Sunday, May 27, 2012


It has been a while since I worked on this... Spitfire held a small box in his hand; he opened it to reveal an engagement ring. He noticed the sweat and a slight shake in his hand. He was nervous. “Hey!” said a voice; spitfire looked to see his friend, Cowboy, heading towards him. "What’s up?” asked spitfire “Not much, how about you?” asked Cowboy, looking at Spitfires hand “You’re really going to do this?” “Yeah man, I love her, no question” Spitfire said “So I’ve heard Rogue told me that she wanted to have a daughter...and you were perfectly okay with this. This isn’t like you” Coordinator said “Maybe, she’s changed me, for the better. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night. I am going to ask her then” Spitfire said “Good luck” said Cowboy “Oh, you coming with us to Monkeytown tonight?” “You betcha, have we found a third lady?” asked Spitfire “Well...I haven’t found any woman crazy enough to go with him. There is this Tempest girl that may be interested” Cowboy said “Good enough for him. If she is female and humanoid, he will do it” Spitfire said “Fuckin’ right!” proclaimed another voice, it was Berserker “Is she hot?” “Beats me, she’s not one of ours. Crusader suggested her” said Cowboy“But I’m told she’s easy” “That’s no fun” Spitfire said “Where is the challenge?” “Well, not all of us have balls as steel as yours and plan on proposin’” Berserker said “When we heading out?” “In a bit, we still have lots of time. I’m going to go” Spitfire said “Fuck your wife to be some more?” Berserker said, with a wink “I will see you bitches later” Berserker left and got into his Dodge Charger and drove off. Cowboy and Spitfire started walking towards a Delorian and Honda CRZ “You two were always meant to be together, even in high school” Cowboy said “You really think so?” Spitfire asked “Yeah, there may have been other guys and girls but you two just fit. I envy you for that” Cowboy responded “Thanks, but don’t envy me too much.I think you have a great girl in Rebel” Spitfire said, getting into his CRZ “See you tonight” “Peace” Cowboy said, opening the door to his Delorian *** The boat was loaded with import cars, fast, fancy cars from europe. The sailors aboard the ship walked around the cars and admired their beauty. "Soon" said a sailor *** Later that night, the trio of cars pulled up to a club in Moncton. The men got out, and opened the doors for their women, escorting them as they walked. Spitfire walked with a redhead wearing a short cut red dress. Berserker had his arm around a blond wearing a black dress with a short skirt and low cut. Cowboy walked with a brunette in a pink dress with a medium length dress. "Gentlemen" Spitfire said "Shall we?" "Ladies, after you" Cowboy said, allowing the girls to enter first as the men followed behind. Berserker looked at Spitfire "Ohh yeah!" he proclaimed, following his date "Someone is going to have fun tonight" Spitfire said "He's not the only one" responded the redhead, biting Spitfires ear and kissing his neck. Cowboy's date, Rebel whispered in Spitfires ear "Do it" said Rebel Spitfire shook his head as they walked into the club. The girls ordered drinks and darted out to the dancefloor. The guys chilled at the bar, enjoying a beer. "You told her?" Spitfire asked, Cowboy chuckled "I had to. She knew it was going to happen anyway" Cowboy responded "Dude, that Tempest chick gives me a hard on" Berserker said "I am going to go fuck the shit out of her on the dance floor. Right. Now" Berserker said, walking away. Spitfire grabbed his shirt. "Woah Berserker, you better take this" Spitfire said, handing him a condom. "Thanks man, you've always been watching out for me" Berserker said, taking the condom and running off to the dancefloor, jumping over tables. "He's not going to use it" Cowboy said "Fuck no, I like to think he is practicing safe fucking though" Spitfire said "Hey, dont look now. But I think they are trying to tell us something" Cowboy said, the two men looked to the dance floor. Rogue and Rebel were grinding up on each other and motioning for the two men to join them. "Lets not keep them waiting then" Spitfire said. After dancing for several songs Spitfire, Cowboy and Berserker walked off the dance floor and ordered some red bull and took a seat at a table. "Thought you were getting hammered tonight" Cowboy said "Negatory, I'm not leaving my lovely Charger to get raped around here" Berserker said "Yeah, I have to drive Rogue home as well" Spitfire said "She's been looking at her phone all night" "Think shes going to want to peace out early?" asked Cowboy "Danno..." Spitfire said. She was texting her friend Broadsword. Something may be wrong with Katana. "...and?" asked Cowboy "Nothing" lied Spitfire. Rogue came over and kissed Spitfire on the cheek "Sorry hun, I gotta go" said Rogue "Something has come up" "Want me to take you home?" asked Spitfire "No, my mom is here. I will talk to you tomorrow?" asked Rogue "Yeah" Spitfire said. rogue kissed spitfire. Spitfire glanced at her phone, no recent messages from her mother. She was lying, why? "I love you lots" she whispered to him leaving the club "Someone is not getting laid tonight" said Berserker,Spitfire laughed "Looks like its the old right hand again..." Spitfire said "Everything all right?" asked Cowboy "Yeah man, just bummed out that Rogue had to leave" Spitfire said "Well, we must be getting out to the dance floor" said Berserker "You coming?" "Nah, I think I'll call it quits for tonight, you boys enjoy yourself" Spitfire said "Tell us how tomorrow goes" said Berserker, tapping Spitfire on the back *** Spitfire did not get any sleep at all, he was too nervous. He spent a good portion of the night practicing what to say and how to say it. When he failed to succumb to sleep he got into his car and went for a drive. He received a text from Rogue "I love you, night" said the text. Spitfire wrote a response "Whats going on?" he never got a reply back. "She must have gone to sleep" Spitfire said, but he had a weird feeling. He didnt like it, so he turned up his music and drove faster. Spitifire spent next day spitfire sitting around, waiting to hear from Rogue. She was not answering his text messages. He passed out, tired of the lack of sleep the previous night and was awoken by the vibration of his phone "Sorry, I have some stuff I need to deal with, I wont be able to go out tonight" said the text from Rogue. "Fuck" Spitfire said "All right, no worries, talk to you soon. Love you lots" responded Spitfire. He looked at the engagement ring "Maybe its for the best this doesn't happen now..."he said, dialing a number into his phone "Yo, Cowboy, what are you up to tonight?" Spitfire asked "No...I'll tell you later" *** Cowboy got into the CRZ and closed the door "Whats going on?" asked Cowboy "Did she say no?" "No... apparently she has some things to deal with, but thats not the point" Spitfire said "Her mother didnt come to get her" "What? Who did?" asked Cowboy "It was Broadsword..." said Spitfire "I saw the text she sent him" "Why?" asked Cowboy "I wish I knew..." said Spitfire "She only sent that one text today" "Something isn't right here. Normally you two cant go five minutes without texting each other" Cowboy responded "Yeah..." Spitfire said "Its probably nothing" Cowboy said "Don't worry about it" "I hope so" says Spitfire *** The boat mourned in the harbour and the cars were about to be taken off by a crane. The operators hear the roar of engines, followed by the sound of gunfire. The Boats hull exploded with cars driving out of the hole at top speed. "Oh God" said the operator as his crane was blasted away *** It had been nearly a month since the night in Moncton. Spitfire never got a straight answer out of Rogue. Spitfire, Berserker and Cowboy sat in front of a TV playing Call of Duty "So, whats going on?" asked Berserker "What do you mean?" asked Spitfire "With Rogue" said Cowboy "She moved in with an old boyfriend" "Yeah, so?" asked Spitfire trying not to think of it "Why didn't she move in with you?" asked Berserker "Beats me. She didn't ask." Spitfire said "FUCK!" then throwing the controller down in frustration. "Have you heard from her?" asked Cowboy "No..." said Spitfire "She isn't answering me" "Shes out drinking with the girls, and she has been talking to me..." Berserker said "She has said nothing about you" "Figures..." Spitfire said "Explain to me why you guys didn't talk me out of this" "We figured this time it was going to work" Berserker said "And that the girl wouldn't lie to you" Cowboy said "She must have her reasons..." Berserker responded. The sound of a vibration was heard. The men checked their phones and Spitfire answered his "Hello?" Spitfire asked "Hey, hows it going?...Yeah we can hang out tonight, when are you free? All right I will see you soon" "Who was that?" asked Cowboy "Vanilla" Spitfire responded. Cowboy and Berserker looked at him with surprise "That blond, cheerleader chick you were fucking around with in high school?" Berserker said "Yeah, she is in town and wanted to hang out" Spitfire said "Don't do this Spitfire" Cowboy said "Please" "Do what?" asked Spitfire "Nothing is going to happen" "Don't cheat on your future fiancée" Berserker said "What future fiancée? You mean the one who has lied to me, pretty sure is cheating on me and has ignored me for a month?" Spitfire said "No, the one you have been dating for over a year, the one you have had a crush on since the ninth grade, the one you are willing to propose to and spend the rest of your life with" Cowboy said "Don't know of that one. For all intensive purposes Cowboy, I think Rogue and I are finished, wouldn't you say?" Spitfire said leaving the apartment. "Some things never change..." Berserker said "With who? Her or him" Cowboy said "Every time a girl doesn't work out, he goes all emo and fucks everything that is human, female and he finds remotely attractive then tries to settle down with one of these whores only to have the cycle start again" "Thats not all his fault, if he would date a woman who wouldn't cheat on him he wouldn't be that way" Berserker said "Maybe so, but if that was the case, why doesn't he just give up? Why not womanize all the time?" Cowboy asked "Hope, he came so close this time...He knows that its possible" Berserker said "But, after this, he isn't going to try. Cowboy he really loves her" "Loves...your right. Poor bastard, he really needs better taste in women" Cowboy said *** Spitfire drove around with a blond haired, blue eyed woman in the front seat. She was wearing a low cut tank top and shot jeans shorts. It was a clear summer night and Spitfire turned onto the highway. Inside the car the two were laughing and talking. "So, what have you been up to lately?" asked Vanilla "School mostly" Spitfire said "Im at the flight college" "Cool! What are you doing next year?" asked Vanilla "More of the same, its a two year program" Spitfire said "Now...why this sudden interest in me?" asked Vanilla "It has never been sudden, someone decided to unblock me from facebook a little while ago..." Spitfire responded sarcastically "I was drunk" Vanilla said "So why did you talk to me?" "I was more drunk" Spitfire said "And it seemed like a good idea at the time" "Really, does it not seem like a good idea anymore?" asked Vanilla "I never said that" Spitfire responded, then he stopped and listened. He heard explosions, but they sounded like they were happening right after one another, like gunfire. Behind him he saw sparks and two cars rapidly approaching. "Oh my God!" screamed Vanilla. Spitfire punched the performance button on his left side dash and shifted into third gear and tramped on the accelerator. The engine was spinning up and peaking, and Spitfire shifted again. "Vanilla" Spitfire said "Can you call 911, tell them where we are and that we are being shot at" "We're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die..." Vanilla kept crying "No, we're not. Now please, make the call. I can keep them far enough away from us to be safe" Spitfire said, shifting into fivith leaving the two cars far behind. Vanilla was calling and speaking, but Spitfire did not hear a word she said. She handed him the phone. "Its Constable Sabre, she would like you speak with you" said Vanilla "Spitfire?" asked the voice in the phone "Thats me, you Constable Sabre?" asked Spitfire "Yes, we are in pursuit of the cars chasing you. We believe they may be connected to another crime in Halifax, we need you to stay on the highway and slow down" responded Sabre "You want me to do what?" asked Spitfire "We'll get fucking shot!" "You will be shot at. Stay on the highway, let them get close, when you are near the exit to Amherst there will be several cars. Flash your high beams before you get to them and they will lay the trap. Good luck" The phone hung up. "Fantastic" Spitfire said "There is a trap ahead; I figure a spike strip or something. That will stop these guys" "And?" asked Vanilla "We are the bait" Spitfire said "Keep an eye on what’s behind us, and I will keep us alive, deal?" asked Spitfire "You got it" Vanilla responded "Here they come" Spitfire slowed down a little bit, allowing the sparks from the gunshots come inches behind his car. He started swerving across the road. The two cars went one behind the other and kept on Spitfires tail. "There is only one shooting at us now!" Vanilla said "Good, this doubles our chance of getting out of this" Spitfire responded. Ahead Spitfire saw the red and blue flashing lights of police cars. "Heres the Calvary" Spitfire said, flashing his high beams and gunning it by them. Behind Spitfire the two cars hit the freshly placed spike strip and spun out, crashing into the median. The phone rang, and Vanilla answered "Hello? Oh, no problem" Vanilla said "It was Constable Sabre, she says on behalf of the RCMP thanks" "Cool" Spitfire said "I think I have had enough excitement for now, want to call it a night?" "Not yet" Vanilla said kissing him on the cheek "I want to thank you for saving my life" *** Spitfire woke up the next morning and looked at his alarm. 