Saturday, May 18, 2013

Psyche of Anonymous

Let me get this out of the way. I follow the rules of the internet more or less.
So if you dont know what site I'm talking about, clearly you dont go on the fucking internet because its fucking everywhere now.

9Gaga, Reddit...all those 'funny' fail sites are the bastard anus offspring of one site.
These new sites exist because someone when to the source, filed out the shit and left the funny and posted it elsewhere. Actually not a half bad plan.

Problem is these inside jokes started to slowly invade real life (I dated a meme spamming robot with large tits. Kinda fun in bed, stupidly clingly and not fun otherwise)

In hindsight I think I would have enjoyed her more if I was just her friend and we played video games together.

That is beside the point, why must all this internet stuff be flooding into mainstream media. Fuck the internet is a place where I go to get away from reality, now reality is becoming the internet and I have no place to go to get away from anything, this is fucking crazy.

There is TV shows about fail videos, someone thinks they can make money off an internet thing that is not on the internet.

Oh MTV, you never disappoint.

Now its also fucking TLC, TLC used to have quality shows. Now its things like gypsies being slutty, an overweight family using their daughter as a barbie, a bunch of rednecks.

What do all these things have in common? They are stupid people with far too much money and time on their hands.

Hell you dont film that shit, those things are inside jokes you tell among friends not to the whole fucking world.

The internet has become a place to announce every single fucking detail of everyone single fucking persons fucking stupid assed day.


Some are funny, most are fucking stupid.

The world has basically become this website. Thank you summerfags for ruining the internet and real life by making them that one particular board. All the fucking time.

Now what of this psyche? Being anonymous. Simple, people do not know discreteness or tact any more (since they just announce anything, think it is funny and think they will make millions from youtube) 

I discussed that young woman being raped then killing herself. This is a prime example of this, people just do whatever the fuck they want, say what they want and on the internet there is no consequences (the consequences in this case really should not be the same)

Now, I am not for regulation of the internet. For every computer there would need to be a computer to spy on it. Half the population of the internet would need to be splying or policing the other half of the internet. There is no way that there could be the resources to make this happen so how do we regulate the internet?

How about fucking disciplining the fucking children?

I feel that many people my age (and maybe younger, definitly older) who are on the internet generally speaking are not the problem. The problem appears to be 12-20 year olds because lets face it, they cannot be fucked to find anything better to do, more marriages are failing, parenting is becoming worse.

What happened to society? Oh right...the internet.

Now when I was young, digital life and real life were separate. Online I am an ace pilot, super soldier and brilliant general. In real life I am not these things.

So why does anon behave the way it does? The answer is simple really.

They are bored, they cannot find anything to do in real life, and nothing to do online. So they will do whatever they feel could be amusing. It is a hive mind driven by boredom and pornography. If they are bored enough or they like whatever porn is presented to them enough they will do anything. This can be funny or bulliing, good or evil.

Anon are not hactivists, they are not vigilantes. They are just a bunch of people being bored as fuck. Lets face it, this generation has nothing to live for or fight for. Nothing hopeful. My father had space exploration, my grandparents had the world wars. This generation has terrorist attacks, fake half wars against an unseen enemy and the internet.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

RAM, Cheating and Pornstars

So...random access memories is out the 17 in austrailia...fack, oh well Ill have to wait until monday.

Now let us discuss this cheating thing...why the fuck do people do it? I know in my case my girlfriend was being really fucking clingy and pissing me the fuck off, so I had sex with a more attractive female to vent some steam.

Yes, I am a terrible fucking person.

But that aside, why do decent people cheat in relationships? I think they cheat in relationships for the same reason they cheat in video games.

1) They are bored, and want to do something they would not normally do.
Make yourself invincible and have infinite ammo. You could literally just walk around and shoot things terminator style, disregarding how they would normally play. Or in the case of relationships, fuck another individual disregarding their previous commitments.

2) Things are difficult or overwhelming
In a video game perhaps you are low on health or bullets, or are facing way too many bad guys. So just cheat to get through the hard part and continue on with the game. In a relationship (marriage in this case) this would usually be a financial reason. But sometimes everything becomes more difficult and you just want to get through it without putting in effort so you cheat which leads me to point #3

3) They want to do something easy
Cheating is all about sex, and sometimes you just need to get your rocks off. Find someone who is DTF and fucking do it. In a video game, hell sometimes I dont want to play this level, cheat and skip it or whatever.

What it really comes down to is boredom and difficulty  If a relationship becomes too boring or to difficult instead of ending it, people will just get through these times by fucking around.


