Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finally, an actual fucking post

You know what, recently I was thinking that there were aspects of teenage me that I miss.

On the one hand, having terrible blue balls, taste in painfully promiscuous women (who wouldnt fuck you) and just in inability to interact well with women, impatient, defensive, generally unable to be chill and hormonal bullshit are bad things, probably what I hated what I used to be

but, at least I had passion back then, a passion I feel I have lost lately in my effort to be balanced but it seems that in my attempt to get back this fire I have not gotten laid in a bit, Im more impatient, defensive and Im seriously fucking up my interactions with women.

fuck sakes, cant I just have the one decent thing about my teenage self? I guess not but upon further reflection, generally speaking, I found that as a teenager I was at my worst. Making stupid decisions for 'important' friend ect ect ect

I guess as a teen, and hormones probably have something to do with this, you give too much of a fuck.

When that shit stops, and you get more in control of yourself the trick is to give less fucks.

just, give less of a fuck about things that dont matter.

So, I have decided to give less of a fuck about sex. I will either get laid sooner with that attitude or become a monk, either way works for me because I have a higher calling, flying planes.


onto fergusen, and sydney, and isis

A person, on social media can and has said that Fergusen shame on the protesters violence isnt the answer, and LITERALLY a week before that was encouraging the bombing of anyone/anything associated with isis and now is saying Ill ride with you to muslims in sydney.


Seems that people are only conveniently good.

Isis beheadings, and hating on Israel, it is acceptable and encouraged to hate these people.
 Point taken, they take peoples heads. We probably should not like them

Fergusen cop shoots a black man. Community says he was a good kid, a bunch of police opression racism ect ect ect. The guy who got shot turns out attacked the cop apparantly and had just robbed a store, police chief says that a large number of crimes and homcides involve black people, and they are not being racist, its just the statistic.

Some people (mostly anarchist, people who dont like the police for literally no reason) are hating the cops for using violence, over stepping ect

Other people (mostly racist) are hating the black citizens for being gangsters, criminals ect

Some people (the sane batch) are hating the media and the last 2 mentioned groups for being idiots.

The problem is, no group of people, myself included, gave a single fat flying fuck about the PEOPLE.

It seemed that not a one cared about the cops who are good, not corrupted and had to put up with this shit, or the american citizens in the town who werent criminals who had to put up with it.

Second time this happens, its still about hate of a group and not the caring for another,

Finally, in austrailia. This Ill ride with you came from someone who offered to walk with an islam woman, because guess what? MOST ISLAMIC PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SELF EXPLODING EXTREMIST


This woman removed her head dress. Wise move, why? YOU MOVED THERE. Australia I feel is like Canadas cousin, similar things, both commonwealth and what not, and both were filled with what the motherland didnt want. But if you move somwhere you should adapt to THAT environment. I am not saying that you cant be who you are but you chose to be Australian/Canadian because where you were sucked, or where you are is better.

But I understand why this happens, we are the good guys, and if a Canadian went to their neck of the woods they would (and have) been killed for not conforming.

Im getting off topic, this is about Australia.

FINALLY, there is something out there, on social media, that is about the caring about a group affected by this hate and not being hated on.

HOWEVER, it should be known that people jump on whatever is convenient or trendy.

Explains previous relationships actually

but that aside, if enough people choose to care, and not to hate, it becomes easier to care. Because everyone is doing it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Well that town certainly became a hot spot this year didnt it.

Im not going to bore you with 'facts'

Problem is people wanting you to support the cops will spin their own, people wanting you to condemn the cops will spin their own.

What is known that a cop shot a black man.

Jury does not charge cop.

Anyone opposing the police protest, in a violent manner.

My buddy posted something on facebook

Ill give you the tl;dr version


Everything else aside, he is right.

And maybe that is the reason why the jury didnt charge the cop. It seems that the cop had no reason to shoot the young man, but if these protest are any indication, maybe this was unavoidable.

On the other hand if the young man had not been killed, these protest would not have happened and maybe the young man would not get in trouble with the law, we arent going to know now are we.

That is the real crime, and that is why the cop will not be charged, for the rest of his life he will wonder 'what if' and someday the what ifs will get the best of him and he will feel awful that he was not punished, it wont happen now and it may not happen for 10 years, but once the reality of what happened because of his one action sets in he will feel awful.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maybe Im wrong

After doing some more digging on the comics and such, perhaps the idea that Iron Man/Stark pushing for a superhero registry isnt that crazy.

It happened after a superhero battle killed lots of people.

Like more than New York in Avengers

We have seen one thing from Stark, he does not want people to die. Remove the ego and everything one thing he said in Iron Man 1 was that he created better weapons to save ameican soldiers, and his profound change came from seeing the tools he used to protect these men and women used to kill them.

He wishes to keep his tech (tech that could be weaponized) to himself because he is afraid the america government will not take the proper precautions to keep it from killing people who do not deserve to die, we saw this in 2 and honestly he was right. One company go their hands on one suit, they hired a evil genius and he created a squadron of automated armour.

AI are BAD

In 3, the government once again hires a think tank that is evil, however this time the think tank isnt exploiting american weapons or tech, it is exploiting american feat, ect ect, the manderine ect ect ect

But ultimately, Stark is totally justified for wanting to keep the government out of super heroes because they will try to duplicate or out do them, just in case they go crazy.

Shield did it in avengers, and turns out key members of shield were actually hydra agents, Thank god stark doesnt know about that (we think) otherwise there is really, really no reason to ever trust the government with superpowers.

Im noticing a trend here,

but maybe the game changer is protecting the innocent. Maybe stark will wonder if the superheroes without rules are more dangerous than the government copying some of his toys, maybe he thinks this registry will make things easier to manage, and thus be able to protect more lives.

In a strange shift, The capt isnt really for the government, remember he fought for a country during a time at witch the us was still very much worth sacrifice (after winter soldier he may be less convinced of that) and he totally wasnt fond of sheild doing what hydra was doing.

So, the capt is againt rules and regs and Iron man is for.

If this is where things are going in 'phase 3' then shit is really going to hit the fan in this next movie.

Also Ultron is an AI, designed by stark.

I thought we already determined that AI + POWER ARMOUR IS A BAD FUCKING IDEA


and all of our speculation could be totally wrong, many writers, directors have said they do not wish to follow the comics exactly, look at the aesthetic changes they made to some of the heroes uniforms.

The idea of a superhero registry is a scary idea. X men have already done it, keeping track of a group of people that may not be wanted.

Maybe thats why capt is against it, it is exactly what the nazis did to the jews during the second world war, and fundamentally it is evil.

If they go this way they owe us an iron man 4 (its the first, and still most successful) and they need to show us how stark changes and why.

What will happen beyond infinity wars?

Probably bad things, superheroes with nothing to fight tend to fight each other or shoot banner off to space.

(Infinity wars sounds kindof like secret wars so hopefully a bit more guardians)

and spider man

and the x men

Thursday, October 23, 2014

On a lighter tone

I fucking love super hero movies, Im extremely excited about Avengers 2

and to a lesser extend Captain America 3, which is what this is all about.

There is lots of speculation about the plot of 3, however it should be pointed out that they havent even finished preproduction yet. They dont have a script.

An idea that was floating around was the superhero registry or whatever from marvel, when the government required all super heroes and their powers be registered, so that they cal later do their bidding.

Tony Stark supports this, apparantly.

No. That does not make any sense in what we have seen with the tony stark in film, he does not like working with the government, and has no intention on giving all his secrets to them because he feels they WILL Fall in the wrong hands and be used for evil.

Iron man 2, he was right
Captain America 2 he was right

and Iron man 3, it was not his tech but he was right. The government in the marvel universe tends to hire evil or stupid to run anything that could destroy the world.

So, this plot for a movie doesnt make sense if stark is pushing it. Sure Im sure the government can try and manipulate him, however big business already run the government he would have way out because he has the tech and the money.

Plus some really powerful friends.

Generally speaking it seems that the only people who register are people who dont give a fuck about their identity (Im looking at you parker) or have something to gain from this,

And let us not forget the hundreds of mutants who would be totally opposed to this or maybe not because different time lines.