6:00 am. Reluctantly he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "Too early in the morning for this shit" he said, undressing and getting into the shower. He got out and brushed his teeth and went back to his bedroom, living at home had its perks. Free room and board, downside: if he wanted to drink he was crashing elsewhere and he had to drive to school. Spitfire got dressed and picked up his phone. 4 missed alerts. "Let's see..." he said "Cowboy, Berserker wanting to know what happened...Vanilla, thanks for the fun night, lets do it again sometime...winky face. Well atleast I have a booty call if I want one and...uncle dave" Spitfire looked at the clock "Shit! I'll deal with those later" he said as he ran out the door. *** Cowboy sat in class and was counting the minutes until he could leave. It was a waste of time in his mind, he knew the material better than the teachers, he just needed a diploma if he wanted to do this professionally. He felt his phone vibrate, it was a call from Berserker "He never calls..." cowboy said, the clock said 1:10, he had been there the required 10 minutes and was on his way out. "Leaving early again Cowboy?" asked the teacher "You know it, I have already e-mailed you the assignment that was supposed to be done in this class...and the one next week, I will see you tomorrow" Cowboy said clicking on his phone. One Missed call, new voicemail from Berserker read the screen. Cowboy checked his voicemail. "Cowboy" said Berserker, he sounded upset, and panicked " I...I dont know whats going on man. I didn't do it! You have to believe me. I, I need to get out of here. I know you cant help but I gotta dissappear. Dont worry about me" "The fuck?" asked Cowboy "I need to call Spitfire" *** Spitfire was in his car driving home, he had a pretty good day at school when his phone rang, it was from his mother. "Hey mom, what’s up?" asked Spitfire "The RCMP are looking for you, said something about an incident you may be part of. Is there something you want to tell me?" she sounded condescending, figures assuming that I did something Illegal Spitfire thought "No, I’m fairly certain that I have nothing Illegal mom. Unless you can give me some more details on what’s going on, I am as in the dark as you are" Spitfire responded "She said that you weren’t in trouble, your father and I just need to know if we need a layer" "No mom, if it’s only questions then it’s nothing. Don't worry about it. I will get a hold of them now" Spitfire said hanging up the phone. "Fuck she worries too much" Spitfire said, calling the RCMP phone number for his area "Hey, my name is Spitfire, I understand that an RCMP Officer was looking for me earlier today?" "Yes, Constable Sabre was looking for you" said the Receptionists "Is this about an incident yesterday?" asked Spitfire "No, it was a little while moment I will put you through to her" "Constable Sabre" said a woman’s voice "Constable, Spitfire here I understand you were looking for me to ask some questions" Spitfire said "Yes, Spitfire, think we can meet sometime? When are you available?" asked Sabre "Right now if you want. We can meet at the RCMP HQ outside of town" Spitfire said "In about 30minutes" "Sounds good, I will meet you there" *** Spitfire waited at the HQ for 30 minutes before receiving a phone call from Sabre "Sorry Spitfire, something has come up and I can’t meet with you tonight. I usually work 3pm until midnight every day; can we meet at your place tomorrow at 4?" Sabre said "Yeah that should not be a problem" Spitfire said "See you then" Spitfire checked his messages, he missed 20 calls from Cowboy "Fuck cowboy, what’s going on?" asked Spitfire calling him "Hello?" asked Cowboy "Cowboy, its Spitfire, what’s going on?" asked Spitfire "Thank god, dude its Berserker, he’s gone" Cowboy said "What do you mean 'gone'? Wait never mind, I will be at your place in 30 minutes" "It’s an hour drive Spitfire" Cowboy said "Fine, 35 minutes" Spitfire said, hanging up his phone and gunning it out of the parking lot. *** Cowboy paced around his apartment, he could not think straight. “Damnit Berserker, what did you do?” he said to himself. A pounding at the door made his heart skip a beat. “Spitfire?” asked Cowboy “No, its fucking Santa” Spitfire responded sarcastically. “Your late” Cowboy responded opening the door. “Thank god your here, you have to listen to this” Cowboy said putting his phone to Spitfires ear "Cowboy, I...I don’t know what’s going on man. I didn't do it! You have to believe me. I, I need to get out of here. I know you cant help but I gotta disappear. Dont worry about me" “What the fuck?” asked Spitfire “I don’t know” said Cowboy “It sounds like he is stressed out, and being accused of something...” Another knock at the door. “Truro RCMP, we are looking for a Mr. Cowboy” said a voice with a french accent. Cowboy opened the door, a tall man in uniform “I’m cowboy, can I help you constable...” Cowboy began “Constable Scimitar, yes, you can. I understand that you are friends with a, Mr. Berserker” said Scimitar “Yes” Cowboy said “I think I should leave” Spitfire said “I know you want to stay, Constable, this is Spitfire, he is also a friend of Berserkers, is it okay if he sticks around?” asked Cowboy “Please, the more we know the better. friend Sabre was looking for you earlier” Scimitar “Yeah, she stood me up” Spitfire said. Scimitar laughed “She does that, you set up another date?” asked Scimitar “Yeah, tomorrow, now Constable enough about me, what’s going on with Berserker?” Spitfire asked “Yes, it has come to my attention that he knows a...Mrs. Rogue. We need to ask him some questions about her” Scimitar said “You’re looking for him?” asked Cowboy “We haven’t heard from him, in fact we are little worried” “Yeah, its not like him to disappear” Spitfire said “You have nothing?” asked Scimitar again “No, sorry we could not be of more help” Spitfire said “What is going on with Rogue?” asked Cowboy. “I’m sorry, I’m not at liberty to say” Scimitar said “Thank you for your time gentlemen” Scimitar left and closed the door behind him. “You can run...”Cowboy said “Looks like Berserker may have had the right idea, whats going on here...” Spitfire said “Wanna spend the night, my couch is always open, and I have some ice cold Bawls” Cowboy said “Thanks, but I think I ought to go home. I have class later today” Spitfire said “When?” asked Cowboy. Spitfire looked at his watch and laughed “Looks like about...8 hours” Spitfire said “Stick around for a bit, we should talk” Cowboy said, walking to his fridge “I suppose your right, I need to tell you about my drive with Vanilla...” Spitfire said *** Spitfire told Cowboy about the attack, then Sabre wanting to talk to him about something. “Hell of a few days” Cowboy said “You were actually shot at?” “Yeah, Vanilla was impressed enough to ride me like a bronco” Spitfire said “Shit, speaking of which...” Spitfire got out his phone and began frantically texting “I best keep this booty call close, it’s going to keep me occupied when you guys can’t” “What about Rogue?” asked Cowboy “What about her...” Spitfire said, apparently reading a text “..and my Uncle wants to see me, says its important” “That box in your pocket, that ring you wear around your neck” Cowboy said “Did you honestly think I would not notice them?” Spitfire said nothing “What are you playing at Spitfire, you fuck another girl and yet you cant let go of the engagement ring you got for another. What do you want?” Spitfire sat silent for a while. “I want a woman I can trust with my life, and spend forever with her. I envy you Cowboy I really do. What you have is great” “You are the first one of us to have the courage to make a lifelong commitment to a woman” Cowboy said “Its within your reach” “No, it was within my reach. Its gone now. Face it Cowboy, I’m just not meant to settle down” Spitfire said “You will find the right girl. She will make you feel like you have never felt” Cowboy said “I had that with Rogue” Spitfire said, taking off the necklace looking at the ring. “No, I don’t think you did” Cowboy said, Spitfire looked up and put the necklace back on. “Enough about me, what are we going to do about Berserker?” Spitfire said “I don’t know, I guess we could find Drifter and Defiler. Crest should also know” Cowboy said “Defiler, think he is in town, with Dagger I think.” Spitfire “You should go find him, Crest was out with Shadow. I don’t think he-“ They were interrupted by Spitfires phone vibrating. “Speak of the devil” Spitfire said answering his phone “Yo, Crest whats going on?” “Dude! Its fucking Berserker! Hes gone!”Crest said over the phone “I know, the police seem to be looking for him” Spitfire said “Fuck! What did he do?” asked Crest “I don’t know, I don’t think he did anything. They want to ask him about Rogue” Spitfire “Rogue, that slut you used to waste your time with” Crest said “Last I heard shes living in Moncton” “Yes, that slut I used to waste my time with” Spitfire said sarcastically “Seems I waste my time with alot of sluts” “Your gunna get fucking aids bro” Crest said “Anyway, berserker left a note her. I think you better read it” “I’ll look at it later today, its two am, I am going home to get some sleep before class tomorrow” “Peace” Crest said hanging up the phone. “You really going to drive home?” asked Cowboy “I have to, I do have responsibilities ” Spitfire said “Quit running” Cowboy said “I have seen you be late and sacrifice tonnes more sleep for us, for Rogue. Your hiding” Cowboy proclaimed “No, I am going to get some sleep and go to class and try to clear my mind. Figure out what I am supposed to do about Berserker and Sabre” Spitfire responded “What happened to you Spitfire?” asked Cowboy “You’ve been evasive and passive since you stopped seeing Rogue. Get over it and move on, I don’t want to see you destroy yourself anymore” “Its different this time Cowboy” Spitfire said, getting up to leave “Really? Then quit wearing that necklace and give that ring to the woman you really love” Cowboy said “I’ll talk to you tomorrow” Spitfire said leaving. *** In class Spitfire could not focus. “Maybe I should have taken the day off” he thought. The only thing he could think of was Rogue, he had spent the better part of the last month trying to forget and get his mind off of her, and it had worked. Vanilla wasn’t supposed to be a one night stand. “Yo, Spitfire, you coming to wings tonight?” asked a classmate “Nah man, I have a date at three. Next week though” Spitfire said, leaving class and heading to his car. *** Spitfire waited at home, a RCMP pulled up and a blonde cop walked out. The Bullet proof vest prevented you from seeing what her body shape was, but she looked tough and beautiful. A rare combination. Spitfire opened the door. “You Spitfire?” asked the constable “Yes, you must be Constable