Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who is telling the truth?

Nobody. Everyone lies, everyone is selfish.

If you proceed with these assumptions then you should never be surprised by anyones actions.
Now let us apply this on a larger scale, countries and the media.

Many would say mainstream media doesnt tell the truth.
Well no fucking shit, everyone lies and is selfish. Mainstream media will tell a story which benefits their cause the most.

Media that opposes mainstream media is the same thing, they will tell a story that benefits their cause the most.

What really pisses me off is people who do not think or form their own opinions on either.

Syria for example:

Where is the truth. Chemical weapons were used, people died.

Thats all I think is the truth, mainstream media would have you believe that the syrian government did it.
People opposing mainstream media would have you believe that the american backed rebels did it.

Because the cool thing these days is to hate the united states of america.

Ever consider that both stories may be correct, or incorrect?

What I hate most is the people who blindly follow those opposing mainstream media without questioning it, because these people would not try to manipulate a story to support their objective.


They WILL manipulate stories, tell you what they think you want to hear, wrap it in some nice anti american and conspiracy and convince you taht in supporting them you are uncovering the true evil.

On the other hand mainstream media will also tell you what you want to hear, wrap it up in some the bad guys are evil and have you support them.

So, who do you support.


Support the decisions he makes and by extension the decisions his government makes.

If you did not vote, then you should shut the fuck up. You never voiced your opinion when it mattered, therefore your opinion does no matter now.

I do not agree at all with most of my prime ministers decisions, however he is my prime minister. Canada is my country, and if need be I will defend this place because it is home and there are lots of fucking awesome people here.

People who cannot do this, kindly get the fuck out. Quit taking advantage of what you are being given and join the rebellion you know so much about because you watched a few youtube videos.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Honestly, I hate this word. It has no purpose other than to indicate that you are with a woman who you do not wish to cheat on, and it must be proclaimed to the world.

It is an old term, one I feel that is slowly disappearing. Good riddance.

I see more and more people be in relationships, happy, successful relationships and do not claim the other as their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Perhaps people are realizing that people are no longer possessions. If you wish to make this possession thing a term of endearment. You are Theirs. They are not yours. You give yourself to them, you do not take them for yourself.

Amazing how switching around a few words completely changes the meaning of some things.

If people were to say I am their boyfriend/girlfriend and not they are my boyfriend/girlfriend then I would have less of an issue with this.

To me it looks like it is used as a way to convince others that the relationship is happening and working. Perhaps even used to convince the people in the relationship.

Let me tell you a secret guys, your relationship should not be public UNTIL YOU ARE DECLARED HUSBAND AND WIFE.

Fiance has a place in this world, you are planning on marrying this person and therefore planning on spending your lives together. Thats pretty important.

Husband and Wife are important (besides being LEGAL terms)

It seems to me that the gay marriage people seem to forget about this. THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE IS A HUSBAND AND WIFE.

I have no problem with gay marriage (only transgender who cant make up their damn minds) However the definition of marriage needs to change FOR IT TO BE LEGALLY RECOGNIZED.

Its not that people dont want it, its just there is miles and miles of red tape that needs to be cut through in order for it to work.

For example
Marriage is the union of a man (husband) and woman (wife) or of a woman () and a woman or of a man and a man.

What is the title we give to gay men and women in marriage. Because that is what husband and wife is
A title, rank, promotion to show that you have progressed in your relationship to the next and hopefully final level.

Perhaps we could do away with the titles, and proclaim people man and woman. Because you would not truly be an adult until you have taken such a vow so publicly and made it happen. I have heard the proclamation of man and wife at weddings.

These titles are important, but what of the girlfriend.
She is the one that I plan on making my fiance someday maybe if I feel like it?

Thats a fucking bullshit title. However it is what a girlfriend is. All the fun of a wife with none of the responsibility. As soon as it gets hard or not fun, you can get out of there and no one will think any less of you. (Especially if you are not the one doing the breaking up)

She is the only one I am having premarital sex with until such a time as we decide to have premarital sex with others.

Yeah, a real fucking nice title. Once upon a time it may have meant something different, but that doesnt matter anymore. It is almost becoming an insult, actually perhaps a better use of it would be very close male or female friends.

It does not need to imply a sexually intimate (or potentially sexually intimate) relationship. And is basically used to identify girls you will not be fucking (lord knows in high school this was more accurate of a girlfriend)

and perhaps a final point in why girlfriend/boyfriend should not be used as titles. You have not earned them. I suppose there are some who use them, then make good on them and become husband and wife.

But there is nothing to loose from a girlfriend or boyfriend, neither party is risking enough to justify the use of a title. There doesnt need to be legal ramifications, no pubic display. Only sex, fun and enjoying each others company, and if it ends you find a replacement.

That isnt worth a title. And dont get me started on living with a girlfriend or boyfriend before marriage...That will come another time.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fucking old people

Off the topic of women and relationships, I have one simple question.


Oh my god, the wealth on knowledge and experience that must reside in the dimential infested heads of the old.

Back in my day this, it used to be like that, things were better cheaper blah blah blah nostalgia.

Thats great sir, so why dont you tell me some of what you know, I am genuinely interested.



Oh my god. they say that young people dont want to learn or listen.



