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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Kill Count redux

I know the kill count thing has been brought up, and some may wonder what is a good kill count.

 The best kill count is 1, if you die and have only fucked one woman, and made her your wife congrats, you either made it right the first time or made it work.

 The worst kill count is also one, if you did and have only fucked one woman, and either not married her or got a divorce, you only tried once, and probably think all women and pussy is bad. This is wrong, only most women and some pussy is bad.

 The next best thing is to have died and the last person you had sex with is the person you love. The next worst thing is the last person you fucked was not the person you loved. And the worst thing ever is to have not had sex.

Perhaps An argument can be made that ignorance is bliss, but once you fuck, you are stuck with one of the above options (ignoring the not fucked clause) Beyond that your kill count should reflect your style of life at the time.
For example I am averaging 2 a year, yes I have sex with 2 new girls every year. That is kind of respectable, I dont just fuck them for fucking them... although and argument can be made that thats exactly what I should have done and it is a little misleading. There was a time where I got...a few in a month. Dont ask why, just a whim I suppose.
No matter, what does your kill count say about you, we need to first figure the average rate per year of different women
 1/year you can have healthy almost serious relationships
 2/year you move fast
3/year you pretty much love them and leave them
4/year you spend your time meeting women for the purpose of fucking them
6/year you spend yoru time meeting multiple women for the purpose of fucking them
12/year you must frequent hookers or constantly rotate multiple posible targets in order to achieve this 24/year you may be a fucking hooker or pornstar at this point, or go out and get drunk alot
48/year+ this is fucking crazy, this is definitely hooker and pornstar territory and possibly beyond.
I know of one person (in real life) who said at one time she had sex with over 100 men.
She was so fucking innocent in highschool too, should have waited a few years and got some easy pussy. So where on this list does it change from easy girls to you being easy. I would say the 3 or 4 new ones per year is that spot. If you are higher, then clearly you are easy, if you are lower you are not easy. Mind you difficulty changes if one attempts to convert a homosexual to heterosexual or viceversa
So what is the point of all this?
The point is that I have several POTENTIAL targets. These are girls I would like to fuck based on their physical appearance alone, but I know them well AND I KNOW THEY ARE FUCKING CRAZY. The reason why I wish to fuck them is simple, I give them a good dickin, perhaps they will be less crazy.


any girl I fuck becomes quite clingy towards me. I only attract clingy and crazy ones. Atleast I can make them behave like sluts. Fuck my superpowers. Moving on, what do you do about these girls? Ive decided that what they need is a stable person who will be there for them. They are fucking headcases because it seems they cannot find such and individual without fucking it up and they do not understand the fact that they are a trophy (or as you xbox fags would say an achievement, but trophy sounds better. Something you display a story you tell of conquest of her vagina) and honestly  that would be the only reason I would fuck them, there is a list. Any redheads for obvious reasons MILF pornstars for obvious reasons Okay fine I dont know those in real life, I do know some in real life. No they will not be listed, there is a chance that someone will read this blog, know these bitches in real life and cause me drama. Fucking women.

Next stripclubs Because I love nothing more than being sexually assaulted by a semi whore who is moderately attractive. Seriously, strip clubs are not done correctly. By the patrons, you should go with a group of friends and always try to bring someone along who has not done this before there is a culture and rule to strip clubs, unwritten, that no one knows until after they have done it. So dont go with a bunch of drunk pilots you should go with atleast one sober person who has done it before. DD, just in case. Have a few drinks, enjoy the public dances and if you have the balls (and atleast 60 dollars) then you can see about a private dance.
Lesson 1, let the stripper come to you. Once again with gender roles it is less creepy. And you know she looked at you and thought one of 2 things
1) damn, Id like to fuck him
2) damn Id like to make some money
It will usually be the second one (unless you are me, in which case I have probabily attracted an unhappy single mom, a moonlighing hooker, or a lonely and desperate woman) in either case you KNOW that she will be into it, meaning a more enjoyable dance for you. actually fuck that, this order wont make any sense. This next one will,.

The Generic Assholes rules for strippers

 1) Go in with nothing but your ID and cash You dont need condoms, you are not getting laid. You dont need your cellphone, you are not texting and you should not be taking pictures Cash is ideal, you are going to want mostly 20's, with 2 5's and 1 10. Total off about 100. The 5 and 10 are for your cover to get in, where you will use your ID you will want 60 dollars for the dance (20-30 dollars a song. Song 3-5 minutes) you will want 20 dollars for booze. Enjoy a beer before the dance, it will loosen you up. You will be nervous, trust me. and 20 dollars for your dumbassed friend who goes over. It will happen.

 2) Do not immediately go for a private show Enjoy the public show first and determine if you want a private show Drink and relax

 3) Let the stripper come to you I dont care if you have your eye on a stripper, in fact if you do she will likely come to you. This is their job, they can read people. Anyway its slightly less creppy if she comes to you and if she approaches you, you know for sure she is going to be interested resulting in a more effective use of your money.

 4) Do what the stripper tells you Once again, this is their profession. Unless its their first night (and I suspect if they are new they are performing publicly to see if they are worth while keeping around. Thats how I would do it anyway) She will tell you what to do so you enjoy yourself (and potentially so that she enjoys herself)

 5) Do not stare This rule only applies to the private area. You will see some strange things, border lining on prostitution, so just focus on your dancer and try not to make it too awkward.

 6) Dont be embarrassed or nervous Every man in the history of man has failed to get laid and just wants to see women, real women, infront of him naked. You are not the first and you will not be the last. Try to remember this so you are not nervous or embarrassed.

 7) Going to the same stripper 3 times is creepy (The MacDonald clause) If you become a regular you may find yourself getting dances from the same stripper. This is creepy (evermore if she remembers what you were wearing that night) If you enjoy seeing this person so much take her out to fucking coffee or something. Point being, you should change it up see if a new girl makes your harder than the last.

 8) You will not get hard As much as she tries, if its your first time (or you are in a relationship or some shit like that) you will not get hard, you will not get off. Not to worry, because when you get home that night you will fap vigorously to this female, like hundreds of others.

 9) You are not special She will treat you like you are special, but you are not.

You are money, she is sex object. Welcome to reality

April 8 - Im trying a new format for writing this shit, hopefully it will make this mess a little more readable