Sabre” Spitfire said, shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you” said Sabre pulling out a recorder “Your off the record here, just answer the questions to the best of your ability. I have a few questions to ask you about an incident that happened about a month ago, I understand that you were out with some friends to a club in Moncton. Did you have a woman with you?” Sabre asked “Yeah, my friends Berserker and Cowboy, their girls Tempest and Rebel. I was with my girlfriend at the time Rogue.” Spitfire said “What does this have to do with anything?” “About a week ago, Rogue launched a complaint against someone” Saber said “Do you know of Broadsword?” “Yeah, he is a long time friend of Rogues, they hung out a lot. Im sorry, I don’t quite see where this is going” Spitfire had an uneasy feeling in his gut. He knew where this was going and he didn’t like it. “Rogue is accusing Broadsword of sexually assaulting her” Sabre said. Spitfire started shaking and took a seat and buried his face in his eyes “Did you have any idea that this was happening?” “No...she said that her mother was coming to pick her up, but I saw that she was texting Broadsword and not her mother. I figured she was lying but I didn’t think anything of it” Spitfire felt like he was going to throw up, he felt perfectly powerless. “Do you think that Broadsword would do such a thing?” asked Sabre “I don’t know, I don’t know him all that well. I don’t think so, he has a girlfriend and I don’t think he would cheat on her” Sabre said “Have you spoken to Rogue or heard of this incident?” Asked Sabre “No, She stopped talking to me shortly after that night, saying she had stuff to deal with” Spitfire said,it was starting to make sense. That must have been why she stopped talking to him.Spitfire was starting to fill with rage. Why didn’t she tell him, Why didn’t he do something to stop this, all he had to do was ask a question... “Did you hear me?” asked Sabre “No, sorry I kinda zoned out there for a second” Spitfire said “I asked if you had seen or spoke to her since” Sabre said “No, I haven’t” Spitfire said. Sabre stopped the recording “Allright, thanks” Sabre said “Please don’t go telling anyone about this, Rogue posted this all over facebook and made a rather large mess of it” “I will never tell a soul” Spitfire said “Just, off your recording...have you considered that Rogue could be lieing?” “No, why?” asked Sabre “Well, I was her boyfriend at the time, apparently she loved me. She told me nothing, and moved to an old boyfriends place instead of talking to me” Spitfire said. “Was she sexually active with any other persons besides you?” asked Sabre “Not to my knowledge, but now I wonder. Maybe that guy in Oxford. If your needing more info, you can ask Broadswords girlfriend Katana, she may be able to tell you more about what he was doing that night” Spitfire said “Thank you, but I don’t really want to get her involved, not yet. Thank you for your time” Sabre said, leaving and closing the door behind her. “Well, the RCMP are loving me lately” Spitfire said, his phone rang and he answered it “ Hello?” “Spitfire? Its Dave...” said Dave “Uncle Dave! Im sorry I haven’t been up to see you, I have been busy lately. What are you doing right now?” asked Spitfire “Nothing, come on up. There is something we need to talk about” Dave said hanging up the phone. “Never boring” Spitfire said to himself, walking out to his car. *** “Yo, Uncle Dave!” Proclaimed Spitfire as he entered his uncles garage “Spitfire! Come in. How are you?” Dave asked “I’m well Dave, how are you?” asked Spitfire “Alive. Be better when the roads are safer” Dave responded. Spitfire looked at him “What do you mean roads being safe” Spitfire played dumb. There was no way Dave could have known about that. “Cars, with guns. Blasting at you. The cops were lucky you were the one they were shooting at, any other man would have not survived” Dave responded “What are you talking about” Spitfire said “Please, I have a scanner” Dave said “Its in your blood, no doubt about that” “What. Are. You. Talking. About.” Spitfire responded impatiently “I know about that little stint the other night. I also know things about your grandparents that you don’t know” Dave said “You ever hear of the oil shortage in the 70’s?” “Yeah, everyone heard of it, several American refineries were damaged and unable to produce oil. Cost skyrocketed” Spitfire said “Doesnt explain what the hell you are taking about” “That isn’t what happened Spitfire. There was a war” Dave said “What?” asked Spitfire “A terrorist group, calling themselves the coyotes. They started attacking oil shipments and refineries” Dave began “One man they attacked was a trucker called Convoy. This guy gathered together a group of men and women who were supposed to fight these guys” “This one of your crazy stories Dave, because I really don’t have ti-“ Spitfire said “Shut the fuck up kid” Dave said “Convoy was your grandfather. I was one of the men who supported him, and this war was real. We tried to stop the coyotes from stealing advanced weapons tech...and failed. But we did come out with a prize, the same tech.” Dave hit a switch and the floor below him and Spitfire began to slowly sink down. As the lift came to a stop, lights turned on in the basement. There was several cars, old muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s, a tow truck, transport truck and van. These vehicles had a machine gun mounted on the hood, what looked to be missile launchers and mine layers attached to the sides and rear. “Holey shit” Spitfire said “This was for real?” “Yeah” Dave said “Why don’t you do something then?” asked Spitfire “You have experience and all of these cars” “No. We cant, before your grandfathers death he made us all promise not to ever use these vehicles again. He blames them for the death of his first wife” Dave said “Houston” “I remember mom saying something about gramps being married before” Spitfire said “Yeah, he also lost his best friend – Spitfire” Dave said “What?” asked Spitfire “Convoy’s best friend, named Spitfire died during the first oil crisis. It fucked him up. It fucked up your grandmother” “My who?” asked Spitfire “Your Dads mother, she was married to spitfire. Your grandfather on your dads side went out like a hero...but that is a story for another time. Right now, we have work to do” Dave said “Work?” Spitfire said “Yeah, you will get your answers Spitfire. Come on, next time you run into trouble you will have an edge they wont be expecting...” *** “Well, thats all we can do for now” Dave said “We just mounted some guns below the hood and gave it a new paint job though, how will that make a difference?” “It wont, not yet. We have lots of work to do on this. I plan on modifying your engine for better speed, acceleration and fuel economy. Your steering will be changed to make you more manevurable. Also, the missile systems will be added. The switch I mounted will change your cars colour from black and blue. It will also cover your license plate so that you cannot be easily identified” Dave said “The police these days would not take so well to vigilante justice” “What am I supposed to do now?” asked Spitfire “Follow me” Dave said, getting into his Buick “Lets see if you can handle this” *** Dave lead Spitfire to an open field, filled with hay bales. “Spitfire, I want you to destroy these hay bales. Rules: don’t hit anything” Dave said. Spitfire gunned it and started firing at the first hay bale he saw, then he turned hard, swerving through them not touching any. Dave smiled, the kid had it. Spitfire slid around a hay bale and unloaded on it. “Thats enough” “What? I was just getting started” Spitfire said “You are going to do fine.” Dave said “Now, you just wait for trouble” “I cant go looking for it?” asked Spitfire “No, that is not the way of the Vigilantes. We were protectors and preservers. We did not go looking for the terrorists; we let them come to us. They were the bad guys.” “So now what?” asked Spitfire “Now, you have what you need to slow these guys down” Dave said “Now, you need to get some people together. To fight with you “You know thats not going to happen” Spitfire said “It will have to” Dave said as spitfire left. “Your lucky kid, we didn’t have toys quite like that back in my day” *** Spitfire put in his Bluetooth “Call crest” said Spitfire “Hey Crest, Spitfire here. Im heading over to see that note of yours, is Defiler or Drifter around? Defiler is but drifter isn’t? Good enough we really need to talk, see you soon.” *** Spitfire walked into Crests apartment. “Yo” Crest said handing Spitfire the note “Whats up?” asked Spitfire “Fucking worried man, whats going on?” asked Crest “I don’t know, Berserker disappeared” Spitfire “So did Drifter” said Defiler “I cant get a hold of him” “Really, interesting...” Spitfire said reading the note “Guys something is going on. The RCMP are after me, I don’t know why. I, I think that they think that I raped someone. Tempest and I didn’t do anything, you have to believe me! Drifter says he can keep me hidden, so don’t worry about me. I will be fine, I cant tell you where Im going, I will be back soon enough – B” “I think Drifter is with him” Crest said “That sounds about right” Spitfire said “I’m going to go to Drifters place” “You may want to head to his last girls place, she lives out in Dorchester” Defiler said “Whats her name?” asked Spitfire “Beats the fuck out of me man, you know how he likes to swich it up after he fucks em” Defiler said *** Spitfire drove down the highway towards Moncton. He was heading for Memramcook and Dorchester. “Call Cowboy” said Spitfire into his Bluetooth “Cowboy, I think I have a lead on Berserker. Turns out Drifter is hiding him, Im going to Drifters place and his girlfriends place to look for him.” Spitfire hung up, Cowboy wasn’t answering. He looked behind him and saw some lights far off into the distance, he took the Memramcook exit and drove to Drifters house. Outside of Drifters house was Berserkers Charger. Spitfire though about what his uncle had said about an army, then shook his head. His friend is a wanted man, and he would not risk his life. “Drifter!” shouted Spitfire pounding on his door “Its spitfire”. Drifter answered the door, naked, no surprise there. “What do you want” Drifter said tiredly “You have a condom hanging from your dick” said Spitfire “Im looking for Berserker, do you know where he is?” “No, he left his car here and took my bike. Said he needed to disappear for a while” “Is your girlfriend here?” asked Spitfire “Yeah, shes staying for a few days, why do you ask?” Drifter responded “Well, I was hoping that she was the reason why your naked with a condom on” Spitfire said “No, I just fucking sleep like this. Why else would I be like this?” Drifter asked “Beats me man, thanks for the info. Berserker isn’t in trouble, the police just want to ask him some questions. They already asked me and Cowboy” Spitfire said “Tell him that, we’re worried. “Allright, peace” said Drifter, closing the door. Drifter watched as Spitfire left and turned right. “Damn” Drifter said “Hes going to her place” Drifter picked up his phone and dialled a number “Hey hun” he said “Just to let you know a friend of mine is coming over to take you back. You better get ready, love you” Drifter hung up the phone “Who were you talking to babe?” asked a girl “Your voicemail, Spitfire is going to your place to find Berserker” *** Spitfire walked into Drifter’s girlfriends place and saw a note on the door. It read “I know you guys are going to come looking for me, this is serious stuff and you must believe me, I didn’t do it! No matter what you hear, I didn’t do it. I wont turn myself in, I will be arrested or worse given what they think that I done. I am going to go to an old girls place, the one I lost my v-card to. Why am I telling you this? I have my reasons. “The fuck Berserker, this isn’t a game, this is serious and they don’t think that you did anything” Spitfire said walking away from the house. Getting back into his car, his Bluetooth was making noises, it was a phone call. Spitfire pushed a button. “Spitfire” said Cowboy “Cowboy, whats up?” asked Spitfire “Any luck on Berserker?” “Not really, turns out that Drifter is helping him hide. He thinks the police are after him for something serious. It just some questions, whats going on?” asked Spitfire “Rogue has gone missing” Cowboy said “Its on the news. Apparanly she went missing after that night