If you dont know what Im talking about here is what to watch and in what order

The Wolverine
Days of Future Past
Iron man
Iron man 2
Captain America
Iron Man 3
Thor 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
ALL of Agents of Shield
Captain America 2

more or less chronological order (well atleast for making the time line make sense anyway)
the wildcard is days of future past, it should either be the second or last one you watch because of the time travel. I say second because they went back and time and made the future better, and this is probably the present we are seeing on film

In that movie mutants save the president and the world. The government owes them and knows they can be trusted, they probably will not have a registration for mutant or super powers.

Finally, it has been said, that MCU will differ from the comics.

I swear to fuck if I hear that isnt waht happened in the comics one more time I will rip out your right kidney. You know who you are

If you want to see what happned in the comics, go read the comics, This is supposed to be new, surprising and not predictable. Like a good movie.

Salem witches, McCarthy communists and radicalized terrorists

I had a very unpleasant thought hit me today, after all that shit went down in Ottawa, for those of you who dont know someone was gunned down, here are the facts
This man was 24 years old, Infantry reserve guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier in ottawa and someone gunned him down.

This duty is a ceremonial thing, so he was dressed up, probably unarmed. It is not so much guarding the tomb, it is more showing respect to the dead because of war.

Allegedly this threat was known for a week.

Bullshit, they did not know that a lone gunman was going to shoot the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 9:51am EST Wednesday 22 October 2014. All was known was there was an increased threat of terrorism, so cut the guys on top and our intel guys some slack, they knew something was going to happen not what and they though they were prepared.

That isnt what worries me.

This man was a reservists, a weekend soldier, a person who wanted to dedicated military service to Canada because of patriotism, skill, enjoyment whatever but was unable to enter full service, perhaps because of school, family or employment. Until called into active service, reservists would not normally be shot at.

That isnt what worries me.

If you havent figured out by the title, what worries me is a witch hunt.

It started in salem years ago, when a bunch of girls got in trouble and conveniently blamed the devil, what ended up happening was everyone accusing everyone else of witchcraft, people hung, lost land and families destroyed by a fear and lack of trust of their neighbors.

During the cold war, people were afraid of communists, and after a couple of Americans betrayed their country by giving secrets to the USSR this threat became more than just boats and bombers, people started to trust each other less and became afraid of their neighbors, this lead to McCarthy hearings and McCarthy conning the america people into seeing communists everywhere, from the guy who gave them their coffee to their wife to their boss. This did not cause the loss of life its predecessor did but it did damage the reputation of some, beyond repair because of an accusation that (for the most part it seems) were misplaced and wrong.

Now the threat is terrorism, domestic or international, extremists, ideology, culture ect.

What seems to happen is young people go off to fight some one elses war, and come back more or less brainwashed and decide to cause some havoc at home.
The people they fight for are the allies of their countries enemies.
I do not believe these people are operating with a mission from their former commanders, what they do does not really help the cause it seems to me. I think they are doing this because they feel it is the right thing to do, what will make their new allies proud.

Back to the first thing I mentioned, apparently the intel guys know of the threat, and they know who would most likely cause the threat. They keep an eye on young people leaving to fight wars and coming back, making sure they are not crazy.

Right now this is a good thing, but what if it starts expanding? What if anyone who travels anywhere where they country isn't on best terms with Canada is questioned.

We have been told to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities. Similar things were told to people by McCarthy and in Salem, and these accusations lead to arrests, hearings, destroying of reputation and trust and in the case of the witch hunt executions.

What I am afraid of is that we will start seeing terrorists everywhere, and start trusting people less.

Do not let this happen, because if you do then the bad guys have won, they have divided us into smaller, more manageable numbers. Controllable numbers. Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau said it correctly tonight, standing together, shoulder to shoulder with every Canadian is the best response to this, because together we can do amazing things.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Restoring faith in humanity (and failing)

The internet is a fucked up spot.

Depending on where you go you can find, cute, faith restoring, enraging or porn.

I go on a website that will not be named. Because I still follow the fucking rules.
I used to go there for laughs and to loose my hope in humanity, and you know what? Facebook does a better job at this now. I tend to use that other site as a source of fast, very unreliable and biased news. Kinda like CNN, but with less rules.

Facebook you can find everything
softcore porn. Women (and men) upload tonnes of suggestive pictures of themselves.
Bloggy rants. I just went through my old notes because they reminded me of what an autistic beta male shit I used to be.
Restoring faith in humanity, follow various awesome and funny celebrities
Loosing faith in humanity, follow anyone you used to go to highschool with
cute. cats are fucking everywhere.

So, I mean, I know why this is happening. Its been going on for years, the integration of real and digital life which makes sense. If your personal info is on all facebook, available for everyone to see may was well have a resume attached to it so that potential employers can see if they will like you.

The problem with that is you always have to be one person, and no one is only one person.

They way you behave around your roommate is different from your parents, from your friends, from you girlfriend and your coworkers.

For example: I do not swear at all at work, I try to be patient polite and not blunt. Why? Because its the best way to deal with people and keep them not pissed therefore making work more enjoyable.

When I am with my friends I swear like a fucking sailor, we are patient and tolerant of each other but also brutally honest.

Around my parents I dont swear, and I am patient of them because Im at the age where I am an adult, they are at the age where their mind starts going ect ect ect.

Also there is lots of sarcasm and teasing, definitely more than work.

A room mate may be treated as a friend or as a coworker or both

Finally you seduce a girlfriend, so yeah thats a huge difference there.

This may sound unhealthy, and it kinda is, but everyone's behavior changes slightly based on who they are around and the type of relationship it is.

Truth be told, the one time you are probably perfectly honest with being you is around your friends and girlfriends, because everyone else you want to impress some way. Your friends will just accept you and your girlfriend should to (if not, consider an upgrade to a newer model)

So how are we supposed to integrate our real life with our digital life if there are aspects that you dont want one group seeing?

Simple. Online behave as you would be at work, keep this in mind for social media.

I know I had to for my first job, half of my university pictures I had to make more difficult for coworkers and bosses to see.

Perhaps employers should change their attitude towards their employees, if they want to be a complete dumbass on facebook or when they are not at work let them. You are not paying them it is their own time they can do what they wish.\

On the other had you are always representing your company, so perhaps we need to consider that before uploading some crazy picture to facebook.

Maybe everyone needs to mature a little more, people using and viewing facebook. Consider more seriously what you put up and who can see it, and for people who view and see it consider that there is always more to that individual than you know, and if you are old dont forget that you were young once, doing silly things.

You just didnt announce it to the world.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Recently I've been wondering what happened to old acquaintances and friends.

No. Not high school,

university. My first year, probably when I was a good balance of effort and awesome and not that much alcoholism, however too much naivety.

More optimistic, and less of a dick. What do I want to do you ask?

Find out what happened to the woman who turned me into a womanizing dick, the first female I was truly, remorselessly a huge fucking prick to because of what she did. It was easier to just pretend that she was nothing and not contact her ever again, make eye contact and painfully, obviously ignore.

Apparently this upset her. And to this day, I still dont give a fuck about how much I hurt her, but I am curious to if she is alive and ever bothered to finish her last two years.

The next is my bros from that year, the two guys I spent the most time with. Along with the girl the 4 of us were practically inseparable. Late night movies, that were actually rented from a store, video games and generally good company.

One wanted to be a marine biologist, and he was the type of guy who was unbelievably smart. The most intelligent man I have ever met. He went on and off to university taking it in little bites to keep from getting burned out and from going too far into debt. Im not sure if he ever finished.

The other wanted to be an artist, its obvious why he went to the school but he didnt belong there. He was far more talented than the fine artists that they normally accept. Last I heard his country had strongly encouraged him to join the military, he could actually be dead.

These guys didnt belong at the school, they were too good at what they were trying to learn and at first seemed to not put any effort into classes and do well, eventually they just slacked off.

I dont even know why I care, Ive seen the smart guy once at a concert so he isnt dead yet. None of them, myself included, at the time were very big on using facebook.

The guys from my second year I keep in better touch with, still not great. Its kind of amusing that with social media it should be easier to keep in touch, yet it seems we communicate with some people just as much as we would without it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the last time

Have you ever said this is the last time to anything?


I mean if you are doing something that you don't want to do anymore, some sort of vice fit example, why do you say this is the last time then do something you are about to quit

What if it was something that you like doing and you think what if it's the last time.