This is just me, trying to figure out why the decent women I meet (but dont have a relationship with)
yes fuck off, I was beta as fuck during highschool. My friends from post secondary would have just fucking loved me then.

I have met awesome, decent and fucking beautiful women. Their boyfriends cheat on them, I have met badass guys, their girlfriends cheat on them

I am not sure what the relationship was like, but it doesnt matter. They did not deserve for that to happen.

For those of you who bother to read this shit and are in a relationship remember this.

It will be hard, there is no getting around that. However if you get through the difficult parts I would imagine the long term rewards are worth it.

If it gets boring try to change that.
There is more than one place to fuck.
There is more things to do.

Go and fucking find them.

Now, the psyche of pornstars. Why did they get into the industry? I believe I have mentioned that they all must have issues, probably daddy issues since that seems to be a popular one among females today.

What really made them decide to go into porn for a living? Perhaps some of them like it. There is more fucked up fetishes, like wanting to have sex with a woman who is much taller than you.

It is a fact that generally most people would love the idea of multiple partners. It is like sex squared, where as sex alot with one person is sex multiplied.

Multiple partners = exponential sex
Single partner multiple times = linear sex

both are growing, but multiple partners grows faster until it hits a barrier where a single partner grows slower forever. The growth is the sexual satisfaction.

That aside, so perhaps they like it. That a little weird, but once again there is more fucked up fetishes. Like car sex.

But not all of them could like it, it may just be a job for them. So why?

Which then gets to the real important question

What were pornstars like in highschool?

You cant say that you would not love to have gone to fucking highschool with Lisa Ann?

What were they like? Were they what they are now, or were they not confident with themselves? Were they beautiful women that no one chased after for one reason or another? Was there a trauma?

Let me cite the example of gigi riveria. She was a pornstar, and was living with charlie sheen...then that whole fiasco happened and her real name was revealed to the public. She apparantly did not tell her friends or family she was a porn star and she promptly retired.

She was fucking young, like 18-20 years old I think.

What the hell? Why did you get into porn, then not tell anyone?

Was she attractive - yes, she had that whole innocent schoolgirl look to her
She didnt tell anyone, she was afraid that they would not approve with her decision which shows
she values the opinion of her friends and family.
Typical of a daddys girl.

So I would assume that she got into porn to just fuck alot of people. she liked the attention (also a trait of a daddys girl)

High level attention whore...seems reason enough to get into porn. But she is not interesting, because she is young so trying to figure out what she was like in highschool (2 years ago) probably isnt that hard.

The milfs, the peter north the ron jeremy what were these people like and why did they do this? (other than the fact that mr north and mr jeremy can suck their own cocks)

Monday, May 13, 2013

p fucking s

Random Access Memories out on friday and Star trek into darkness also out on friday.
I am going to a city with whoever wants to see this movie with me.
Getting that CD
Buying 2 star trek hero clix ships (I was having so much luck with those until recently and boom, the last 4 were ships I already had. FACK)
Then watching that goddamned movie and fapping vigorously

To my friend who took issue with my blog and his lovely lady friend.
you guys never were like that towards me, once again for the record, but I could see how the others saw it their way.

Im usually right

allright, I was working on that last one for a few days...moving on to this.

People are having some issues with some of the shit I say here, it upsets them
Mission accomplished

It doesnt make them angry, It doesnt make them want to prove me wrong it just bugs them like I have got under their skin.

I have received on complain as such today, which sucks because it is from my friends girlfriend, you know the two that are inseparable, passively aggressively say things, talk through each other and have an ulterior motive(it seems) when they talk to you.

Turns out that upset him, she didnt even try to prove it wrong it just bugged him. Guess I must be right but it doesnt make me any better for it. Let me be a bit more clear about it.

This was never directed at me personally, but after it was mentioned by several of our mutual friends I saw it.
I am promising not to use names, I also said I would stay out of this shit but maim, you did say to me that you wanted to use me as a buffer between yourself and your boyfriends roommates. So fuck it, let me be the middle man and clear this shit up.

Your roomates were bugged, it seemed that your girlfriend was incapable of doing anything without you touching her or being within 1 meter, and they had a point.


that aside, what irritated them about this was they were unable to just talk to you about things without her gettting in the way or demanding your attention every 5 minutes.

Should they have said something sooner? Fuck yes. Should I? Fuck no, I dont live there and you guys dont really piss me off

I asked about you one day maim when you were quite upset and in the bathroom, contray to popular belief I give quite a few fucks about my friends and their opinions about me, Id like them to be positive and or funny.