in Moncton and is believed to be the victim of a sexual assault and possibly murder” “Thats impossible...unless” Spitfire said “Unless those text that you received weren’t from her, it would explain why it didn’t sounds like her” Cowboy said “But, Berserker said he was talking to her” Spitfire said “Yes, which is why the police are so interested in him. The guy she was supposedly staying with has also gone missing” Cowboy said “They think Berserker is responsible, double homicide and sexual assault” “Fuck, Berserker would never...”Spitfire said “Never rape? Yes. Never kill...well, we call him berserker for a reason” Cowboy said “You don’t think he did it?” asked Spitfire “I don’t know” Cowboy said “But, maybe its better if we don’t find him” “I’m going to find him, and I am going to help clear his name. He did not kill, and he did not rape. I know it” Spitfire said “I want answers too Spitfire, I will help you anyway I can. I am done next week, we will look for him together” Cowboy said “Thanks, I will talk to you later. I have an early day tomorrow” Spitfire said continuing his drive home. He thought about what he had read and heard from berserker. Do not believe what they say, I didn’t do it. “I believe you Berserker” said Spitfire “but, what your doing isn’t helping your cause. I wish you would let us help you” Spitfire drove by Drifters house, he saw Berserker getting into Drifters Jetta. He could have followed. “All right Berserker, I will play your game. I trust that you are doing the right thing and what is needed” Spitfire said as he turned the opposite way from his friend. *** Dave got out of his tow truck, he had tailed Spitfire. He saw the Charger, and hooked it up to his tow truck. A man ran out of the house and started yelling at him. “Calm down sir, this vehicle is wanted” said Dave “What do you mean? Its my car!” said the man. He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes, average height and skinny. “I could take him in a fight” thought Dave “You cant just tow my car!” said the man “Mr...Drifter, right?” said Dave “Yeah” responded Drifter “This vehicle is registered to a man named Berserker. The RCMP are looking for him and this car. You lied. I am taking this car” Dave said walking away. Drifter stood in shocked silence. “Damn, sorry Berserker” said Drifter to himself “I tried...” *** Berserker knocked on the door. A beautiful brunette answered, she was about 5’9, brown eyes and the perfect figure. “Berserker, I was wondering when you would show up” she said in a soft voice “Im sorry for dropping this on you Fatale, but I need a place to crash for the night. I will be gone in the morning” Berserker said “Whats going on?” asked Fatale “Nothing, I just need a place to sleep. I’ll be gone before you know it” Berserker said “The couch is all yours” Fatale said “Night” *** Spitfire drove down the highway, the rising sun reflected off his sunglasses. He saw flashing lights ahead, as he got closer he was directed into the left lane by a police officer. Fire trucks were at work putting out a car that appeared to left the road and catch fire. It spun out and Spitfire could see the back bumper, it looked like a number had been done on it with bullets. He was way to late to do anything about it, and he had a long drive ahead of him, the traffic was starting to pick up, it was getting closer to work time. Ahead of him Spitfire saw a car swerve and veer off the road. He thought he saw the sparks of bullets hitting the highway behind the car. Spitfire hit the switch and his cars colour changed to black and blue, holes opened up on his hood and his engine roared with a new power. He shifted down and floored it attempting to catch up. There were two cars shooting at the other vehicles. They were Mercedes, Spitfire came up behind one of them and opened fire with a fury of bullets from his 8 machine guns. The benz bumper fell off and Spitfire swerved to avoid it, rubber shredded of the back tires and showers of sparks began as the rims spun against the road. The driver attempted to turn off into the median and spun out, smashing into his partner sending both cars flying off the road. Spitfire gunned it and kept on driving, best not to be seen there with all these weapons on his car. *** Spitfire arrived in Saint John and sent a text message to Fatale. He had a feeling that she was the one that Berserker was seeking out. “Hey Fatale, Im looking for Berserker, its really important” read the text message. Spitfire hit send and waited for a reply “Hey S, he was here last night and left a note for you. You should come over” was the response Fatale sent. Spitfire followed the directions to her house and knocked. “Hey Spitfire!” exclaimed Fatale embracing him “its been a while “Yeah it has, you don’t come up and visit us too often” Spitfire said “Berserker was here?” “Yeah, last night, he left really early this morning” Fatale said “And left this for you” “Another note, great” Spitfire said sarcastically taking the note from Fatale “You are being followed Spitfire my charger was towed last night the police are on to you, and therefore on to me I know that you are not going to quit following me, but im afraid that if you catch up they will also catch up. I cant prove my innocence yet, but you have to believe that I didn’t do it! Im going to go to her place, and try to get this mess sorted out” read the note “Oh god” Spitfire said “How long ago did you think he left?” “Maybe an hour before you” Fatale said “Fuck” Spitfire said “He is halfway there now, I have gotta catch him” Spitfire went for the door, but Fatale grabbed his arm “Spitfire, please, tell me whats going on” Fatale said “I don’t know” Spitfire responded “but the RCMP seem to think that Berserker did something, or is connected to something. They were not specific” “Why is he running then?” Fatale asked “I don’t know we want to help. I trust him, I know that he did not do whatever they thought he did” Spitfire said “But he is about to do something really stupid, I have to stop him” “You won’t catch him...” Fatale said “What do you mean?” asked Spitfire “He is long gone from wherever he was going. He stayed here for a few hours, left before dawn” Fatale said “Why did you lie to me?” asked Spitfire “He asked me to. He doesn’t want you to find him, but I think he wants you to chase him” Fatale said “If he is right about the police wont going after him now just lead them to him sooner. Why don’t you stay a while...” “I cant, I really have to-“ Spitfire said, being interrupted by Fatale kissing him “No, we can’t do this” “I want to” Fatale said “No, you don’t” Spitfire said “I have known you for a long time, your doing this to try and protect Berserker” “No, you are more capable of protecting him than I am” Fatale said “Please, I know youve wanted that from me for a long time” “It doesn’t matter what I want” Spitfire said “What do you want Spitfire?” asked Fatale pulling him closer “I know you want me” “No, I really cant” Spitfire said “Yes you can” Fatale said kissing him again “Come on, it will be fun” *** “Where the fuck is he?” asked Cowboy, he was pacing back and forth in Crests apartment. Crest pulled a cigarette from a pack and lit it up. “I don’t fucking know, he hasn’t answered any text or calls” Crest said putting the smoke in his mouth “Drifter tells me that Berserker came to him last night to hide, and Spitfire followed him” Defiler said “Fuck, I hope he hasn’t gone and done something stupid” Cowboy said *** Dave looked at the new Charger he had picked up last night. “Berserker...” Dave said to himself “This man will not drive alone, not like Spitfire, well Id better get started on this” *** Spitfire laid beside Fatale, under the blankets and devoid of clothing. Fatale cuddled closer to Spitfire “You know” she said “You’re a lot better than I thought you would be” “I am full of surprises” said Spitfire “Why did you want this so suddenly” “It has never been sudden” Fatale said “Since high school. I watched you grow up, become more confident and a sweet guy, a gentlemen. You were the ideal material, but you kept going for those sluts in highschool, they kept cheating on you and I watched you change, you were becoming less interested in women. Mostly, I was afraid that I would do the same thing to you” Fatale said “I kept falling more and more in love with you every time we spoke” “Thanks” Spitfire said “You knew I liked you, but I cant have you now” “Why not?” asked Fatale “I cant explain it right now, and no, its not another woman. Its something else, whatever Berserker got himself involved in could be dangerous. I don’t want you to be in danger” Spitfire said, getting out of bed and putting his clothes on. “Your worth the risk” Fatale said “I don’t want to loose you, and if that means all I can ever be is your friend then I will have to live with it. Im sorry” Spitfire said leaving the room. “I will love you forever Spitfire” Fatale said “Nothing is going to change that now” *** Spitfire was driving home. “Its too late” Spitfire said to himself “He could be arrested now” His phone started ringing he answered it “Hello?” said Spitfire “Where the fuck have you been?” it was Cowboy “I was looking for Berserker, I have a lead” said Spitfire “He is going to go visit Rogue” The phone went silent for a moment. “We’ll go to her place Spitfire, meet us back at the apartment when you get here” Cowboy said, hanging up. *** Cowboy knocked on the door. Crest and Defiler waited. “No answer” said Cowboy, turning the knob “But...the door is open” “Let’s go” said Crest “No way! What if she is home!” Cowboy said “You know her right, say your dropping in looking for Berserker” said Defiler. The three walked inside. The place was a wreck and it looked like she had not been home for some time. “She packed in a hurry” said Defiler “Isnt she living in Moncton?” asked Cowboy “Yeah, but, this looks like her stuff. I see pictures of her and Spitfire everywhere” Crest said “I found something!” said Defiler “Its an envelope, it says for Spitfire” “Oh boy, keep that but don’t give it to him. Not yet” Cowboy said “You want to see whats inside before crushing the guy?” asked Defiler “Yeah, and thats not what we are here for, wheres Berserker?” asked Cowboy “I think I have an answer for that, read this” said Crest handing Cowboy at note “I am starting to think that this is all my thought. Alone driving with no one to talk to, you start thinking. Spitfire, you and Rogue should have been together a long time ago, and be married by now. You two were meant to be together, your perfect for each other. I didn’t see this at the time, or maybe I didn’t care. I know you know that Rogue and I used to fuck around alot, and that was the biggest reason why you two never dated. I’m sorry, I kept you from being happy and you still were my best friend. Rogue thinks that I raped her, the RCMP think I have killed her and hid the body and I cant prove otherwise yet. I know you and the guys are looking for me and trying to find a way to help, but I cant be found. Not yet, there is something else going on here Spitfire, the roads are not safe anymore, Im going to lay low for a while with the woman who loves me.” “Fuck, he has been here and gone already” said Defiler “I never knew...” said Crest “I did. You know what, here is how much Spitfire loves her. He was just happy that she was happy” Cowboy said “You mean loved” Defiler responded “No, loves. He cant let her go, he has tried before and failed and now he doesn’t want to. He is so close” Cowboy said “Only to have it get fucked up by her” said Crest “She probably wanted sex from Berserker, then regretted it immediately after” “You think they fucked?” asked Defiler “Wouldn’t surprise me, given Berserkers rep and her obsession with being with Spitfire, shes feeling guilt thats why she disappeared, she cant face him” Cowboy looked at his phone “Your both wrong” he said “Berserker hasn’t seen her for a while either, and this started that one night when the three of us went to Moncton. Come on, Spitfire is waiting at the apartment” *** Spitfire read the note and put it down. “We really have to find him, now” said Spitfire “What did that lady cop want to see you for Spitfire?” asked Cowboy “...she asked me if I knew anything about that night in Moncton, supposedly the night that Rogue got sexually assaulted by Broadsword” Spitfire said with some hesitation. Cowboy, Defiler and Crest’s jaws dropped in suprise. “What?” asked Cowboy “Thats what that