Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dating Websites

I never understood them to begin with A place to meet people online? What the fuck, are you so fucking unlikeable that you are unable to go out and meet people who actually live near you? The funny thing is: All the women who are on that site looking for 'the one' It seems to me that about 1/3 of the women are looking for the one, 1/3 are looking for friendship and 1/3 are camwhores and teases looking for attention. The last 1% are the smart ones looking for an easy nearby lay. I think the level of bullshit on these sites is something legendary, I highly doubt all the adds you see of people actually meeting their soulmates and that kind of shit is all made up. Let me tell you why You only see what they let you see. People only put things about themselves online that may not be a lie, but may not be completely true either. They only put up the best things about themselves. So they put up the best looking pictures, their best traits, what they are looking for ect ect ect It is really just like looking at a resume Not that resumes are a bad thing, generally speaking you will be at your best around strangers and at work to make good impressions and to not get fired. Your friends and family see you not at work, which can be a little different or alot different. Hunting for a girlfriend should not be like hiring for a fucking job These dating sites seem to think that this statement is incorrect, you can find love the same way you would hire someone. Thats fucking insane, sure it will be a blast, and fun but when that honeymoon peroid of flowers and rainbows is over where will your relationship be? You have based it on the best, but people are not at their best all the time, in fact, people are more often not at their best than at their best. You have built this relationship on a foundation of nothing, boring things like their interest, aesthetics, hobbies ect ect ect. That is not a foundation, that is fucing decoration, DIFFERENT FUCKING ION'S. How is this any different than first meeting someone (who is at their best) You actually fucking see them, meet them, human fucking contact. Maybe these sites would be a little better if men were looking for the same things women were, but they are not. Ima guess that most men who sign up for that shit are JUST LOOKING TO GET LAID, OR FUCKING EYE CANDY. Women are fucking stupid for thinking anything else, a guy is just being charming and charismatic because they want to potentially fuck this female. Remember the last ramble I put up, these sites dont help it. Now women go on the site and see the best in the man. Its funny really, they look for awesome men (not nesscarily awesome looking men) for their trophies. They want to brag that they fucked a doctor, fighter pilot ect ect ect But then they say they married the love of their life, and after the honeymoon the marriage sucks, the sex sucks and they are getting the shit kicked out of them by their husband but they keep comming back because 'he loves me' Fucking wake up, love is real but you work for it. Hitting your wife is just wrong (unless you are play fighting or something like that and its accidental. just apologize and kiss her, that isnt so bad) Men on the other hand are looking for aesthetics in trophies Man she was so fucking hot ect ect ect Or perhaps a freak in bed, who knows. Men then say they married the women who can best put up with their bullshit and patch them up when they fuck up. So in the long and short term men and women are looking for different things. Except in the ever decreasing case when they are not, in this case we see the potential (about 50%) of a positive relationship developing. Interesting, perhaps men and women consider love to be different things. Perhaps women see love as the flowers and rainbow bullshit Perhaps men see love as respect and support I guess neither is wrong, but neither is completely right either. Love is more than just roses and chocolate, it is also more than sex, more than respect and more than support. It is all of these things, mostly I think it is a desire to have someone with you no matter what, even if you had just seen that person. These dating sites have the roses and shit down pat, but there is no way to gauge how much someone will support, respect and desire you unless you actually meet them, so lavallife, christianmingle, plentyoffish, ect do us all a favor and turn your websites into meet and fucks, let people get some sexual fustration and angst out of their system so that they can effective date a real person. Thank you, sincerely The Genereic Asshole