For example, my boss. An old guy, hires me to be a laborer, I dont know anything about what I am doing but he said in the job add all you need is some enthusiasm, willingness to work hard and learn. And I showed up with these two things.

This fucking prick cannot be bothered to teach me anything, show me what to do or tell me what he wants done correctly. He will give me a task, I will do the task but when I am finished

Its wrong, do it again.


I like the work, its very physical, I can vent steam and Im outside but surprise surprise
my boss is a fucking idiot. I should be used to this shit by now. Everyone has a boss who is an idiot.

But bosses are not the problem, its old people. Yes they have knowledge and experience and say that they are willing to share this to anyone who would listen.


They cant be bothered, worst of all people seem to forget one thing. OLD PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE TOO.

There will be idiots, liars, people who know nothing, people who think they know everything.

Experience is useful, however the best way to gain it is by doing. What these people have to offer you may be less than what you want. If it turns out to be a bit of a hassle, dont waste your time. Find someone else willing to talk and teach.

This is not a good thing. This is how world wars will happen, because these men and women are not adequately passing on the misery that was those conflicts. Vets are dieing, people seem to be celebrating remembrance day is fewer number and taking advantage of the long weekend it provides.

Those conflicts will be forgotten, in my life time, and unfortunately probably repeated.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everything I do is an experiment

Especially with women. Take for example this bitch.
She likes me (some are so easy to deceive) and wants to fuck me, but wont fuck me because of some misplaced morale obligation.

No matter, this provides an opportunity for an interesting social experiment: How long can she go without texting me.

Answer: About 3 days. She texted me at midnight no less.
Yeah you dont just text someone who you want/wanted to fuck at midnight for a conversation or support. Like it or not you want my cawk.

We actually had a wonderful conversation, I may keep in touch with her. I get the feeling that her pussy is tight as hell and she can suck the chrome of a exhaust pipe. Besides that she is fun to be around, perhaps I should move her to my painfully short list of women who I would feel bad fucking because I actually respect them.

Moving on, and speaking of texting why is it people dont want to text someone else first

This is going with the assumption that one or both parties want to fuck the living shit out of each other

Here is why, if a guy texts first he is worried that he will come across as being a stalker like person or creepy and if the girl text first she is worried she will come across as clingy.

Pretty fucking simple, however this is never the case. You only give your phone number to someone you want to contact you so when you receive a text, its a good fucking feeling. Remember that.

If the person does not immediately get back to you, people are not always looking at their phone/busy

Either that or they dont really want to talk to you.

Nobody calls any more, I almost miss the days where I would talk to a 'girlfriend' on the phone for hours about nothing. Receiving a call usually means something important or the person really likes you. (does not have to be sexually...Bush. You fucking queer)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I give up

I just watched my friend get married, him and his now wife have (hopefully) fucked each others brains out.

They were both virgins, they got married to the first person they have sex with and hopfully the last and only person they will have sex with.

Thats pretty fucking special, how many people can say that these days that they have only ever made love to the only person they have loved?

For me and people like me the fact that we have had sex with others before seems to make marriage less special now, more so just signing of a legal document saying that you will not cheat (or get caught cheating) until one of you die or you get a divorce.

I can not even say that marriage is special for the raising of children, I know plently of unmarried couples with children and single parents with children and they all seem to be doing a pretty good job at it.

So the person I marry will be the last person I have sex with hopefully

Do you know who else may be the last person I have sex with? THE LAST PERSON I FUCKED.

Marriage isnt going to be special for me or people like me, that fucking sucks.

Brings up another interesting point: all relationships, courtships are for the purpose of marriage.

The dates, the kissing, the flirting is all to impress a girl enough so that she will agree to marry you someday.
But marriage is pointless, so this kissing, flirting is also pointless.

Relationships are now pointless.

Im beginning to see why premarital sex is an awful idea. What it has come down to is any relationship I start with a girl will not be as special as it should be, and be pointless because marriage is pointless.

Marriage is just a party with the people you care about.

You can organize that shit any weekend for a fraction of the cost.

So it means the pursuit of women has become something for lust and sex. Thats it.
Thats pretty fucking awful, for everyone involved.

Moving on:

The guys who go nuts and shoot up schools, seems alot of people agree that this should be treated as mental illness.

I agree, perhaps if they recieved the help they needed they would have been better

So why dont we treat cross dressers, transsexuals or girls who think they are guys and vice versa the same way?

Thats not mental Illness you say? allow me to make my points.


Im saying that people who change their gender have a mental illness

1) They feel like a girl in a guys body or vice versa...sounds almost like schizophrenia to me
2) They are not happy with the way they are so they change it...sounds almost like depression to me

So its okay for when its a criminal because he is killing people (makes sense)
however for someone who wishes to change their gender we just indulge them? are you fucking kidding me?


So, with regards to these people who wish to bend their gender do we give into what they want or try and treat what may be wrong with them.

Now, Im sure there are tonnes of people who say you should not be identified by gender.

Bullshit, women look more esthetically pleasing, have tits and better asses then men.
They have different shapes, and feel to their skin, different clothes and hair lengths.


it is part of who you are, it shapes your personality and if one day you feel like that it has been wrong your whole life


you should not be judged by your gender, even if you wish to change it.

For me personally, changing someones gender isnt going to fix their problem. They are not happy and when people are not happy they have an uncanny way of finding new ways to not be happy.