was all about?” “Why are they looking for Berserker?” asked Crest “If they already have a suspect...” “I don’t know” said Spitfire “I think that Berserker is making this up, he has incorrect information. We need to find him before they charge him with evading arrest” “Unless since then they have reason to believe that he is the suspect” said Defiler “If they fucked before...those people now are the most likely candidates” “He is at Tempest’s place” said Spitfire “Come on, before he takes off again” *** “What does he mean the roads are not safe anymore?” asked Crest “There is a group of gorilla terrorists, they take to the roads in cars with guns on them. They attack innocent civilians and wrecked the shipyard in Halifax” said Cowboy “Wait, didn’t they attack you?” asked Defiler “Werent they caught” “Apparently not all of them” said Spitfire “Or maybe those ones escaped” They knocked on Tempest’s door, she answered in a house coat “Hey guys” she said “Whats going on?” “Were looking for Berserker, have you seen him lately?” asked Cowboy “Yeah, he stopped in earlier and left this for you Spitfire, he said that you would come here looking for you. He said that he was going to visit an old friends place in his old town and may not be able to talk to me for a few days” Tempest said closing the door and turning off the light “Well, that was quick” said Defiler “Yeah, weird...think shes hiding something” asked Cowboy “I don’t know” said Spitfire “Old town...New Glascow” “There is only one person he would visit there” said Crest “...fuck, I do not want to go visit Ghost...” Spitfire said “Then don’t” said Defiler “Crest and I can go, we are better friends with her anyway. Besides, you have school tomorrow” “Allright, Im going to bed” said Spitfire getting into his CRZ. Cowboy got into his Delorian and Crest and Defiler got into their highly modified Mustang. “When do you want to head out tomorrow?” asked Defiler “I danno, whenever we wake up” said Crest *** "Wake up bitch" said Defiler throwing some pants on Crest "Fuck off Defiler, its early" Crest said "Yeah, but we need to get going" said Defiler "Now come one, we need to find Ghost" "Fucks sakes...Spitfire had the right idea, if memory serves, she is a crazy, clingy bitch" Crest responded, getting out of bed "Why would Berserker go there?" asked Defiler "Beats me, doesnt make any sense, he has no interest in her...but it also doesnt make any sense for the cops to be chasing him either" Crest said "Let me shower and we will head out" *** Spitfire sat in the classroom half asleep. It was almost lunchtime. His head rested on his left arm and he somewhat paid attention to what was being taught. Outside the door he saw a man, and heard a knock. The instructor opened the door and had a conversation with the man. "Okay class dismissed, looks like there has been a warning put out" said the instructor "It encouraging all persons to leave class and work now and go home" "Shit" spitfire said under his breath. The class packed up and left spitfire followed and began calling crest "Pick up your phone, fuck" There was no answer. Spitfire called Cowboy "Hey Spitfire" answered Cowboy "Cowboy we have a problem" Spitfire said "I know, no one on the roads" Cowboy said "Where is Crest and Defiler?" Spitfire said "They should be on their way home now" Cowboy said "Shit, try and call them" Spitfire said "Guaranteed they are not listening to the radio at all..." *** "Fucks sakes" said Crest getting into Defilers car "Your right fucks sakes, we missed him" Defiler responded "She said something about a friend in Moncton, thats gotta be you" said Crest "How, Berserker has not contacted any of us for days" Defiler said starting the car" "Does he still have the key to your place?" asked Crest "...fuck" Defiler said "Call Spitfire, now" "Spitfire!" said Crest "Crest, you and Defiler need to get off the roads now, something is going on" Spitfire said "What? Why?" asked Crest "I dont know, everyone has just been told to stay off them" Spitfire said "Thats not important, Berserker is at my place in moncton" said Defiler "Go-" The sentence was interrupted by an explosion behind them "The fuck?!?!" said Defiler and Crest "We gotta go Spitfire, shits blowing up back here!" Crest said "Drive as fast as you can, help will be there soon" Spitfire said hanging up *** "Shit!" Spitfire said getting into his car "Berserker will have to wait, I need to get to Crest and Defiler" Spitfire screamed out of the parking lot and blasted down the road towards New Glascow "Fuck, its a 2 hour drive at best, I hope that they can last" *** "Fuck, I need to go faster!" said Spitfire he had only been driving an hour but has heard no word from Crest or Defiler. His phone started ringing, it was Cowboy "Cowboy, have you heard from Crest or Defiler?" asked Spitfire "No, but they are all over the news. They are being chased by a posse of porches, which are shooting at them" "Why isnt the police helping?" asked Spitfire "They cant, these cars have blown up half a dozen interceptors" Cowboy said "And the military doesnt think they can be there in time" Cowboy said, spitfire put down his phone. "I was about 2 and a half hours from them, we have both been driving an hour at top speed...30 minutes, thats all they need" he said to himself "Cowboy, tell them to keep ahead of those guys for 30 minutes, the military should be there by that time" Spitfire hung up the phone. Spitfire flicked the switch, his car changed colour and he floored it. “Hang on guys, im coming” *** "They’re gaining on us!" Crest said "Shit, I know" Defiler said. A blue blur passed by them, barely able to be seen. "The fuck was that?" asked Crest "Okay ladies, lets dance" Spitfire said pushing buttons on his steering wheel. The mini machine guns mounted under his hood sprayed out of a wave of bullets sparking of the cars and ashpault. One of the drivers swereved and smashed into the ditch, his car's front end smashed in. Spitfire pulled the emergency break and spun his car around 180 degrees and started chasing the next vehicle. He opened fire and sparks shot up behind the tires, the rubber exploded off the tires and the car began to fishtail and spin out. Spitfire turned to avoid the car as it spun itself into a guardrail. The other two porches gunned it down the highway, they did not seem interested in following them. Spitfire looked around, Defilers car was no where to be seen. "They must have taken off" Spitfire said. Sirens roared in the distance " Good thing, I cant be seen here" spitfire floored the accelerator and drove away from the sirens. *** "It was fucking amazing!" Crest proclaimed "This car just came out of no where and started blasting at those guys!" "He certainly saved our lives" Defiler said "How do you know it was a he?" asked Vanilla "Yeah, how do you know?" Daggar asked "Typical you think a girl could have driven like that" Crest said "Nope, they would have driven better" Daggar said, sticking her tongue out. There was a knock at the appartment. "Its cowboy" said a voice "Come on up" Crest said, there was footsteps on the stairs "You guys seen Spitfire" asked Cowboy "No, thought he was with you" Defiler said "No, I havent heard from him" Cowboy said "Not since he called earlier about you guys" "Damn" Vanilla said "What are you doing here?" asked Cowboy "What do you think? Im looking for Spitfire" Vanilla said "I havent heard from him" "Ever think he doesnt want to talk to you" Defiler said "Nope, how could any guy resist me" Vanilla responded "If you are so irresistible, then why not go for another guy" Cowboy said "I just showed up to ask if he was here, you guys are fucking pricks" Vanilla said. There was another knocking at the door. "Yo, its Spitfire" said the voice "Come on up, where have you been" asked Cowboy "I was hanging out with Vanill-" began Spitfire as he walked up the stairs "ah...shit" "Really now" Vanilla said sarcastically "I dont remember this" "Where were you REALLY" asked Cowboy "We were worried, you know with those guys on the roads" "I cant tell you" Spitfire said, turning to leave "Cant, or wont?" asked Crest "I need to go find Berserker, Ill talk later" Spitfire said. Vanilla dashed infront of him "Talk now, where have you been. Last we heard you were out driving...we thought you were dead" Vanilla said "Seriously?" Spitfire asked "I'm insulted, Im invincible after all" Spitfire tried to move around Vanilla but she moved infront of him "Spill. Where were you" Vanilla said "You are not going to believe me, even if I told you the truth" Spitfire said "You werent studying, we called the school and we checked the appartment. You were not around town, we looked for your car. Last we heard you were driving towards Crest and Defiler AFTER they were being chased by some assholes with machine guns on their car" Cowboy said "Yeah, a car passed me" Spitfire said "It was blue, then the police stopped me and told me to hold tight" "We didnt see you spitfire, were you looking for Berserker?" asked Crest "You want the truth, fine, follow me" Spitfire said *** Spitfire sat in his car and turned it on, then flicked a switch. The engine roared with power, tiny holes opened up on his hood. The colour changed from the white to a blue/black paint scheme. "Oh my god" Defiler said "No" "Yes" Spitfire said, turning off his car as it returned to normal "That was you?" asked Crest "Fucking badass" "When were you going to tell me?" asked Vanilla "Did the RCMP put you up to this?" "Yes to crest, no to Vanilla" Spitfire said "Someone else did" "You done good kid" said a voice in the shadows walking up the street. It was Dave "So, is this going to be your army?" "No, they are not getting involved" Spitfire said "Thats not your choice. Its theirs" Dave said "So what will it be kids? Do you want to help save the world?" "Fuck yes" Defiler said "I'm in" The others said nothing. "Its dangerous" said Daggar "Dont do this" "Its going to be fucking fun!" Defiler said "Cant you see it, if Spitfire can drive like that I am sure that I can" "You have the wrong attitude kid" said Dave "This will kill you, kill the ones you love. You will be miserable and hate the enemy with every part of your being" "So, what your going to say no to me?" asked Defiler "No, we need you. We need all of you and obviously you trusted them enough to show them this" Dave said "I didnt want to put them at risk" Spitfire said "I figured it be safer if they knew so that if anything happened, they could get out of here" "I cant drive" said Crest "I dont want to fight" said Cowboy "Thats okay, we can still use you. Come on, we have work to do. How about you little lady, are you in or out?" said Dave "Ill follow you anywhere Spitfire" Vanilla said kissing his cheek "thats all I wanted to see you for" she whispered in his ear "Guys, I may not be able to protect you. You could die" said Spitfire "You dont need to protect us spitfire, together we can be unstoppable" Cowboy said "Well then, come on, bring your cars we have work to do before the next attack" Dave said "Go on without me guys, Im going to check on something" Spitfire said. Cowboy got into his delorian, Vanilla her beatle, Defiler into his mustand with Daggar and Crest. Spitfire drove in the opposite direction as these guys. "You need to stop fighting alone Spitfire" Dave said "Otherwise, you will loose your friends" “He isn’t fighting alone” said Drifter “Hes looking for his friend” *** The highway was quiet. There was several transport trucks with a cop car or two driving nearby. Providing escort. “That wont do them any good” Spitfire said to himself. He couldn’t stop thinking of Rogue. They had mindless driven this stretch of highway uncountable times. “Get a grip Spitfire” he said to himself “She lied to you, probably cheated on you. She deservers what happened to her...” Spitfire turned up his music all the way, the best way to not think was to not be able to hear yourself. *** “What the fuck are we doing, and...why do you have Berserkers car?” asked Drifter “I towed it, to prevent the police from getting at it. I have been modifying it for combat, like Spitfire’s car” Dave said “So, what were you thinking of doing?” asked Vanilla “Well...I want you guys to go out back and drive around my field. Do not hit my hay bails” Dave said. They got back into their cars and drove out back. Dave climbed to the top of his garage to watch them. *** Spitfire arrived at Defilers place. He looked for the spare key under the mat and let