Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to determine if you are a decent person

Its actually rather simple, in your hands is the future of someone who you detest, someone you would love to destroy for whatever reason and you can quite literally destroy their future and or life. You basically have 3 options:

1 You take this opportunity to destroy their future or life
2 You do not destroy their future but you do not help them
3 You help them

This is where the morality of video games comes from, yes there may be more options more grey areas. You could help them to blackmail them later or something, but when it comes down to it you have 3 options.

On top of this you have the type of person, do you respect this person, not respect this person or not care.
For example, if you respect this person you would probably want to help them.

AND finally, the third part is motive, why are you doing what you do. If you are doing because they deserve what they are getting, are you doing to manipulate the person or do you not care you did it just because.

I find the morality in videogames often forgets the last two things.

Probably because the last one is very much determined by the player

but that aside, I am talking about real live morality.

fuck this is going to get complicated. Let us start with a person you do not respect.

If you do not respect them, and you do what you do because you do not care or they deserve it then I would consider you a decent person. If you try and manipulate them then you are obviously a fucking asshole. From there you make your decision, that is the problem. The decision you make has no affect on your morality or if you are a decent person, why you make the decision and who involved is what does.

The decision is just what you have to do, I could be a decent person by not respecting someone, then ruining their future because it is what they deserve.

I could be a bad person by respecting the person, helping them out only to manipulate them later.

Really there is a bit of a grey zone, but the grey zone is really indifference. These people are still not good, because they do not have the balls to do one thing or another, hell most of us are like this. No one wants to be a big fucking dick, but people are afraid to help.

Why? I figure its because we are all aware of future consequences, helping someone may be the wrong thing to do and someone may hold being a dick against you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fuck it

Freedom of speech and what have you,
question is where should the line be drawn?

Obviously if you threaten (and are serious about it) you should be punished
and maybe its not what we say, but who we say it to. I have close friends that I can be the hugest prick around, we can show and talk to each other in confidence and sometimes it gets raunchy and politically incorrect.

But what about this, my blog.

It looks like I go about once a month on average and it has covered a range of topics,

it totally started off as a way to survive university and seeing as I didnt survive that well maybe you should not take my advice, then it went to drinking misadventures, I have attempted to write fiction in here and lately, the last 2 years maybe it has been hating on women alot and then relationship stuff.

I guess its a good way to show my mental deterioration or what was going on in my life, but lately I have been concerned with the apparent rising of the crazies.

3 come to mind, though I know there has been many more shootings.

1) Beta male, who clamied that women taunted and teased him with sex, and never got laid. He had a manifesto, fairly long.

That concerns me because what if I go off the rails and someone sees this blog and says why didnt anyone do anything sooner?

2) The 2 girls who stabbed another girl 19 times.
They were trying to do a ritual sacrifice to a videogame/creepypasta character.

Just to be a dick, these girls are crazy, but old crusaders were the 'good guys'.
Killing in the name of a god is pointless, if the god wanted someone dead they would do it, they are god.
However god has been known to make strange requests, so unless some bright light, loud deep voiced male came to you and told you to do something you are probably just crazy.

3) Shooting in moncton
That guy's facebook is a bag of cats, you can smell the crazy off him and NO ONE bothered to tell the police to keep an eye on this guy. as mentioned earlier, I would just assume my friends are harmless, and to me they are. Thats probably what those gentlemen did.


onto other things.

I have a friend.
several friends actually, who need to get laid. Some just needing to get laid more often

solution: strippers
at least tits. and professional dancers

Now, just some strip club etiquette (and I think I may have mentioned this before but whatever)

Tip bartenders, I will usually forget this one
The building, non dancing staff are all paid from money made off of drinks and cover. So tip these guys, buy some drinks. Im pretty sure the money made by the dancers goes to the dancers

The dancers who come up to you will likely be a better show they are assertive and would like to give a lapdance. That means they will likely be a little better at it for nothing else than just wanting to get paid.
besides, you will enjoy it more. Admit it gents, assertive women turn you on.

Do not touch the pussy. That should be obvious, but a buddy of mine tells a horrific story of a man who begged a stripper to marry him.

Be cautious of non strippers. Women go to these places too, either they are dykes, bi or maybe just want to use it as educational material, general rule of thumb, if it looks like lingerie its probably a stripper

but given how trashy some night clubs can be these days there really is no way to tell.

so in other news, Im back and have a few new blogs to make. Mostly because I get the feeling that noone wants to swim through the mess of old entries so maybe Ill go back through and refine some of the more useful stuff regarding women, bootycall relationships ect ect ect

Friday, June 6, 2014

seriously wtf us

You know what, I can deal with crazies.

You know, the guy on a bus who decapitates another man
A man who (allegedly) was harassed by women and shot them all (dont get me started on that, it just pisses me off)
A man who mindlessly shoots up a school

these things are fucked up, but do you know what is really fucked up, when kids do the killing.




maybe they are awesome parents


I had to look up the name of the kid, James Bulger. I remember that, I just didnt (and still dont really) comprehend how people that young could plan something so terrible.

NOW 2 girls did a similar thing to their 'friend'

ritual fucking sacrifice.

What the hell is going on, I mean the worlds shit (and we are just becoming aware of it quicker) but why

another university shooting, and finally

this one strikes close to home

a man shooting cops, anti authority pro guns.

I suppose he made his point, people will be talking about him, but they will be talking about he is insane and killing cops, just guys doing their jobs and they will not be talking about what he wants them to talk about (which I believe is the incompetence of the government and police)

sigh, I need to say this about the RCMP, they may not be as fast as some american agencies, but they are smart, they are calculating to the point where sometimes its irritating but they do get the job done.

His friends never made any remark about his behaviour, this doesnt surprise me.

I know anarchists, I know hunters, I know people who have no respect for cops

I do no think these guys will ever do anything dangerous. I would wager that what this mans friends thought as well. Either that or they shared his opinions and were supportive of what he was doing.

Then I look at my blog, and consider another man about my age who also recently went on a spree in the united states, who had a manifesto.

Could this blog be misread? I dont know. This may be my last entry and I may take this down soon, I like this, it helps me organize my thoughts.