Towards the end of your time living together they complained to me that you only spoke with them if you needed a favor, and you never just talked for the sake of talking or hung out for the sake of hanging out.

Once again, you never directed this at me, we just hung out and talked for the sake of hanging out and talking.

I am not sure what the problem is, perhaps it is the girlfriends lack of socialness. But honnestly if she doesnt feel like going out and dealing with that hipster filled hell hole claiming to be a university, I dont fucking blame her.

Perhaps friends should never move in together, its better to be roomates first, then friends later.

I will stand by that statement, and its nothing against (most) of my friends, but most of you guys I would not live with. There are some exceptions
My old first year roomate, we are decent friends now and Id live with him. I know what to expect.
My oldest friend I think we could live quite well together
My former wingman for DJing/tactical officer in my crew I would if you didnt smoke so much weed
My neighbour in res - same as above
My naked environmental science major friend - I would, I still feel quite terrible about using lysol as mace on you and wish we were monkeys and it was socially acceptable for me to give you a blow job as compensation.

...fuck this list goes on...I guess I could easily justify living with just about all my friends with a few exceptions.

my gay friend- you are awesome, but I feel that my opinions differ from yours and I will very often say something that upsets you greatly you just dont show it or go to your room for a minute. No offence bro, but we would be miserable together.

and any females, Im not fucking liviing with you. you piss blood, peroid shit, leave your underwear in strange places and unless you are fucking me you will be nothing more than a cock tease.

Point being
you should not live with your friends, you like your friends because you hang out with them and hanging out with them for all the time seems like a good idea but I feel that in practice it generally wont work and can ruin friendships. Dont live with your friends, live with roomates and if you become friends eventually fucking great, but let it happen that way.


I am going to use Lucifer and Satan interchangeably here. I cant seem to find a good answer about them being the same being or not and I am fond of the idea that Satan was Lucifer, after he fell he took on a different name. So to make things easy, before he was cast from heaven he was Lucifer, and after he was Satan.

Christians have it wrong.
The battle vs evil should be treated as such, a battle. Therefore know your enemy better than they know themselves, so let us discuss this idea of evil.

Why is it easier to be bad? What really was going through the mind of Lucifer and Judas,perhaps they are not evil for evils sake. Simple answer: fuck no.

The long answer:
This goes back to way before the bible, it goes to an event mentioned in the bible, the civil war in heaven where about 1/3 of the angels rebelled from god and followed an angel known as Lucifer.

Before we talk about that, let us talk about Lucifer.

Lucifer was Gods greatest creation, perfect in form and filled with all the wisdom of the universe. This much we know for sure, now here is where I will speculate.

What if Lucifer loved God for giving him this look and knowledge? What if Lucifer was a extreme, die hard fanboy for God. If this is the case then Lucifer asking for God's power was not to become more powerful than God, it was possibly to give the same gifts he was given to others.

God said no, because others were not ready for such knowledge and Lucifer was not ready for such power.

Lucifer, feeling betrayed and hurt by his creator, the being he wanted to be exactly like and he loved most in the universe had said no to him. This broke Lucifer and his love and obsession with God quickly turned into hate (as it can so easily). Lucifer then began speaking against God to the angels, and some of them believed what he had to say.

This is the beginning of the Angelic Civil War. 1/3 of the angels following Lucifer, the remaining angels probably following the archangel Michael. Id imagine that such conflict brought destruction and death. At the end of it Lucifer and his remaining followers were cast out of Heaven and fell to Earth. The remaining angels in heaven then perhaps went through a change, it is said that angels, one committed to a course of action must see it through to the end, perhaps this is a curse brought about by the need to destroy their brethren.

Having been rejected by his creator, many of his friends and family Lucifer rejects his old name and adopts a new one: Satan. He and his followers wander the Earth for a time, attempting to tempt and destroy God's most precious creation: Human Beings. Satan then creates hell, a place for humans to go when the Earth had rejected their body and Heaven rejected their soul.

Satan does all this because God hurt him and rejected him and at the time he did not know why. I would expect that he knows now, but as an angel or as a curse of having to kill other angels he is now committed on his course to tempt and destroy the souls of man.

Why do I think this? Simple, it is so easy to be evil. Perhaps this is because at the very core of the first evil and betrayal in the universe, the action was not of malevolence but innocent, naive love. It is easy to be evil and bad not because being good is a test, but evil was love once and was perverted to what it is now.