himself in. It looked like no one was there or had been there for some time. Right infront of him was an envelope with his name on it. Spitfire opened the envelope and it read: “Your being followed Spitfire. You are not going to find or catch up with me. Dont take it personally, but I think the cops and whoever set me up is following you to try and get to me. I want you to keep leading them, buy me some time to figure this out. Im going to our friends girls place.I swear to you I didn’t do it, and she loves you. She always has and always will. Give her time and space and she will come back to you. Safe travels – B” “Thanks for the vote of confidence” said Spitfire. He heard sirens in the distance. “Time to go, Berserker I hope you know what you are doing” Spitfire jumped into his car and squealed as he blasted out of Defilers drive way. *** Dave was evaluating the driving skills of the young men and woman infront of him. How could each car be modified to best take advantage of the drivers skills. “Hmm...” Dave said “That Defiler drives well, but he does have support...perhaps turrets one on the front and one on the roof for his crew to control...Increased armour and power. It will accelerate slower, not be as maneveurable as other models...but it will have the power and defence to hold the line” Dave looked at the Volkswagen Beatle. “That blonde, Vanilla, shes here because Spitfire is here” Dave looked down at the tow truck “Support, just like Houston. She should have...rear flame throwers, oil projectors, mines...side firing weapons, maybe shooting about 45 degrees off off the side of the car, and a machine gun or two for forward weapons” Dave then turned his attention to the Delorian. “Cowboy isn’t that strong of a driver. Im not sure what to do with his car yet. Besides, he would be more useful coordinating this band” Dave then turn his attention to the Charger. He was working on making it similar to Spitfires, alot of aggressive foward fire power. 4 forward machine guns, 2 heavier chain guns would come out from the trunk along the sides of the car. As well as a flame thrower at the front, allowing this guy to get close and torch the enemy. “ Yeah, that will suit you just fine” *** Spitfire arrived back at Dave’s garage, there was the cars with their hoods open. It looked like they were installing machine guns similar to Spitfires. “They wont have as many as you kid” said Dave to spitfire “I have other plans for these guys. Come on, lend a hand. The next attack could happen any second now” Spitfire headed over to Defilers car and help him mount the guns. “Your uncle tells me that I get some turrets, one for daggar and one for crest since they always seem to ride with me. Hes making this thing heaver and able to dish out more damage in more directions” Defiler said “Sounds like its perfect for you” Spitfire said “But this is going to take some time” “Oh yes” Dave said “We will finish the machine guns and paint tonight so that you are all ready to go whenever. Once done, we are all going to work one one vehicle at a time in order to get it up sooner. We cannot afford to have a group of vehicles down if we need them. When you can Spitfire, we will be starting with yours” “What do you have in mind for Vanilla?” asked Spitfire. Vanilla came up behind spitfire and kissed his neck “Why don’t you drive me home and I can tell you about it” Vanilla said. Spitfire looked at dave and he nodded. Spitfire and Vanilla walked to his car and drove away. “We all done here?” asked Crest “Yeah, we are done. You guys head home and stay rested.” Dave said “You may be needed at any time” *** Spitfire and Vanilla drove down the road in silence for several minutes. "Whats going on" Vanilla asked "Alot" Spitfire said sadly "I'm taking you home, then I need to get to halifax" "Whats going on with Berserker?" asked Vanilla "I dont know, he is running from me and something else..." Spitfire said "He must know something...or someone thinks he knows something" "Theres more" Vanilla said touching spitfires hand "Please, let me in" "Vanilla, I cant. Not with this" Spitfire said "Not yet, hopefully...someday" "Its about Rogue" Vanilla said. Spitfire looked at her "Cowboy told me, I'm so sorry Spitfire" "What are you sorry for, you didn't do anything?" asked Spitfire taking a deep breath "I know you love her, and I can't replace her" Vanilla said "But, will you please, let me try?" Spitfire smiled and kissed her on the cheek "Yeah, I can let you try. Here's your stop, thanks for understanding Vanilla" Vanilla kissed him and left his car. "Spitfire, you are one lucky fuck by times" Spitfire said to himself driving away *** Dave worked alone on Vanilla's vehicle, he dropped his wrench and hit his head on the car. "FUCK!" he yelled "Thought you said we should rest up" said a voice and Cowboy walked in from the shadows "No, I said you need to keep rested. Whats on your mind Cowboy?" Dave asked "Spitfire" said Cowboy "I'm worried about him, he said that he is off to halifax" "Chasing that Berserker fellow I imagine" Dave said "Good, he is going to need all the help he can get" "Dave" Cowboy said "I've been doing some digging online. Turns out all the attacks started from seaports and entire shipments of vehicles disappeared. That is hundreads of cars" "I was wondering when someone was going to dig that up" Dave said "Yeah, we are out numbered" "Then why dont you help us" Cowboy said "I cant. I made a promise, to Convoy and others" Dave said "This game, it cost you" "How much" asked Cowboy "Convoy lost a wife, a best friend. Spitfires father lost a father" Dave said "But, it doesnt stop there, lots of civilians paid with their lives because we were unable or unwilling to help by times. This will cost you, it will cost spitfire and you all will be miserable for the rest of your lives" "Thats why spitfire didn't want us involved?" Cowboy asked "Yeah, hes good but all of you can be unstoppable" Dave said "Your out numbered, out gunned. This will be hard, some of you may die, but I believe you are the best and only chance we have, Im washed out, so are the rest of us. We would only get in your way" "I hope you know what your doing Dave" Cowboy said, leaving "Yeah, me too kid" Dave said, returning to work. *** Spitfire stopped infront of Daggar's apartment. There was a note on the door. "Surprise, surprise" Spitfire said to himself walking up and opening the note. "I couldn't get in here, so I am heading back home to appologize to a girl that I hurt - B" read the note "Fucks sakes" Spitfire said taking out his phone and dialing a number "Cowboy, its spitfire. Berserker is heading back to town, he is heading to Stillettos place" Spitfire said "I'll head there now, maybe we can catch him this time" Cowboy said hanging up the phone and running out to his car. *** "Yeah, that little shit showed up!" Yelled Stilletto to Cowboy "I slapped him and kicked his ass to the sidewalk" "Glad to see your not harbouring any grudges. Did he give you or tell you anything?" Cowboy said "Yeah, he appologized then he said he was going to that whores place!" Stilletto said slamming the door. "What a pleasant young lady..."Cowboy said "Fuck, he is in freddy..." *** Spitfire answered his phone as he drove down the road "Yo" spitfire said "Yeah spitfire no joy on Stilletto, I figure he is heading to Fredericton. To go visit that clingy whore he cheated on Stilletto with" Cowboy said "Fuck, its too late to get there now" Spitfire said "Fuck, what was her name again" "Falcon" Cowboy said "Remember?" "Yeah, I do now. Im going home and going to sleep, I suppose we will take care of that tomorrow" "Think we could just find this broad on facebook or something?" asked Cowboy "That would be easier, but she could also ignore us. She cant ignore me if I am there" Spitfire said "I'll talk to you tomorrow" *** Spitfire got out of class and was preparing for the drive home when he saw Vanilla's Beatle. "Vanilla?" he said walking up to the car "Hey Spitfire" Vanilla said kissing Spitfire "You didnt tell us you had a girlfriend!" yelled one of spitfires classmates "You never asked" Spitfire responded "Whats going on?" "Well, since we are like 20 minutes closer to freddy, I thought that I would come up and drive with you" Vanilla said. Spitfire smiled "Thanks, Dave get your car finished?" asked Spitfire "Yes, he worked all through the night" Vanilla responded "And, may I say, it is fucking sexy" "Not as sexy as the driver" Spitfire said kissing Vanilla's cheek and getting into his car "Now keep up with me, if you can" *** "What do you mean vanished?!" yelled Crest "I mean fucking vanished man!" Defiler yelled back "What the fuck, how do they just disappear, where have they been?" asked Crest "I dont know" Defiler said "Cowboy told me he has been doing some hacking and cant find anything on these attacks, not even RCMP or CSIS have anything recorded" "Damn" Crest said "What cop was Spitfire dealing with anyway?" "I dont know, call him" Defiler said. Crest got out his phone and dialed Spitfires number "Spitfire, we need to know what cops you have been dealing with, no its important...Saber...and Scimitar? Great thanks, no, dont worry I'll fill you in when you get back" Crest said "Saber, Scimitar?" asked Defiler "Yes, shall we go to the cop stop?" asked Crest, walking towards the door *** "Well, that was useless" said Vanilla "This is what happens everytime I go to a place he has been" Spitfire said "What did the note say?" asked Vanilla "Spitfire, I am going to see an old friend of ours. One we havent seen in years" Spitfire said "This is fucking bullshit, why are we chasing him" "Because he is your friend and you want to help him" Vanilla said "Yeah" spitfire said, exhausted "I'm getting tired of this Vanilla. Part of me just wants to let him do his thing and hope for the best" "I know" Vanilla said kissing spitfire "Exams are comming soon" Spitfire said "I won't have time for this" "Cowboy, Defiler and Crest can take care of it. You just take care of yourself" Vanilla said "I'll try, come on, lets go home" *** Spitfire was driving home when he recieved a phone call from an unknown number. "Hello?" he answered "Spitfire, its Constable Saber" said the voice "Constable, good to hear from you. Whats going on?" asked Spitfire "I hope your not talking and driving young man" Saber said "No, I'm using bluetooth" Spitfire said "Now, what do I owe the pleasure of your call?" "Its about Rogue" Saber said "Thats nice, I thought I was done with that" Spitfire said "Well, we need you to come to a hotel in moncton, its on main street" Saber said "Need and in legally obligated, or need as you would like me to?" asked Spitfire "It can be need as in I will throw your ass in jail and have you executed if you dont" Saber said, angerly "For the record, I dont want to help but I will be there in an hour" Spitfire said hanging up the phone and dialling Vanilla "Vanilla, I need to head to moncton, something has come up" Spitfire said "I'll talk to you when I can" Spitfire then floored the accelerator and took off. Vanilla tried to catch up but Spitfire out drove her and she was left in his dust. "God damnit spitfire, what have you gotten yourself into this time?" Vanilla asked *** "Spitfire, glad you came" said Saber "Whats going on Saber?" asked Spitfire "Rogue has come to us for protective custody" Saber said "and, since you are the only person she trusts, she asked if you could be her protection until we get her out of here" Saber said "Me? I'm no cop, I can't shoot" said Spitfire "No, but I have seen you drive. That could be useful, here is your room key, room 308, your cover story is that you two are on your honeymoon" Saber said "No rings? No one will believe that" said Spitfire "How about that one you wear around your neck" Saber said "The one that is supposed to be on her finger, sorry kid, you cant hide much from me" "For the record,I dont want to do this and I think I am NOT the best guy for the job" Spitfire said taking the keys and entering the hotel room *** Spitfire opened the door and had a 9mm pistol pointed in his direction. "Hello Rogue" said Spitfire. She was crying and dropped the gun and ran into his arms. Spitfire turned around and locked the door. "Im so sorry" Rogue said. Spitfire had an unimpressed look on his face. "Come on, Dear" said spitfire "It is not your fault that you were given the wrong directions to give to me, I ended up in Fredericton" Rogue looked at him with confusion. Spitfire