relocate to their airbase. Why is it an option now?

I suspect a civilian run organization who likes to play dress up is the answer (the air cadets if you didnt get it)

This is actually a good move for them, it would allow them to centralize their flying scholarship operations, if they get a few more planes to use down that way they would no longer need to rely on gander and moncton (which could be rather expensive)

Now the council is playing hardball, its 14th wing or nothing. They do not want to spend the time, money or effort to do a good job with waterville. Which sucks

They just seem to want to sweep them under the carpet, or in this case under the greenwood air base, let them deal with the civilians.

The people at the airport are outraged, they are trying to sue, they are fighting so hard now because the deadline is coming up, but the did manage to buy themselves some more time.

But now the people who dont want to move need to get together, and organize themselves and negotiate with greenwood to have space and build on the airfield.

it sounds like Greenwood has not said yes, maybe all they have said is they will humour a proposition. I understand that in the past greenwood has not been too kind to the civilians (in fact the reason they are in waterville is because greenwood kicked them off the base)

Secure zone ect...

Greenwood used to require anyone who wasnt DnD to present a valid ID and they could search the person or vehicle before letting them onto the base.

Last I checked that had not changed much, so you expect the miltiary to keep the civilian sector of the airport secure?

They wil not want to, but they will have to. That is why I think this will fail, the security at an airbase seems to be too tight for the guys who own a cessna who just want to hop in it and fly.

Controlled access to any building that opens airside, then a fence around those buildings, possibly with armed guards.

That would make flying a little more slow to start, and could turn off some people.

Greenwood may be their only option, but it sounds like it may cost them too much.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Well that didnt work

It was suggested to me that I write out what kept me from sleeping.

It really didnt work, and now my sleeping habits are fucked up (probably getting used to being a night hawk again, crist)

but anyway I got caught up in topgear, some mash and community,

apparently it was cancelled. Thank god?

Perhaps its because lately Im feeling serial and not episodic stories. (hence banshee, hell on wheels ect)

But it seems to me that community started on a decent note, then got lost in the writing. I guess that is the problem with a different writer(s) working on different episodes...

Its a comedy show, so having a sort of story arc would be difficult, but possible. I guess my problem with the show was it went from cool characters, having some development to dumbass characters (generally) getting worse or not changing.

It did become truly unfunny, then fantastically left the viewers on a semi cliffhanger (no spoilers here)
also, it came out of fucking no where. Goddamnit I hate when they do this (see reboot)

I guess they could have changed one thing, and avoided this whole mess but fans (myself included) want to see who jeff would end up with.

Personally I am an alison brie fan, after the first season annie just became hotter than britta.

Im glad chevy chase departed the show, I didnt like pierce. THEN when it looks like they are giving pierce some development, making him less of an intolerable unfunny prick, he quits (probably because this development stopped)

its chevy fucking chase, he deserves better. but I am getting a vibe that the doucheness may have been partially chevy and not pierce.

and damnit troy
but atleast his departure from the show gave pierce some redemption.

banks as buzz hickey is fucking brialliant, well played show. duncans return is very welcome, jeff being a professor is fucking excellent

why did you not make abed grow up more
what about shirley and her husband?

sigh, then a little while ago yahoo happened. So they are going to be throwing money at it for viewing on the internet? could be good.

Sigh, probably wont be.


I installed mcpatcher because I grow tired of vanilla minecraft skin, and what does the installer do?

installs something called v9, I dont like it. Turns out is a browser hijacker, fantastic.

mostly harmless, but all malicious. So its been a while since I had to manually remove some software like this, how hard could it be?

Well I still havent got rid of it, and I think I accidently deleted the entire data entry for start up webpages...fucking sigh.

I think microsoft security essentials can fix that, if not I am in for a long day.

seriously, its minecraft and a mildy irritating piece of malware that ruins my day.


(actually it looks like it wasnt much of a problem, security more or less did its job and I just had to edit the data and not delete it)