Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coloured Undergarmets

Something has just hit me in the face like a fish, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I CARE ABOUT WHAT COLOUR YOUR BRA IS? Do you think I care that it is blue, lacy, transparent? I JUST WANT IT OFF SO I CAN FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT! I suppose for the purposes of foreplay what the undergarmets are, look like and colour DOES matter, but consider this chicks... YOU ARE JUST TEASING MEN BY BEING THERE, INFRONT OF US, ALMOST NAKED

Passive Agressive Pussies

Have I mentioned how much I hate women sometimes? Usually its the attitudes and bitchiness but sometimes its the fact that they cannot grow a set and deal with it. Fucking hell, if life goes to shit they bitch at the people around them (kinda like how I do this blog...Im becoming a woman, fuck my life) or what they do is put up passive aggressive facebook status and say nothing is wrong or tell parables about them. What sucks even more is when girls you give a fuck about are doing things like this. Im not sure what the fuck is going on but it seems several of my female companions are depressed as all hell for no reason (no I am not fucking these girls) Fuck off, a guy can put a girl in the friend zone too Anyways, these girls have fucked up relationships and choices and it bugs me because it is out of my power. WHAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF THE MOST IS THE PASSIVE AGRESSIVE PARABLES THEY PUT UP ON FACEBOOK TO HAVE PEOPLE FEEL BAD FOR THEM BUT NOT ACTUALLY TELL THEM WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK IS GOING ON SO THAT NO ONE CAN FUCKING HELP FUCK There has been 3 instances of women I trust and respect ( a fucking rarity, its bascially all of them) recently. Case 1 - She got fucked and chucked by her girlfriend and it took her months to get back on the saddle. Then posted passive aggressive status about being emo/depressed Case 2 - She questions every decisions she makes and just...fuck does nothing and I cant help her :( Case 3 - She cheats on all her girlfriends/boyfriends and all her former friends and lovers hate her. Fucks sakes. And all these girls are putting up the emotional status I cant get them to tell me what is wrong, I cant help it fucking sucks I just wish they wouldnt put shit like that up on facebook, im happier not knowing