whispered "At least pretend that we are married, otherwise the RCMP will think I am not doing my job and will probably shoot me" "You didnt choose to come?" asked Rogue "No, I was threatened with incarceration and or death" Spitfire said walking to a garment bag. It had his name on it. "Funny, I dont remember bringing this..."Spitfire said opening up the bag. It had a kevlar armour inside, vest, arms and leg plating. "Oh honey, my tux, did we really need this" Spitfire said with some sarcasm "It pays to be prepared, dear" responded Rogue, still crying somewhat. At the bottom of the bag there was a pair of pistols with extra clips. "Rogue, what have you gotten yourself into?" asked Spitfire *** "He said something came up and he had to go to moncton" Vanilla told Cowboy "I dont like this" Cowboy said "You dont have to like it kid, just deal with it" Dave said "Looks like your the one in charge now, bring your car over here and let us get to work" "I cant drive" Cowboy said "You cant drive well, and right now it looks like Spitfire cant drive at all. Know what that means, you driving actually makes us better off, atleast until we can get some answers. I pray that it has been as quiet as it has been recently" Dave said *** "Im sorry I lied to you that night, but I didnt want you to worry about me. I got the feeling that you didn't trust Broadsword" Rogue said "Dont you love it when I'm right" Spitfire said "Cant you feel a little bit bad for me, or feel something?" asked Rogue "I'm beyond that" Spitfire said "Everything you told me could have been a lie. Why should I believe any of this" "Im telling the truth!" Rogue yelled "Prove it" Spitfire said. Rogue did nothing "You can't can you. Trust doesnt just come back like that Rogue" Spitfire said "It first has to be earned, and frankly I dont feel that you are worth my trust" "Atleast you feel that for me,I'll take hate over nothing" Rogue said "It means you still think of me" "Get some sleep" Spitfire said turning off the lights and taking a seat in a chair. He drew his pistol and pointed it at the door *** "Spitfire!" yelled Rogue. Spitfire laid on the floor of a restaurant with an empty box in his hand. "What happened" asked Spitfire "Well, sir" said a waiter "It seems that you asked the lady to marry you, and she agreed. Then you fainted" "Really?" asked Spitfire "Really" responded Rogue, showing off the ring and kissing Spitfire. Spitfire got up and sat back in his chair. The restaurant applauded and spitfire turned red "Where were we?" asked Spitfire "Wake up" said a voice. Spitfires vision started to go grey "Wake up" "Wake up" Wake up *** Spitfire was on a carpeted floor, back at the hotel room. "Thank god your okay" said Rogue "I heard you fall" "I think I started falling asleep, I'm fine" Spitfire said. Reality sucks "I think you should go to bed" said Rogue "There is RCMP around us under cover as well, you were expected to sleep at night" Spitfire looked at the single bed in the room and sighed "How are the sleeping arrangements supposed to work?" asked Spitfire "Well, normally, the man isnt wearing armour or guns" Rogue said taking off Spitfires shirt "And normally the man is holding his woman tightly, making her feel safe" God. This is a terrible idea. "I know you dont trust me, but please, atleast for one night can we pretend that nothing bad ever happened?" asked Rogue, taking off her bathrobe revealing her naked body God. This. Is. A. BAD IDEA. Rogue pulled Spitfire closer and kisses his neck Think about Vanilla. Rogue kissed Spitfire Vanilla isnt Rogue. Spitfire kissed Rogue back You Idiot. Rogue undid Spitfires pants and he lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed. What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Thinking. *** Spitfire woke up the next morning, holding Rogue in his arms. This was the first time you fucked her, how did it feel? It felt great. Relucantly Spitfire got out of bed and put on the kevlar armour again, then put on his clothes. "Come back to bed" said Rogue "Sorry love" Spitfire said "I have work to do" Rogue wrapped herself in a blanket and came over to Spitfire and gave him a kiss "Thanks for making me feel safe" she said as she walked to the shower and closed the door. The door to the room opened and in walked Saber "Your late" Spitfire said "I never told you when I would, and if I would, arrive" Saber said "True, but you should have come sooner none the less" Spitfire said "No, you both needed last night. You belong together you know" Saber said "I want answers Saber, what is going on. Why is Rogue in your protection, why are you hunting my friend?" "Berserker. We aren't hunting him, someone else is. We are trying to protect him" Saber said "Protect him from what?" asked Spitfire "The same people after Rouge, and now, after you" Saber said "You manipulative bitch" Spitfire said "Im stuck with her" "She was never raped" Saber said "She needed a good excuse to explain her irrational behavior. You see, Broadsword came to her that night because he wanted her by his side. Spitfire, you must have assumed that Broadsword, as much as he loves Katana, he desires Rogue more, turns out he got into contact with some people about bringing new weapons of terrorism to Canada, so that they can get to the united states. The plan was, as far as we can tell, to offload these weapons and smuggle them unnoticed to the US/Canada border. Then they could destroy the united states from the inside out. Broadsword saw a way to capitolize on this and began the attacks on his own command, he isnt following any orders. Rogue found this out and jumped out of his truck and ran away. Seeking safety from us, but not before texting everyone she could to warn them. Unfortuneatly, it looks like Berserker was the only one to receive the message. Thats why he started running and hiding. You will not catch up with him, you are leading the enemy safely away from everyone who can do anything about it" "Im cannon fodder, is that it?" asked Spitfire "We will do everything in our power to keep you safe" Saber said "But yes, you are not expected to live through this" "This is fucking bullshit" Spitfire said "No, I am being quite honnest with you" Saber responded "This is the only way to protect the people you care about your family and friends" "My family and friends. Oh god, Saber I need to make a phone call, and it must be private" Spitfire said "Im afraid I cant let you do that" Saber said "You have handed me a death sentence, consider it a last request" Spitfire said pulling out his gun and pointing at his head "Or you will not have my help" "Oh god, no spitfire please dont!" yelled Rogue "Saber, let him have the damn call" "As you wish, but, say nothing that will comprimise this operation" *** "Cowboy answer your fucking phone" Spitfire said "Hello?" asked Cowboy "Cowboy, its spitfire shut up and listen. Do not, I SAY AGAIN, DO NOT, go after Berserker. Theres something strange about this whole thing, I want you guys to stay out of it" "We cant" said Cowboy "Im on my way back from Sydney now, Vanilla told me, he went to see Raptor" "Christ Cowboy, your in danger, get out of there" Spitfire said as he hear the sound of bullets being shot and the phone went dead. "Oh god no, please no" Spitfire said as he began to cry. *** "All of Berserkers friends are out looking for him" Spitfire said to Saber "I called my friend to warn him and to tell him to stop the chase for the time being, then I heard him get shot at and the phone went dead. He was on his way back from Sydney, you have to do something" "Sorry Spitfire, he is on his own" Saber said *** "Fucks sakes" says Cowboy, swerving his delorian across the road. He grips his steering wheel with both hands and pushes a hidden button with each. He uses his middle fingers to push different buttons, dropping small, spiky spheres from below his car. His pursuers drove over them and exploded. Cowboy shifted down and accelerated, putting as much distance between him and any remaining cars. *** "VANILLA! STOP!" shouted Dave as she tore out of the garage "ITS NOT FINISHED YET!" "Fuck" said Defiler "What do we do?" "Go after her" said Dave "Your forward gun and turret are finished" "I'm going with you" said Crest "Its dangerous, we haven't finished anything else yet!" said Defiler "The transformation systems is still buggy" "Just go as you are, NOW! Cowboy's car doesn't have offensive capability yet" Dave said. Crest and Defiler dove into the modified Mustang and chased after the beatle. *** Cowboy was charging down the highway, his vehicle moving quickly back towards home. The vehicles that followed him seemed to be without end, all high end European import cars. "Murdered by a Mercedes...outstanding" said Cowboy to himself. He pushed the hidden buttons on the back side of his steering wheel. Nothing happened. "Fuck" he said to himself. Ahead on the horizon he saw a pair of cars. He pulled as far right as he could hoping that they were the cavalry. Vanilla slowed down and pulled behind Defiler's car. Cowboy blasted past them, en route to Dave's. Vanilla pulled beside Defiler and both cars opened fire with a fury of bullets, sparking off the road and off the hoods of the approaching vehicles. Vanilla fell behind Defiler again, the other cars kept coming. "Fine, We'll punch through you" said Defiler. Crest roared as he fired straight ahead, forcing some of the cars to spin out and clearing a path between them for their and Vanilla's car to pass through. Once through Vanialla pulled her emergency break and spun her car around 180 degrees, Defiler did the same and both cars accelerated to the remaining formation. *** "Where the fuck is he?" asked Defiler. Defiler, Crest, Daggar, Cowboy and Vanilla sat around their cars, covered with paint and grease. "Its been a week, ONE week" said Vanilla "And none of you have heard from him?" "the cops have him" Cowboy said "I broke into their netowrk last night. There was mention of 2 people in protective custody, and the second one showed up about the time Spitfire dissappeared. They took them to some resort in the mountains" "Then lets go get them!" Crest said "No" Cowboy said "They dont suspect him or us as being the drivers yet" "Fuck, going after him would only blow our cover. He is on his own" Defiler said *** Spitfire got out of bed, beside him was a naked Rogue, he couldn't sleep. He walked to the bathroom and took a piss then put on some pants and looked outside. "One fucking week, they took my cellphone and cut off all contact with the outside world..." he said to himself "Baby? Whats wrong?" asked Rouge, getting out of bed and putting her arms around him. "Im worried about the guys" Spitfire said "They are out looking for Berserker, what if them" "Sabre promised that she would keep them safe, she owes you after all" Rogue said kissing Spitfires shoulder "Come back to bed, they will be fine" *** Dave walked in and slammed the door behind him. Cowboy was sitting asleep at a desk working on a biker helmet, he jumped, surprised by the door. "You really ough to sleep" said Dave "Your right, but I think I have this working" said Cowboy "Thanks for getting us those parts" "No problem, so what exactly is this?" "This helmet is a heads up display with a wireless receiver" said Cowboy holding up the helmet. "It can receive information from the car regarding damage, fluid and ammo usage pretty much anything. I've also set it up with a basic radio so that we can easily communicate among ourselves as well as a phone. Setting it up was actually quite easy, it is a heavily modified super phone operating system" "Im surprised you were able to get that done so quickly" Dave said "Quickly? Dave, its been a month and nothing has happened since our last skirmish. Spitfire is the coding guy, he would have had this done in half the time, and oh yeah, hes fucking missing. Still" Cowboy said "You said you knew where he was" Dave said "I said the mountains, are you aware of the number of mountains around here, with possible resorts, hotels and lodges and he could be in any one of them" Cowboy said "Have you finished the modifications to the cars?" "Yeah, the camo paint is done, press a button and an electrical current is passed through the paint changing its colour. The weapons systems can now hide within the hulls of the vehicles, and only under close inspection would they become obvious. The buttons for all of these are also hidden in the cars, if one was to walk up to your cars