In this case why does it have to be the last time, and if you have that type of attitude it may just be.

So let us discuss this idea of the last time

Let's say you want to quit smoking or drinking pop. So you have one last dart or one final sip. Why do people seem to think that saying it's the last time then doing it again gives the action a sense of finality. If you want to stop, just stop. Don't do it one more time to remember how much you enjoy it, on the other hand if you don't like it but do it out of habit maybe one more time will motivate you to never do so again.

If you like it and want to stop then just stop. If you hate it and want to stop then do it once more, remind yourself why you need to stop.

One last time seems to me to be used for something that you enjoy and should stop. It is very bad at motivating you to stop so don't use that phrase, instead say that the last time you did it was the last time.

Now let's talk about something positive, like telling the person you care about you love them. You should do it often because it may be the last time.

Same phrase different attitude, where the former was used nostalgically about a vice the later is used as a carpet diem sort of idea

In both cases you should not be putting off what you want to do.

If you want to quit then do it.
If you want to kiss her then do it.

Otherwise you may never get the chance or motivation to.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A tenacious bunch...

Well, time to write about something that matters to me, and that no one will likely read.

No matter,

So heres a background story. I used to be a flight instructor in waterville, teaching air cadets.
The airport was bought by Michelin recently.
Buthurt happened.

About the purchase. When it happened, it seemed that the municipal council was not opposed to selling the airport. They want to keep the plant here, it gives people jobs and makes money.

This decision seemed to be kept under wraps for a while, basically when I was an instructor there was only rumors of things, nothing was confirmed.

In fact part of the agreement of them hiring me was that I only work until the end of summer because

a) they were not busy enough to need 5 flight instructors (me and the other new guy were gone)
b) they could not guarantee how long the airport would be open

Well at least they were honest with me.

Now a few months ago a motion was passed to sell the airport, and only one person on the council voted against it.

Then nothing was heard about it for a while, until the apple blossom festival.

Then waterville had a huge fly in, spreading info and trying to get support for their cause.


Why the fuck did they not fight this months ago before a decision was made? NOW some of the hangar owners have the balls to sue the municipality for breaching the contract (which apparently says airport will be kept open until sept 2015)

You have no right to sue them, because you should have been after them in JANUARAY not MAY

and I get it guys, I really do. You would have to move every plane, hangar and pilot to a new location. That inconvenient, expensive and worse of all some may not move to the new location, there are other closer airports that are already established.

The farmers in the valley are really dumb fucks who REFUSE to give up their land.
Ive been there gents, and let me tell you those fucking cows are not going to miss a runway sized field.
Im assuming these rednecks hold on to the land just in case they have a descendant that wants to farm.
Fair enough, it be nice if nova scotia could rely on its own farmers to provide all its food, but its not.
Sigh, not all farmers are like that but down that way they will not give up the land, even the ones who do not use the land anymore.

So where do you put a new airport, drop 12million for a spot in greenville (I think). To expensive, how about dropping 6-7 million for a spot at greenwood, yeah that could work.

and the article then says someone asked why was greenwood not a listed option 2 years ago?

Because greenwood did not want civilians on an active military base.

There is soldiers, sailers and pilots there. Training for war.

Considering tensions lately, letting a bunch of civilians, who only fly on weekends on an active military base would not be my cup of tea.

Is there money in it for greenwood? Probably, does it matter? No. They are funded by DnD. They have the money they need, gotta love the federal government.

And a few years ago (from what I heard in waterville) Greenwood had no intention at the time of letting them relocate to their airbase. Why is it an option now?

I suspect a civilian run organization who likes to play dress up is the answer (the air cadets if you didnt get it)

This is actually a good move for them, it would allow them to centralize their flying scholarship operations, if they get a few more planes to use down that way they would no longer need to rely on gander and moncton (which could be rather expensive)

Now the council is playing hardball, its 14th wing or nothing. They do not want to spend the time, money or effort to do a good job with waterville. Which sucks

They just seem to want to sweep them under the carpet, or in this case under the greenwood air base, let them deal with the civilians.

The people at the airport are outraged, they are trying to sue, they are fighting so hard now because the deadline is coming up, but the did manage to buy themselves some more time.

But now the people who dont want to move need to get together, and organize themselves and negotiate with greenwood to have space and build on the airfield.

it sounds like Greenwood has not said yes, maybe all they have said is they will humour a proposition. I understand that in the past greenwood has not been too kind to the civilians (in fact the reason they are in waterville is because greenwood kicked them off the base)

Secure zone ect...

Greenwood used to require anyone who wasnt DnD to present a valid ID and they could search the person or vehicle before letting them onto the base.

Last I checked that had not changed much, so you expect the miltiary to keep the civilian sector of the airport secure?

They wil not want to, but they will have to. That is why I think this will fail, the security at an airbase seems to be too tight for the guys who own a cessna who just want to hop in it and fly.

Controlled access to any building that opens airside, then a fence around those buildings, possibly with armed guards.

That would make flying a little more slow to start, and could turn off some people.

Greenwood may be their only option, but it sounds like it may cost them too much.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Well that didnt work

It was suggested to me that I write out what kept me from sleeping.

It really didnt work, and now my sleeping habits are fucked up (probably getting used to being a night hawk again, crist)

but anyway I got caught up in topgear, some mash and community,

apparently it was cancelled. Thank god?

Perhaps its because lately Im feeling serial and not episodic stories. (hence banshee, hell on wheels ect)

But it seems to me that community started on a decent note, then got lost in the writing. I guess that is the problem with a different writer(s) working on different episodes...

Its a comedy show, so having a sort of story arc would be difficult, but possible. I guess my problem with the show was it went from cool characters, having some development to dumbass characters (generally) getting worse or not changing.

It did become truly unfunny, then fantastically left the viewers on a semi cliffhanger (no spoilers here)
also, it came out of fucking no where. Goddamnit I hate when they do this (see reboot)

I guess they could have changed one thing, and avoided this whole mess but fans (myself included) want to see who jeff would end up with.

Personally I am an alison brie fan, after the first season annie just became hotter than britta.

Im glad chevy chase departed the show, I didnt like pierce. THEN when it looks like they are giving pierce some development, making him less of an intolerable unfunny prick, he quits (probably because this development stopped)

its chevy fucking chase, he deserves better. but I am getting a vibe that the doucheness may have been partially chevy and not pierce.

and damnit troy
but atleast his departure from the show gave pierce some redemption.

banks as buzz hickey is fucking brialliant, well played show. duncans return is very welcome, jeff being a professor is fucking excellent

why did you not make abed grow up more
what about shirley and her husband?

sigh, then a little while ago yahoo happened. So they are going to be throwing money at it for viewing on the internet? could be good.

Sigh, probably wont be.


I installed mcpatcher because I grow tired of vanilla minecraft skin, and what does the installer do?

installs something called v9, I dont like it. Turns out is a browser hijacker, fantastic.

mostly harmless, but all malicious. So its been a while since I had to manually remove some software like this, how hard could it be?

Well I still havent got rid of it, and I think I accidently deleted the entire data entry for start up webpages...fucking sigh.

I think microsoft security essentials can fix that, if not I am in for a long day.

seriously, its minecraft and a mildy irritating piece of malware that ruins my day.


(actually it looks like it wasnt much of a problem, security more or less did its job and I just had to edit the data and not delete it)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to determine if you are a decent person

Its actually rather simple, in your hands is the future of someone who you detest, someone you would love to destroy for whatever reason and you can quite literally destroy their future and or life. You basically have 3 options:

1 You take this opportunity to destroy their future or life
2 You do not destroy their future but you do not help them
3 You help them

This is where the morality of video games comes from, yes there may be more options more grey areas. You could help them to blackmail them later or something, but when it comes down to it you have 3 options.

On top of this you have the type of person, do you respect this person, not respect this person or not care.
For example, if you respect this person you would probably want to help them.

AND finally, the third part is motive, why are you doing what you do. If you are doing because they deserve what they are getting, are you doing to manipulate the person or do you not care you did it just because.

I find the morality in videogames often forgets the last two things.

Probably because the last one is very much determined by the player

but that aside, I am talking about real live morality.

fuck this is going to get complicated. Let us start with a person you do not respect.

