Sunday, July 29, 2012

This changes everything

I believe that I was strongly against indating. You know, a group of friends and 2 people in this group start dating for the simple reason that at that age (and even now in my twenties) it seems that this is a BAD BAD idea. You need a group of friends, you need a ladyfriend who can hang out with this group and fit in BUT FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK WHEN THEY BECOME A PART OF THE GROUP FIND ANOTHER GROUP OF FRIENDS OR MAKE SURE IT FUCKING WORKS and let me tell you, it never works. Recently...about a month friend and his girlfriend broke up for seemingly no real reason. She says that he is bad in bed. No. Sex does not end a relationship, lack of communication does, which makes sense BECAUSE IN THIS CASE THIS FUCKING CUNT DID NOT SAY A FUCKING WORD AND THEREFORE THE BOYFRIEND WAS UNABLE TO FIX IT OR MAKE IT FUCKING BETTER There seems to be a trend of people not telling other people their mistakes and what is wrong, I dont know why but it doesnt matter. He said he was tired of her bullshit, which is fair. He was more like a maid/babysitter for her. She was UNABLE to be responsbile for herself. Fucks sakes, she never went to class, never did work, and always has silly, unrealistic goals basically based on the success of the people around here for example I am a pilot and she now wishes to be a pilot because there is definite potential for a job here. Which is true, its just a pain in the ass getting that job (and for the record any pilots out there learn from me: do no instruct, and if you must instruct do not teach women or cadets) My hatred of women is obvious, the cadet program...well when I was involved with it, it was a rather negative experience for me. it was an old boys club where knowing people and sticking your nose so far up someones ass (to the point where you were inhaling shit) is what got you somewhere. Ability, initiative and in the air cadets A FUCKING PILOTS LICENSE meant absolutely nothing. and I have a feeling that nothing has changed since then. Back on topic: he had to push her to go to class, be less clingy, be more responsible for herself and do work. Because, yes that is correct you guessed it, she would bitch and cry as soon as she realized that she had a test or assignment due, and get stressed out. That on top of the lack of work usually meant poor performance. I would not want to be responsbile for a girlfriend like that. Im looking for someone to fuck, take to dinner and movies and generally enjoy their company, this relationship appeared to be more like an older brother taking care of a spoiled little sister. Now I am sure that the girls are going to say that my friend was in the wrong. BITCHES DO YOU NOT SEE THE HEAD CASE THAT IS THE FEMALE IN THIS CASE? CHRIST! (Now you see why there exists a warning on this site) Moving on, a friend of mine told me this. His girlfriend is a friend of the girl I just ranted about, and now that this girl is single she went super slut and decided that she wanted to sleep with my buddies girlfriend. My buddy then said "sure, as long as you dont mind me fucking her after you are done with her or you dont mind me fucking [censored]" ([censored] is the girl that my buddy has a HUGE crush on) anyway as soon as he mentioned that. This I am not exaggerating. She thought that my buddy was cheating on her. Fucking women logic: they ask to cheat on you, then assume that you are cheating on them. I told him that he should have dumped her but as usual he didnt listen to me. Fucking women