Lucifer loved God, and asked for his power to spread this love and knowledge to everyone he could find, but God rejected him fearing that it could be dangerous. Seems to me as if it went that way anyway.

Now let us talk about Judas, there is a book of Judas which describes Jesus asking Judas to betray him to make the prophecy come true. Seems that many Christians do not like this idea because the prophecy needs to come true because of Divine intervention, not the work of man.


God cares, but God is not an active player in the world, he has given us everything we need in order to succeed. He is there to help when needed but he wants to see us overcome things and become great. Why is it so hard to apply this same principle to Jesus? Jesus is the son of God, and he came to Earth with a mission. It was up to him to make this happen, so what if he asked Judas to betray him, or what if God told Judas to do it? Christians: YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING THANKING JUDAS, WITHOUT HIM YOUR LITTLE RELIGION WOULD BE NOTHING MORE THAN A SILLY CULT, LIKE THE MORMONS.

Judas is viewed as being a betrayer to Jesus. Yes. Jesus had to sacrifice his life for our sins. Yes.
Judas sacrificed his best friend and his soul. How fucking heart breaking must that be? To rot in hell, next to Lucifer. Both beings betrayed the people they loved the most in order to make God's plan work. These beings have nothing left other than to cause misery. I am not saying they are good, but they were good once. They sacrificed everything so that we may go to heaven, and because of this sacrifice they lost their goodness and their soul.

Evil is love, and loss. At its core, it is that high school crush you never spoke to. That beautiful woman at the bar who winked at you. The co-worker who was into you and you never asked out. It is love that is never recognised or acted upon and as a result it is lonely and miserable.

This is the nature of evil, this is what we should be teaching people so that they can better fight it. God will help us, but God wants us to win without his help, he wants to see his most precious creation achieve great things.

Yeah I know this was a little different than my usual blog, its filled with correct spelling and punctuation and almost proper tabulation, with minimal swearing. Dont worry, I'll be back to my fucking, caps, barely coherent bullshit soon enough.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


also Iron man 3 was awesome, go watch it

There exists a list

And every man should have this list.

It is the list of women who he can fuck, arrange it however you want by attractiveness, by difficulty whatever.

Then there is the list of women who you want to fuck, once again arrange it however you desire.

And what you should do is get the women on the want to fuck list onto the could fuck list.

Then systematically go through the can fuck list until you find a female which meets your minimum physical attractiveness standard, minimum fuckability standard and you like.

At this point you can do a few things

a) you could continue with your could fuck list but not add anyone new from your want to fuck list
you dont need to put any new girls on you could fuck list from your want to fuck list, but continue through the list to get a better evaluation of the women you have decided on

2) you could continue as you were, putting women on the want to fuck list, then moving them to the could fuck list then removing them from the list as you fuck them

2) a - you could do 2 and create a 3rd list of suitable mates

iii) you could stop with both lists, start dating the bitch and be happy

Now, how to evaluate the fuckability of women

it depends on how attractive you find her and she finds you.
for example: if you dont find her that attractive, and she does not find you that attractive sex will be short, passionless.

If you find her more attractive than she finds you then you will have a blast, she will not resulting in a short relationship with her probably cheating on you (or vice versa)

if you find her attractive and she finds you attractive then sex will be great (as will the relationship)

and how you find someone attractive is your business.

Enough of that shit, for those of you in relationships (good luck)

Telltale signs that a woman will cheat on you

1) If she says things like "I dont think I could go that long without seeing you"

Fucking mayday mayday.

No, this is not a sweet, I will miss you kinda thing. I will miss you is sweet, honnest. That basically is saying that she is afraid (and with good reason) that she will find someone else if you are not around constantly.

2) She tends to make decisions based on what she wants to do now, and not what needs to get done later

Point 1 - this indicates that she either doesnt think about the future or consequences or doesnt care. Both are bad

Point 2 - she has the wrong priories, is not responsible and ultimately childish

3) She is clingy - clingers cheat, then usually blame you. Dont ask me why, it just fucking happens this way

4) She accuses you of cheating for no reason at all - probably hiding something, fucking women

5) If you cheat on her, shes going to cheat on you

Now...finally for those brave enough to venture into relationships with women be warned: they get stupid shit in their crazy heads, they start seeing things and thinking things actually happen when in reality they dont.

The worst part? They think they are never wrong, and even after you have proven them wrong they still think they are correct.

Knowing all this, some are willing to risk it for a chick, that should tell you alot. Either we are all fucking crazy, or the prospect of having a decent relationship outweights these fuck ups