If you do not respect them, and you do what you do because you do not care or they deserve it then I would consider you a decent person. If you try and manipulate them then you are obviously a fucking asshole. From there you make your decision, that is the problem. The decision you make has no affect on your morality or if you are a decent person, why you make the decision and who involved is what does.

The decision is just what you have to do, I could be a decent person by not respecting someone, then ruining their future because it is what they deserve.

I could be a bad person by respecting the person, helping them out only to manipulate them later.

Really there is a bit of a grey zone, but the grey zone is really indifference. These people are still not good, because they do not have the balls to do one thing or another, hell most of us are like this. No one wants to be a big fucking dick, but people are afraid to help.

Why? I figure its because we are all aware of future consequences, helping someone may be the wrong thing to do and someone may hold being a dick against you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fuck it

Freedom of speech and what have you,
question is where should the line be drawn?

Obviously if you threaten (and are serious about it) you should be punished
and maybe its not what we say, but who we say it to. I have close friends that I can be the hugest prick around, we can show and talk to each other in confidence and sometimes it gets raunchy and politically incorrect.

But what about this, my blog.

It looks like I go about once a month on average and it has covered a range of topics,

it totally started off as a way to survive university and seeing as I didnt survive that well maybe you should not take my advice, then it went to drinking misadventures, I have attempted to write fiction in here and lately, the last 2 years maybe it has been hating on women alot and then relationship stuff.

I guess its a good way to show my mental deterioration or what was going on in my life, but lately I have been concerned with the apparent rising of the crazies.

3 come to mind, though I know there has been many more shootings.

1) Beta male, who clamied that women taunted and teased him with sex, and never got laid. He had a manifesto, fairly long.

That concerns me because what if I go off the rails and someone sees this blog and says why didnt anyone do anything sooner?

2) The 2 girls who stabbed another girl 19 times.
They were trying to do a ritual sacrifice to a videogame/creepypasta character.

Just to be a dick, these girls are crazy, but old crusaders were the 'good guys'.
Killing in the name of a god is pointless, if the god wanted someone dead they would do it, they are god.
However god has been known to make strange requests, so unless some bright light, loud deep voiced male came to you and told you to do something you are probably just crazy.

3) Shooting in moncton
That guy's facebook is a bag of cats, you can smell the crazy off him and NO ONE bothered to tell the police to keep an eye on this guy. as mentioned earlier, I would just assume my friends are harmless, and to me they are. Thats probably what those gentlemen did.


onto other things.

I have a friend.
several friends actually, who need to get laid. Some just needing to get laid more often

solution: strippers
at least tits. and professional dancers

Now, just some strip club etiquette (and I think I may have mentioned this before but whatever)

Tip bartenders, I will usually forget this one
The building, non dancing staff are all paid from money made off of drinks and cover. So tip these guys, buy some drinks. Im pretty sure the money made by the dancers goes to the dancers

The dancers who come up to you will likely be a better show they are assertive and would like to give a lapdance. That means they will likely be a little better at it for nothing else than just wanting to get paid.
besides, you will enjoy it more. Admit it gents, assertive women turn you on.

Do not touch the pussy. That should be obvious, but a buddy of mine tells a horrific story of a man who begged a stripper to marry him.

Be cautious of non strippers. Women go to these places too, either they are dykes, bi or maybe just want to use it as educational material, general rule of thumb, if it looks like lingerie its probably a stripper

but given how trashy some night clubs can be these days there really is no way to tell.

so in other news, Im back and have a few new blogs to make. Mostly because I get the feeling that noone wants to swim through the mess of old entries so maybe Ill go back through and refine some of the more useful stuff regarding women, bootycall relationships ect ect ect

Friday, June 6, 2014

seriously wtf us

You know what, I can deal with crazies.

You know, the guy on a bus who decapitates another man
A man who (allegedly) was harassed by women and shot them all (dont get me started on that, it just pisses me off)
A man who mindlessly shoots up a school

these things are fucked up, but do you know what is really fucked up, when kids do the killing.




maybe they are awesome parents


I had to look up the name of the kid, James Bulger. I remember that, I just didnt (and still dont really) comprehend how people that young could plan something so terrible.

NOW 2 girls did a similar thing to their 'friend'

ritual fucking sacrifice.

What the hell is going on, I mean the worlds shit (and we are just becoming aware of it quicker) but why

another university shooting, and finally

this one strikes close to home

a man shooting cops, anti authority pro guns.

I suppose he made his point, people will be talking about him, but they will be talking about he is insane and killing cops, just guys doing their jobs and they will not be talking about what he wants them to talk about (which I believe is the incompetence of the government and police)

sigh, I need to say this about the RCMP, they may not be as fast as some american agencies, but they are smart, they are calculating to the point where sometimes its irritating but they do get the job done.

His friends never made any remark about his behaviour, this doesnt surprise me.

I know anarchists, I know hunters, I know people who have no respect for cops

I do no think these guys will ever do anything dangerous. I would wager that what this mans friends thought as well. Either that or they shared his opinions and were supportive of what he was doing.

Then I look at my blog, and consider another man about my age who also recently went on a spree in the united states, who had a manifesto.

Could this blog be misread? I dont know. This may be my last entry and I may take this down soon, I like this, it helps me organize my thoughts.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Homework Asssignment

Did you do your required reading?

Doesnt matter you are going to read this anyway

My buddy feels that growing up the sex ed portion was not enough about sex or education and never taught you about the IMPORTANT things that could get you in trouble.

Its never taught when to say no, and never taught how to say it or do it. That's part of the problem right there

he covered that adequately.

Emotional Abuse

hell it isnt really limited to emotional, however he does have a good point. These classes seem to focus on beating of others.

This abuse is basically bullying. Which now they hunt bully's like witches. This isnt good, the trick isnt to CATCH bulling but its to STOP bulling.

Reactionary, is the best way to describe how we are taught sex.

People get pregnant or an STI. Nobody should have sex. Ever.
One girl gets punched in the face by her abusive boyfriend. Every male can be abusive.
One girl gets raped, all men are rapist.

It seems to me no one has ever thought about the cause of these events, what the source is.

How would it feel to know why people get raped or abused, then be able to make sure people prone to do these things have the opportunity get the help they need, sort out their issues and do not do it.

Girl gets pregnant because there was no birth control, STI gets transmitted because there was no condom.

The solution isnt do not have sex (however this does work)
The solution to always wear a condom does not always work either.

You need to teach people to be smart, show them the appropriate times to fuck and not fuck.



why is everyones first sexual experience kinda awkward (except for the iron willed motherfuckers who wait until marriage, I admire these people)

Finally he mentions options for pregnancy.
This is fucking brilliant, because up until this point we are pretty much taught that pregnancy is like an STI and you want to avoid it if at all possible.

They really do not push that if you fuck up it is not the end of the world. In fact Im pretty sure they say the opposite.

There is options that people do not know about until they are adults. I did not know until I was in my early 20's that you could actually get the morning after pill at a pharmacy. I thought you had to get one from the hospital.

There is so much out there that is not taught, so many fucking options.

It is not as black and white as they teach you in school, hell nothing is.

I really want to go back and kick most of  my old teachers in the gentiles for doing a god awful job at preparing young people for the real world.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


And also fairly excited for guardians of the galaxy, and days of future past, and expendibles 3, and sherlock holmes 3 and lots of movies this year.

But I am not here to talk about movies, I am here to talk about lesbians.

They are really like a sculptor, a painting a work of art. something to be admired and enjoyed.
and most works of art are fucking usless other than for aesthetics.


I hear that they just dont like men. Thats perfectly fine, I hate women but penis goes in vagina so I guess I have to make due.

Its strange isnt it, how basically your preference for one sex or another may not affect how you have sex?

For example, men who like men, still get anal and oral.

Ive gotten oral and offered anal a few times. (Sorry gents, not my speed)
Kidding aside women often appear down for anal more so than I would have thought.

women who like women, get eaten out and fingered.
Hell they have a few toys that they use as penis substitute so they are literally always getting fucked like a straight female, with 100% more tits.

Doesnt sound half bad actually.

So if people fuck the same way, regardless of what way they swing why does sexuality matter?

Gender matters, women carry baby, men carry seed. There is a biological function for what we look like, besides aesthetics.

I dont know why it would matter, so I dont see why people need to make a big deal about people being gay.

Fucking media (its a basketball player, you know what I am talking about)

In the mean time, here is some required reading for you


next blog post we will be discussing bdingz views on sexual/alcohol eduction (spoiler alert, I totally agree with him)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I can fuck for 2 hours, however I am winded after running 20 minutes


On top of all this, I AM NOT LOSING MY ERECTIONS

Have you ever tried to drive home and you ended up grabbing the wrong stick and you cant figure out why you are still in 4th?



In other news I love my job

Have you ever thought about every time you have had sex?

I have, and I think I must have really sucked at the fuck prior to becoming a pilot.

Which makes sense, because becoming a pilot makes your balls and cock huge.

I think what actually was the problem was that I was not happy with myself, so how could I be expected to make anyone else happy?

The experiences were...meh, the girls were moderately attractive (but interestingly enough shared similar traits)

Then as I became happier with myself and what I was doing I got better at it

then proceeded to probably get worse at it after teaching for a few months but that is a different story.

what is the point you ask?

Simple, satisfy yourself if you want to best satisfy your partner.
YES that includes masturbation, if you cant cum then what makes you think you will be able to later
YES that includes your body, if you are not satisfied with it (then change it) and the happier you are, the better you will be in bed.

So this is why I can fuck forever but I cant run, im not in good shape and I want to change that
and wish it would go quicker and easier, oh well.

However, if you really really care about your partner, find them perfectly attractive and they feel the same way the sex will be better every time, the second you loose your happiness you loose your libido.

unfortunately for me my sex drive is stronger than my motor drive.

god fucking damnit Im going for a run.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lazer Cock and Mega milf

Been a while since you have seen this pair,

no I have not forgotten about them...its just hard working on some sort of origin story for the two but I think I have an idea...

Lazercock - Luke Carter
Mega Milf - Martina Martin

Im thinking Luke Carter can be a computer scientist/robotic specialist who is a little too well endowed (appropriate because any woman who tried his cock would end it fast because they said owed)

Martina Martin (because her parents have a sick fucking sense of humour) would be a a sort of bio chemist

These two have known each other forever and Martina has been blessed with an obnoxiously tight vagina

Funny enough Luke is in love with her, and has only had sex once (but let us not talk about the university graduation just yet)

Basically Luke creates some nanobots to readjust/control the size of his cock so that he may actually get laid.

Martina steals these nano bots so her pussy will loosen the fuck up, and she can stop fingering herself with her goddamned pinky.

And the results are...shall we say less than optimal. Because Luke lacked the knowledge of biology, he accidentally gave his cock the ability to shoot biolumescense...that kinda burns people. Like lazers.

Because of Martinas lack of knowledge of robotics she now commands an army of nanobots which shoot from her pussy.

Seriously, what the fuck.

Anyway, the nanobots tend to eat anything going into her pussy that isnt her...so, yeah she is kinda worse off.

and when lazer cock blows his load, he kinda melts the bitches head off.

So...yeah what the fuck.


seeing as they both are using the same set of nanobots, the nanobots in Martina should not eat Lukes cock, and because the nanobots protect Martina lukes load should not kill her.

Match made in heaven

Except Martina gets even more sexually deprived, and feels that since she cannot loose her virginity, no one else can so she sets out to fuck the world by destroying everything phallic, anything that can be used to pleasure a woman.

she nuduers men until she gets to lazer cock, his penis is impervious to her nanobots, and then the battle begins.

this makes things at work a little awkward, because...Luke had a crush or Martina, and martina tried to kill them and nasa expects both of them to be working on an experimental long range space vessel.

they may or may not destroy the vehicle assembly building when luke corrects something that martina did wrong.


Luke starts noticing that Martina's nanobots are reproducing too quickly (its kinda what gives her her powers) and that they are very likely to explode, killing her perhaps anyone around her, so using his nanobots he injects is whole body, and during a battle with her shrinks himself down and dives into her vagina, fingting (the now giant compared to him) nanobots until he can find the source of the error. Here he sees what she tried to do with the code, and he fixes it, then jumps out of her vagina.

Her nanobots now powerless she surrenders to lazercock and prepares her anus for a fucking like she has never seen, and he uses two fingers to fuck her and she loves it.

He fixed her.

She decides to return the favor and fix the bioluminescence problem and adjusting his cock to be perfect for her.

Credits roll, the end.

At nasa she grabs his ass as a redhead female, with huge fucking tits, explodes through the wall dual wielding rocket launchers. she proclaims to be russian red and she plans to stop this capitalist endeavor. Luke and Martina push buttons on their watch (which apparantly send signals to the nanobots) the nanobots eat off their clothing and cover them in the uniforms, lazerocks being a metallic/chain mail armour with a dick on the front spitting out a rainbow and megamilfs being similar except with an M under another M on the front of hers, their genitles are revealed and lazercock puts his arm around mega milfs waist and with his other hand uses his dick like a lasso and swings towards russian red.


a workable idea for this, now I need to write it...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Double standards fucks sakes

Kind of continuing in the previous rant
I have heard of a company policy where a complaint against a female must be sent in with a similar complaint about a different male seriously what does this accomplish? making guys look like assholes? im doing a good enough job at doing this on my own.

I understand that this is put into place to make sure that girls do not suffer for being females or because males are douches, but what really bugs me is if a complaint needs to be made against a male, there does not. NOT. need one to be made against a female?

What this does is a) encourage mostly female workers
and b) makes it IMPOSSIBLE for complaints to be filed against these workers because guess what? There is no males. A complaint against a female needs a separate complaint against a male to be made, so you have a place of employment filled with women who can fuck up and slack off all they want


I have only heard officially of one company having a policy like this, but it would not surprise me if similar companies had similar policies.

Problem is, Im sure (hell I am really hoping) that most women are not femaniziz, so policies like this are put in place by girls in places of authority as a means to 'empower' women or protect them from male 'opression'


if a PERSON fucks up, fix it. This whole sex bullshit is really irritating me at this point, perhaps it is because I am on the internet and there are girls with (GOTIS) or girls on the internet syndrome, they are kinda like some girls in male dominated fiends. They think that because of where they are, and that they are female they are some sort of 'alpha female'. In some cases this is true, when it comes to my field, at a given level of experience most pilots are not better or worse than others (there is a few exceptions, and for those of you who went to school with me you know of one who is just too damn good. No, Im not as good as he is)

No, no no no, that is NOT how equality works girls. You are PEOPLE, a PERSON, who has the courage to get into that field, trained AS WELL AS EVERY OTHER PERSON

and it is up to you to be better.

It does not just happen because you said so, or you meet certain criteria.

Skill comes with practice, time and experience. Three things that I have seen people think they can do without and things that I have seen people expect others to have skill when they have not had enough practice, time or experience.


who the fuck are the 13 - 23 people who read this shit? Given the fact that my facebook friends are thinning out I must be striking a nerve with some of you...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snowden - the wrong decision

Dear Edward Snowden,

I am writing this letter to you to express my concern with your actions and your current associations. I understand that some time ago you released some compromising data against the United States government.

I am not sure whether to thank you or condemn you.

It must have been hard to betray your coworkers and colleges and perhaps even friends to bring to light things that you though were wrong, things that your country should know.

I hope that you thought that you were doing the right thing, the thing best for the american people. That would make you a hero.

Unless I am wrong and you are some sort of spy, and did this for money, in which case please ignore this letter.

Mr. Snowden my concern is with your current associations. It would seem that a Mr. Vladimir Putin has taken a liking to you, and is even protecting you from prosecution by the United States. Mr. Snowden what you did may have been morally the right thing, however it was illegal. If you love and respect your country at all you should face trial, otherwise you are a hypocrite believing that rules only apply to a select few and not to you. If you expect the government to be accountable for its actions, then you should set an example and be accountable for yours. Mr. Putin is an influential man, but I have a feeling that his companionship is to just get more information out of you. He is not playing nice because he feels like it, he is playing nice because you compromised United States intelligence and he hopes to use your knowledge to gain an edge on the United States if needed.

Please consider what I have said Mr. Snowden, and live well.

-The Generic Asshole


Abortion is a touchy subject.
You have pro lifers who view anyone who wants an abortion to be baby eating maniacs.
You have pro choicers who view anyone who thinks abortions should not happen are blind religious fanatics.

Truth is they are both wrong, and right at the same time. This is kinda similar to gay marriage and the church but we will get to that later.

Pro choicers are typically better about this, what they want is to have the option to abort.

Pro-lifers, you are typically a 'christian' (and for some of you I use the term christian VERY loosely. Like your daughters vaginas)

why is this relevant? Because in the bible God put the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, and had given Adam and Eve a choice. Do what he asked and not eat from the tree, or dont and eat from the tree.

If God had not put the tree there, then there would have been no problems. But God gave humans free will and gave them the choice between right and wrong.

We are Gods little experiment, he wants to see if we can choose the right thing, not out of fear of hell, or desire to get to heaven but just be good because we want to.

Abortion is the exact same thing. Im not going to say what is the right or wrong decision, that is very much based on the individual and the circumstances. So pro-lifers, back the fuck off.

Pro choicers, I am not done with you yet. I understand girls that there is some circumstances where you may want to abort.


Fucking hell, girls it sounds like you are pushing abortions so you can just fuck whoever, whatever and however you want. Condom or not, birth control or not.


Have you noticed that pro lifers are not against condoms, birth control or morning after (appropriately named Plan B. Like a decent lounge in moncton)

but I digress.

Abortions should be treated as an EMERGENCY SURGERY

for example, fetus is unlikely to survive, and continuing the pregnancy risks mother and child
sexual assault. yup, get it aborted.
perhaps plans c, b have failed (c - condom/control, b morning after) so you need to go to plan a - abort



and guess what, abortion was not needed.

I guess the point I am trying to make is, I appreciate girls having the option. But in most cases if people were not dumb-asses and girls were less slutty abortions should not be needed.

So pro lifers, I respect your belief that you think abortions are wrong. You dont need to participate
So pro choicers I respect your belief that its your body and its your decision. Be smart and you should never need an abortion.

Now, fucking gays.

Religions sometimes push the boundaries however if it is their belief that same sex marriages should not happen.


If you cannot do this, then I am afraid that you are going to alienate religions and anyone with half a brain cell who can see you want this to be a one way street.

Wait, I forgot queers dont have any concept of one way streets, hell they use the output only and  A FUCKING PLEASURE CENTRE

all kidding aside, people in a church have made a decision (perhaps poorly and without thinking) but a decision none the less. Like you made a decisions (perhaps poorly and without thinking).

If so many people in the world can respect your choice to pursue being a homosexual, is it so hard to ask for you respect these people back and respect the churches beliefs.

Finally, a little advice about people hunting for jobs,

If your former employer only remembers the one mistake you made and not all of the shit you put yourself through to make the place better. Do not use them as a reference, hell do not even put that you worked there on your resume. Generally speaking this is because you made a rather large mistake.

I have experienced this twice in my life, so I know.

However, if your employer is not able to remember or unwilling to remember anything else you did besides this mistake, they did not respect you or appreciate you as a person or employee.

Simply put, take their names off your resume, take the place of employment off the resume.

You do not need that shit holding you back.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shit be getting serious, yo

That Air Malaysia disappearance is scary. With all the tech thrown into aircraft, GPS, cockpit voice recorders (CVR), flight data recorders (FDR) and emergency locator transmitters (ELT).
Hell, radar and transponders have been around forever
Even with all of this stuff, proper training and screening of pilots it is possible for a plane to just vanish.
Granted, the location that they think the plane is located is a giant fucking ocean. Oceans are not exactly easy for search and rescue efforts

But still, for a time NOBODY had seen the plane, eventually various countries finally piped up and said they may have seen it on their radar but said nothing because they felt it may have been some sort of security risk.


I think they said nothing because it was a commercial airline of course and they did not want to embarrass the pilots by sending up some fighters or making a radio transmission. Then later when they had heard that this particular off course plane had crashed they kept quiet out of guilt.
What if they were able to save that plane by doing their fucking job.

Now, all of this is hear say, and really I am not sure if anyone had seen or heard from this plane before its disappearance.

Popular theories

...yup, that's the one I hear of the most. Aliens. I'm not getting into that one, there is no way to confirm or deny it, although there have been several cases in history of pilots reporting strange objects and strange unexplained disappearances. (Valentick, Moncla, Bermuda triangle, Earhart)

Outside Influence:
Now this could have been some sort of terrorist on the aircraft, but I dont think they got into the cockpit, they perhaps threatened the aircraft with a bomb. Perhaps the plane was strongly influenced by a military aircraft to do what they were told or face being shot down. On top of this, military organizations have the tech and ability to make things just disappear.

Rogue Pilot:
I hate to say it but there have also been incidents where pilots have attempted to take their own lives, I can think of 2 incidents (because they were on mayday). This seems to be the most popular theory by far but I have a hard time buying it, maybe because Im a pilot.

For the last few years every crash I have read hits closer and closer to home, one its the future flight instructor of one of the guys I graduate with and sometimes its a company that a friend of mine works for. I hope that pilots are lucky enough to avoid things that they cant get out of, and good enough to deal with everything else.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is my life and it is ending one day at a time

I feel like I am working alot in the last few months.

I mean ALOT

Like when I get home a night I hardly have enough energy to do anything other than sleep for 8 - 10 hours to wake up and repeat the process.

Im looking forward to summer and my 2 new jobs, one I love the other will keep me active

Unlike McDicks and the highways.

Not that I dont like these places its just they are not as physically active as a contractor, and I feel that is whats causing me to have so little energy

I think I may go for a run before work today and perhaps after so that I will atleast feel like sitting on my ass infront of a computer

and maybe thats it, maybe I dont fee like sitting infront of a computer on my down time since thats what I do at work anyway.

maybe its the fact that this winter has gone on for a few days longer than forcasted and getting people to come to work to cover the needed shifts is difficult

I probably need to get laid as well, really this should be happening once a week minimum to maintain decent sanity more appropriately I need to interact with non coworkers and non pissed off public but as it stands all it is really is occasional texting,

not like anything can be done because the roads are always crap

and thus the circle begins

roads suck so highways need a dispater to work
dispatcher needs trucks to be operated
the public gets angry at the road conditions
that I can do nothing about because we are way understaffed in the off season, and trucks are breaking down left right and center
which means roads get bad
public gets mad....ect ect ect

maybe its the monotony of it all, Ive literally been doing the same shit almost every day for the last 7 months, the month before december it was just mcdonalds

but this is it, the last storm of the season should be my last shift until I get called in next year. Now its just a matter of waiting to get called into my new job or start contracting with my new job and seeing as the weather has been like this lately I am not sure how much work the contracting guys have gotten.

Finally what I think I need is some time off, no flying, no work just to myself to hang out in moncton, play video games get back into exercising just anything that isnt work, probably 2 weeks to get out of this funk and back into the swing of things. Probably to king air ground school shortly after

maybe I will just keep reading my manuals, I think I need to be a little slicker with the plane.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thorsday

On this day, (and seeing as this motherfucker is in the area) I would like to recount an ancient tail of an epic failure of a booty call.

My friend lives in the next town over, my other friend wants a drive to this town to get laid by female.

I figure the two of them go off somewhere to fuck and I drink dr. p at my buddys bitchn bachelor pad.

and what ends up happening is one of our most amusing adventures.

We pick up the chick, shes alright.

Ive fucked worse

But shes a...6 maybe 7. She was always complaining to my buddy about her boyfriend.

Yet she would no break up with him, whatever I did not think much of it.

But based on the conversation we had at my buddies pad (again, a thousand apologizes for brining that female there)

It sounded like she was pregnant. Because in my mind, hell even to this day, a woman at that age is not going to be that comitted to a male for any other reason but I do not remember why

Gents, women aged 18 - 35 (aka young adults) really require little stimulation to cheat, the trick is to apply the correct stimulation.

And if you are smart go for single ones, they are easier. ie: girls in 4th year at a mostly female school.

I had a glorious first year btw

But I have grown sarcastic and cynical in my old age and turns out perhaps the reason was my buddy was giving her the attention and respect that her boyfriend wasnt.


This relates so fucking much to what I see wrong with my buddies relationships

and its not always the guy neglecting the girl or whatever

and I am not sure why this is like it in sexual relationships

I have literally gone weeks, months even without talking to some of my close friends and when we do talk nothing has changed.

Why does it have to change in a relationship, why does one party expect to be contacted every day.

Seriously. Why does this change, for long distance shit its important

but I have literally not seen some of my flight college buddies IN YEARS

and I will say hello if i notice them online, or tease them about a facebook thing or something, but doing that with a girlfriend is a taboo.

Who fucking knows, this sounds like more of a girly thing but its an interesting thing, and perhaps its just between opposite sexes

either that or girls like talking to their friends all the fucking time and not talking doesnt make males respect their friends anyless?

and another thing, when a girl complains to guys about significant others does it mean they want the guy to fix it or replace him?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I guess this is too much

I guess I never answered the question clearly.


There I said it.

Love is not enough, as much as romance and chick flicks would have you believe it is enough it is not.
So the but I love her man excuse is only good if you change it to but I trust her man.

Trust trumps love, why am I friends with my friends? because I fucking trust them, and many of them have been around longer than any girlfriend I have had and probably will ever have because there is trust.

We forgive each other for being fucks because we never violate trust. The big difference is not sexual desire but how we order our priorities.

With friends and family, you value trust then love. With sexual relationships love seems to come before trust.

Mostly because saying the l-bomb is a very easy way to get into womens pants. Let me challenge you gents to something, do not say you love a girl until you trust her 100%, and it would be almost impossible to change that. It does not matter when sex happens, could be before, after, marriage, never I really dont give a fuck but dont tell a girl you love her until you trust her no matter what, hell even wait until after that. Dont be throwing that word around it means more than affection. It should be a combination of trust, respect and in the case of wives and girlfriends lust.

Sarcastic/Comedic uses of the word are exempt from this

Speaking of love I should mention that relationship a few posts back about my buddy and his long distance girlfriend.

Sounds like all they did was hang out and have sex, they are still not official on fb
and to be honest, I dont want to ask him about it because I have a feeling that after my fava beans and liver recipe he may actually start reading this shit.

a) They broke up, and hes depressed as hell over it
b) They didnt break up

if a its pretty fucking obvious why I do not want to bring it up. If b, I certainly hope that both parties are planning on making the effort to communicate more.

But I have a feeling its neither, because hell nobody does the unpleasant thing. Thats why its unpleasant.

But all she needs to do is dart her eyes, talk in a higher pitched adorable sounding voice and get naked and he forgets the whole reason for seeing her.

I have a feeling thats exactly what happened, they were just happy to be together, and I suppose there is nothing wrong with that but did he answer the question what next?

Because of work and shit I am not around him enough to get a feel for if they solved the problem or not

If so I hope he gets in, he is happier with her around and I hope she doesnt fuck it up.
If you read this (which I hope to god you dont)
You may have gotten one of the last decent males on the planet. DONT FUCK IT UP.

Now to community, it had some redemption...then the last episode I turned it off immediately.

Abed is slowly changing and maturing, kinda forced to by another character but the end result of this is an amusing chemistry between them.

Jeff has come back to being the better jeff and duncan is being developed more as a character.


Annie and Hickey had a wonderful on screen time, hopefully this is not taken away by Hickey and another character however I am feeling that Shirley has been put on the back burner this season.

Typically community will have a storying involving 2 characters interacting in a strange manner and the other part of the study group doing something else, then eventually breaking down into pairs.

This season the group is made of
Jeff, Britta, Abed, Shirley, Annie, Duncan, Chang, Hickey and Pelton (on occasion)

They have had amusing guest stars, this season and I wish they could kept them longer but Fillion has that crime comedy show he does all the time...

Do you see the problem though? 9. So there will always be one character who is not involved, this season im seeing a little less of the dean which makes me kind of sad, but it makes sense in a school environment, the principal or dean always seems to be inaccessible and not seen often.

But chang seems to always be off doing his own silly thing, and that works.

And we are still left with an odd number, and I feel Shirley has been shafted this season. Oh well, it looked like this was going to change in an episode.

Infact Jeff calls out shirley manipulating the study group by pretending to be sad and adorable, I was so fucking stoaked.

But it really does not take much to make the girls 'awe'

They are pretty easy to push in a direction if you know how to it seems. The show seemed to be a parody of the hunger games it seems, but I wouldnt relate it to that, but there was a rebellion, and upper class ruling (lead by Shirley it seemed, and a rebellion lead by britta)

surprsie, surprise. It had its moments but I dont remember it being as awesome or funny as the lava world, or the previous one, studies in male gender or some shit like that.

It did not have that much character development from what I saw, and you know what? In typical community fashion THEY ALL PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Maybe this is supposed to be part of the meta humour, lampshading events and what have you.


And the short time we have Shirley and Jeff together they only acknowedge that they both have alot in common and should be better friends but they are not.


I feel that this show is going to go downhill, its becoming less funny which is fine, but it is also not using the characters chemistry as best as they could and the stopped the developing and growing up of the characters it seems.


The big bang theory is a better written show. There I have said it. Community you need to show me better than one awesome and two shit, which is the pattern of episodes that I am seeing.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that lately I may have been going to far

and no, its not by anyone you would think.

They are probably right, normally I (Ian) only attacks the DECISIONS of others, not the person. MARK on the other hang chose to be an asshole and attacked the person.

We signed a contract, I am the devil you are the angel. Do not make me file a grievance on your ass

That being said, there is alot of things I should not have wrote about a month and a half ago (goes to show you how much people read this shit) and Im sorry.

No, im not going to edit it. What has been said has been said. changing the post wont change the fact that I wrote it. I am sorry for attacking the person, it probably wont happen again. Definitly will not happen to the person in question, everyone else however danno, we will see how things go.

Interestingly enough there is several females I know who fall into almost the exact same boat, and I think they all think it is about them.

Which I find fucking hilarious but if it makes you feel any better I was not about you (you know who you are) I think you are truly committed to your significant other (and I lack pics to prove otherwise, so I will go with the assumption that you are)

Monday, March 10, 2014

How much is too much?

So my buddies girlfriend cheated on him.

Surprise, fucking surprise.

He forgave her.

Fuck. Surprise fucking surprise.

I hear alot of bullshit about why people cheat, hell Ive made up some excellent reasons myself. Infact I have posted a list of reason why people cheat...and I dont think I ever posted any remedies for that...should get on that, no matter.

The one I hear the most is the 'l' word.


I love her man


And there is definitely a lack of trust after cheating happens. You cannot love without trust, so to my komrade I ask this

How much do you trust her now?

Are you going to be asking yourself (or me via drunken text messages) if she is being true anytime that you are not around her?

If this does happen, even once break if off man. You will go crazy, you will be a shitty boyfriend and the relationship will go down hill faster. If you cant trust, then dont bother trying.

The problem is at our age (21-29) it really does not take much stimulation for people to cheat, gender aside.

There is alot going on in our lives at this point, a pre life crisis if you will (Tanks brah, you know who you are who coined that term)

Some of us are working on getting out of our parents houses and starting lives of our own, careers, jobs, school new friends and coworkers and relationships.

It is a very difficult, stressful time and sometimes it is too much to handle, so you cheat as a way to get away from your responsibility even for only a short time and just do something you are not supposed to, something irresponsible because you can and you are getting tired of responsibility.

I get that

This is NOT an excuse for going back on a comittment, a promise YOUR WORD AND FUCKING HONOUR AS A HUMAN BEING.

If you are unable to stay committed in a relationship then end it. It is not fair to the other party

However my old man would suggest that unless you are married then there is no incentive to stay committed.



Now, I am not innocent of this crap. Hell at least half my previous relationships I was cheated on, then in turn cheated on several following ones. Its a cycle, and the problem is no one seems to be willing to be the better human being and stop fucking around. All it takes is to not be in a relationship, or if your not happy fix it somehow.

What bugs me now is seeing my friends investing alot into these girls. Now I only hear their side but what I see is the girls not reciprocating this investment, it is like a few of the chicks I have had before who refuse to suck my cock, but expect me to eat them out.


brb, work

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Having an old friend for dinner

Tonight I would like to share with you one of my favourite recipes. This is perfect after a long day at work dealing with crazy clients, a secretary that does not share the same taste as you do and people who just do not understand how you think.
A day where you want to kill those around you and skin them.
Liver and Caramelized Onions, fava beans and a nice Chianti

For the liver you will need

1 1/2 tsp vegetable oil
1 1/4 cup sliced onions (about 3)
1/4 bay leaf
1/8 tsp granulated sugar
1/8 tsp dried sage
1/8 tsp salt
1 tbsp 
1 1/2 tsp butter
1 tbsp all-purpose flour
1/8 tsp pepper
1/4 lb liver

For the fava beans you will need

Water (boiled and tap)
1lb of fresh fava beans in pod
1/2 tbsp of butter
1/2 tsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
freshly ground peper

Start with shelling the beans  from the fava pods.

Then for the liver in large skillet, heat oil over medium-low heat; cook onions, bay leaf, sugar, sage and pinch of the salt, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes or until caramelized and reduced to about 1 cup (250 mL). 

While you wait for the onions you continue the fava beans

In a large saucepan bring water to a boil and add salt. You will want to make your water like seawater very salty.

In a bowl combine tap water and ice and set aside. Do not forget to check on your onions.

Add the shelled fava beans to the boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Remove them and immediately plunge into the ice water to stop cooking.  Let the beans cool and peel the outter skin from them.
Over medium heat in a skillet melt together the butter and oilive oil

Add the garlic and saute for 2 minute

Add the peels fava beans and saute for 5 to 7 minutes.

Your onions should be nearing completeion

Stir in wine; cook, scraping up bottom, for 1 minute or until absorbed. Discard bay leaf. Transfer to bowl; keep warm. I reccmond Pasqua Villa Borghetti Valpolicella Classic from Veneto Italy. I find that a red wine clashes less with the taste of liver where a white wine makes it too fruity and sweet. This is dinner, not a dessert.

Wipe out skillet; melt butter over medium-high heat. Combine flour, pepper and remaining salt. Dredge liver in flour mixture to coat, shaking off excess; cook, in batches if necessary and turning once, for 2 to 4 minutes or until browned yet still slightly pink inside. Transfer to plate; cover with onions.

For those of you who get the refernce, good on you. KAS this is for you.

I pulled the recipe for the liver from here:

and the fava beans from here:


Did you know that for a time I was almost called DJ Rebound?

Probably because at the time my taste in women was still GOD FUCKING AWFUL

Anyway rebounds are important. Not just rebound fucks just going out and proving that you are still desirable to what you desire.

Does not have to be sex, it could just be a few successful dates

Does not have to be long term, could be only a few times.


This is more important for men then women I will say because women seem to be attracted to confidence. And women lacking confidence tend to have an 'easy mark' target on them which does not usually help with the cycle of bad relationships.

Perhaps there would be less shitty relationships if people had more rebounds. That way they know they still have it and they know where the wrong happened and its not repeated, otherwise without a rebound people just pine for the one they lost.

Its over, get over it.

Now for those of you who end a relationship to begin it again, fine.

You still need a rebound in there, even if its the same woman. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH CONFIDENCE IS FUCKING ESSENTIAL IN A RELATIONSHIP

Now, time for the cunts not knowing when to shut the fuck up (aka vagina dialogues)

Surprising (to me) it was not that bad and didnt make me hate women more.

I feel that some of the topics are very dated, and alot of the topics are feminist bullshit.

You know, women basically being the source of all their problems but blaming men.

What I mean by that is they dont make a problem, they create an illusion to themselves that there is a problem, you see it with feminist all the time. They are constantly on the defensive when they dont need to be resulting in people thinking they are crazy.

It really is like bible thumpers, people who just spout a belief without questioning why they believe, what they believe and what it all means.

But that has very little to do with the vagina monologues, because it really only came up...maybe once. The idea of the vagina monologues is to get women to be comfortable with their vagina and themselves. It is supposed to be empowering, and it doesnt do a half bad job at it. Some of the topics are a little dated at this point, but a woman should watch the vagina monologues and come out saying I am woman, I have vagina and this is okay.

...what is really concerning though is the fact that they needed to be told this.

Dont get me started on the transgender things, I had friends who changed gender and are now no longer my friend because they person they were is gone, they have changed physically and mentally. I dont know anything about who they are now.

one final thought

"I thought women did not like being thought of only as reproductive organs?" - LAR

They usually dont lar, but dont say that around the vagina monologues, or else it may become feministic and turn something not bad into shit.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Girls for real this time


You remember my second last blog about feminazis, well I have more fodder for fuel for feminists.

My buddies relationships are in an...awkward place right now, and they aptly called it a pre-life crisis.

I am in a similar spot, where you dont know where you are going to go, or how you are going to do but you know what you are going to do.

And for these gentlemen, their female companionship is kinda important to this plan.

Like they think they will be less happy without them. Go figure.

I have your back gents, and I promised not to mention these to those soggy vaginas you call girlfriends


I will rant about it here, because frankly it pisses me off and its not fair to you.

We will go with the lessor of the evils first.

Girls. If you want to go out, and not be around your boyfriend just fucking tell us. Do not lie to us, because what if

Now imagine this, and stay with me.

Your boyfriend is out at a bar with his buddies (like he said he was going to do) and you show up and avoid eye contact with him.

Now what if he goes up to the bar where you are at, does the boyfriendy things and comes back to his buddies and says

"I think she is mad that she got caught"


Are you that fucking STUPID.

All you had to do was send him a text "im going out with my girls to duckys, have a good night"

the phrase 'my girls' triggers something in the male mind: chick night, she doesnt want me around

And then the indication that I got from this was you were not happy to see him, and then you both proceeded to not talk to eachother again the whole night.

You, cunt, are a buzzkill. Perhaps that is why the night went downhill for him after that.

NOW onto the other one. Im pretty sure she doesnt read this blog. I am going to be bluntly, unapologetically, hostile and hateful.

You have been warned.

You can still turn back.

Maybe I wont be such a dick, but if she reads this she may get upset because this is not Ian, this is not satire this is pure rage and what a dumb fucking cunt I think you are being.

Last chance.

Seriously, stop.

Fine, here we go.

I understand that long distance relationships are tough. To my friend I seriously understand how it feels to wake up and not have the will to live more than you know. Thankfully for different reasons however.

I have been in a spot where I do not put forth enough effort into relationships, and they end poorly. This is my fault, but girls, I am a pilot first and that is probably going to come first forever. We pilots are a rare breed, this isnt a job for us its a passion.

Girl, I understand that you are putting alot of effort into what you are doing, its taking up alot of your time. If you are unable to make time for your boyfriend then you are doing it wrong. You seriously need to get some time management skills.


You will loose your mind if all you do is work,

but Im not convinced that you are doing work. Someone does not deactivate facebook because its a distraction. Someone deactivated facebook to avoid dealing with someone or something.

If you do no have the strength of will to resit distraction when you work, then get the fuck out of your field and back to the kitchen.

I think you fucked up, and you are trying to keep it on the down low until you can figure out a way to deal with it.

While at the same time you are driving the man you 'love' to depression and insanity.

You do not even make an effort to communicate with him.

In my experience (and trust me I have way more than you do young lady)

When I dont communicate with someone, its because I dont want to talk to them

Probably because I fucked up and I do not want to deal with something.










I do care about my buddy. You need to make it clear what you expect from this relationship.


The way it was explained to me

you would still be boyfriend/girlfriend
however you could fuck who you want
no attachments
and no communication


You fucked up.

Im not saying you cheated on him or not. Im saying you fucked up, you fucked up with him.

If you thought things were not going to work, you should have ended it a long time ago, that way when you are through your childish pre life crisis whore bullshit you would have the option to make a life with him.

NOW, the way things are going you guys are going to break up, he is going to try and make it clean and have no hatred but I suspect that will not work.


AND by being a woman you expect the man to be committed to you, communicate with you ect




If I am not putting forth an effort you were bad in bed, boring, or Im just not interested that way.



It will not be clean, it will not be pleasant and it has gone on for far too long. BOTH OF YOU

Think about how you want this relationship to progress, and when you decide to break up

a) stay broken up. I fucking hate this on again off again bullshit

b) do not dive into a relationship immediately after. SEX ONLY

c) if you decide to get back together after such time as I am convinced that you are not a slut, I will not talk my buddy out of it.

I cant believe how pissed off I am at this. I have seen it before from both sides, the neglector and neglected. It does not need to happen this way. I wish I never did it, stuff like that is the reason I am the way I am and trust me you do not want to be like me.