they would look stock" Dave said "Excellent, now all we need to do is test the helmets" Cowboy said "No, now you need to sleep, we have survived this long without your advanced systems. We can survive another day" Dave said "And, what about her?" asked Cowboy pointing towards Vanilla "She hasnt slept either" "The man she loves is missing, its the typical female thing to do. Wait restlessly until her lover returns" Dave said "its what Linda did for me..." "What?" asked Cowboy "My wife, one of the causalities of the last time this happened. I wasnt able to get to my home in time, they destroyed the place. That is the cost, people will die here" Dave said Cowboy got up with his helmet "Not this time, we have better tech, we have knowledge we will use it to keep people safe. I dont want this to go like last time" "You cant stop it, but Im glad you young people try" *** Spitfire sat at the bar, several empty glasses were infront of him. "Been looking for you" said Scimitar "How did you get past our guys?" "I just did" Spitfire said "Whats wrong" asked Scimitar "Shes pregnant" said Spitfire "This is what happens when you give the two of us nothing to do" "So, whats the problem here" Scimitar said "I dont know how to feel, should I be excited, nervous? What should we do about this?" Spitfire asked, finishing his drink. "Beats the fuck out of me" said Scimitar "You love her, dont you?" "Yes" Spitfire said, without question or hesitation "I dont see a problem then, I'll let you have one more drink, alone, then I want you back upstairs" Scimitar said getting up and leaving "Bartender, water please" said Spitfire How can I bring up a child where I go out and get shot at when I am needed, and what about Fatale and Vanilla. Fuck. *** "I've been waiting for you" said Rogue. Spitfire smiled, It felt nice to go somewhere and have someone waiting for you. Rogue kissed Spitfire "I never appologized for the way I acted a while back..." "Dont worry about it" Spitfire kissed Rogue "I'm guessing you want to go to bed" *** Saber opened up the door to Spitfire and Rogues room, she saw a naked Rogue on top of Spitfire "Fucks sakes, is that all you do? Get up, get dressed NOW we are leaving!" said Saber "Fuck" said Rogue "Just when it was getting fun" "THIS IS FUCKING SERIOUS, WE DONT HAVE TIME!" said Saber "We have been found and there are a bunch of cars heading our way, they wrecked the guys defending the end of the road" "Saber, take Rogue with you, I'll distract these guys" Spitfire said "No, we will distract them, you have got to get her away from here" Saber said. The three ran out of the room and down the stairs. *** Spitfire saw Saber and Scimitar drive off as he started his car. "They dont stand a chance" said Spitfire "It is their choice" said Rogue. Spitfire sat for a second, thinking. "This is my choice, buckle up" spitfire said following the police cars. "What the fuck are you doing?!" Rogue yelled "Shut up, buckle up" Spitfire responded flicking the switch, the holes hiding his guns opened up as the vehicle accelerated. "This may get a little rough" *** Cowboy walked out to his car and got in. "The hell you going?" asked Defiler "The island. I have a hunch" Cowboy responded "I think he may have been there all along" "Berserker? How do you mean?" asked Defiler "Seems that everywhere we go he has only stayed long enough for people to chase him there, I think he has been hiding out at his parents cottage for a while now" Cowboy said "You're not going alone" Defiler said "I'm going with you" "Allright, try and keep up" Cowboy said getting into his car and starting it up. *** Spitfire saw five cars off in the distance "Fuck, we're too late" Spitfire said "No matter" He kept driving straight "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Shouted Rogue. Spitfire waited, he wanted them a little closer. The other vehicles started shooting, sparks from bullets exploded around his vehicle. "YOU'RE GOING TO GET US KILLED" Spitfire opened fire unleashing a fury of bullets, right on target to the lead vehicle. The front end caught fire and started swerving across the road and off into the ditch and exploded. The other cars steered out of the way, spitfire blasted through their broken formation and whipped his car around 180 degrees and started blasting at the nearest car, causing it to explode. The remaining 3 cars turned their cars 180 degrees to attack spitfire head on. "Remember how well that went last time you fucks" Spitfire smiled and shot at the leader, the car swerved to avoid the bullets and smashed into its companion on its left side, sending the other car spinning off the road into a tree. The remaining two cars opened fire, spitfire whipped his car around, turning his tail to them. "Gunna bring them closer" Spitfire said. Rogue continued to scream at him. Spitfire swerved across the road dodging their fire. He slammed on the breaks and the two cars blasted past him. Spitfire opened fire destroying one car. Spitfire approached the back left side of the remaining car and steered into it, sending the car spinning out and off the road. "We need to get out of here" Spitfire whipped his car around and gunned it away from the wrecked cars. *** Defiler kicked open the door. Berserker charged at him with a bat "BACK THE FUCK OFF" Berserker yelled. Cowboy grabbed Defiler and took him to the floor "Chill out Berserker, its us!" Cowboy said "Cowboy, Defiler?" Berserker said in confusion "How did you find me?" "Just a hunch, come on. We need you" said Cowboy "No, Im not leaving" said Berserker. The three heard the roars of powerful engines. "You dont have a choice, your riding with me" said Defiler. The three men ran towards their cars and drove away. *** "Those buttons control the gun" Defiler said pointing to one group of buttons "And those ones control what direction your pointing, if it shoots at us, shoot back!" "What the fuck have you guys been doing?" Berserk asked "JUST FUCKING SHOOT!" Defiler said putting on his helmet "Cowboy, you hear me" "Roger" said Cowboy through the helmet "Looks like we are going to see how well these hold up, your heads up operating?" "Affirmative, we have a 5 bogeys heading our way" Defiler responded "Roger" said Cowboy "I will cut through them laying some traps and whip around to get them from behind, you keep up the pressure" "Just the way I like it, lets roll" said Defiler "We are going head to head with them Serker, Cowboy will flank them" "WHOO!" Berserker screamed "Defiler, Cowboy this is Crest" said Crest through the radio "Crest, where are you?" asked Cowboy "Back at base, we have a problem, we spotted at least a dozen more vehicles heading to the bridge. They will be there in an hour, dont engage. Vanilla is attempting to intercept, get to the bridge and hook up with her and you may have a chance" Crest said "Fuck, roger that, you with me Defiler?" asked Cowboy "Right behind you bro, lets get the fuck out of here" Defiler said "Punching a hole, WHOOO!" said Berserker opening fire on the oncoming cars. The 5 cars broke formation and whipped their cars around, and started chasing Cowboy and Defiler. "We are out of their range for now, but we will be running into some problems soon enough" said Defiler "I dont think we can get out of this one" *** "What the fuck is going on Spitfire" demanded Rogue "Alot has been going on since you disappeared love" Spitfire said "Long story short, my uncle used to be some kind of auto vigilante, and he saw these kind of attacks coming and recruited myself and the guys" "WHAT?!?!" Rogue yelled "DONT YOU REALIZE THAT I DISSAPPEARED SO THAT YOU WOULD BE SAFE!" Rogue started crying "No, I didnt. I never got your message, but we are involved now, and we are the only ones who-" Spitfire was interupted by a radio announcement "There have been reports of vehicles attacking one another on the island. Atleast twenty vehicles have been reported to be involved. "TWENTY!" yelled Spitfire "They dont have a chance" "We are a little over an hour from the bridge, what are you going to do?" asked Rogue "We are going after them, maybe one more will make a difference" *** "Gents this is Vanilla, where are you at?" asked a voice over the radio "We are atleast 15 minutes from the bridge" Cowboy responded "Your posistion?" "Keeping my distance from these guys. I dont think they noticed me" Vanilla said "Looks like they will intercept you just before the beginning of the bridge. I cant catch up to them" "Think we can punch through and escape?" Defiler said "I dont normally like running from a fight but we can't win this one" "It is your best chance, when you are through I will join up with you guys. Good luck" Vanilla said "Serker, keep doing what you are doing" Defiler said *** "I dont suppose I can talk you out of this?" asked Rogue as they approached the bridge "Nope, I have to help them. They are out numbered" Spitfire said. On the bridge ahead sparks and gun flares exploded "Fuck" *** "Shit! I cant punch a hole!" Berserker said. Defiler swerved his car around, avoiding gunfire "Cowboy, got any ideas?" asked Defiler "Stay here, they are bottle necked near the bridge" Cowboy said "I can't get through either" Vanilla said. The cars on the bridge suddenly pulled hard 180 degree turns and headed straight towards Vanilla "GO! Get the stragglers!" Cowboy yelled as he and Defilers car shot at the nearest cars to them. The cars blasted by Vanilla and across the bridge "What the hell?" asked Defiler *** "Come to daddy" Spitfire said accelerating his car towards the on comming horde "YOUR FUCKING NUTS" Rogue yelled. Spitfire ignored her and opened fire "Its spitfire!" said Cowboy "Now its a party" Defiler said. The three cars continued their attack, the cars at the back began to take a beating and some spun out of control, smashing through the concrete sidings on the bridge, smashing into the water. "Lets play chicken" Spitfire said, tightening his grip on his steering wheel and weapons, keeping them firing. The cars began shooting at him, sparks flew around and in front of his CRZ. "The trick is knowing when to flinch" The bullets start sparking off the hood. Spitfire began to swerved from left to right, attempting to avoid the shower of lead and damage more of the attacking vehicles. Spitfire positioned his car between 2 of the on coming cars and drove into them sending the two cars off in different directions, one into the water and the other into another car. "Crazy fuck" said Cowboy shooting a car near Spitfire allowing him some room to whip his car around. Defiler, Cowboy and Vanillas car drove beside Spitfire and they chased the remaining cars off the bridge and into the night

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She went crazy and tried to kill herself...

because she failed to get any part of me inside her. Women do strange things when they realized they have completely blown the chance to get the dick. For example a pair of bitches went nuts and tried to kill themselves, Im pretty sure its because I will not fuck either of them (well I definitely wont now, they are alot of crazy, too much crazy, my friend would say 80lb of crazy in a 5lb bag or some shit like that, hes a fucking cowboy cut him some slack) Now, about that surprise yeah the video thing probably isnt going to happen, the charger is fucked so I cant actually keep my phone charged (which was what we were planning on using) or well not keep it charged very well, short circuit in the charger. fuck. No matter, the first day of training went as expected, a huge blow to our egos and wondering how in the fuck we were able to get a pilots license. Tail draggers are alot of work, I mean alot of work. As soon as you start the engine you need to be paying very close attention to everything about the aircraft, sounds, smells, handling like I mean everything, because If you dont catch something before it happens, it will throw you for a loop (literally sometimes). The plane is as sensitive as a school girls vagina, well not my first school girl, she was a slut and i was desperate and thought I was in love, Id like to go back and talk to my 17 year old self and tell him to fuck her then not waste time with her, Jessica would have been the more sound decision. This plane require right rudder at almost all times while on the ground, it has a severe left turning tendency, which is great because turning left means you are turning left on the spot, its bad because if you are not paying attention, you could track diagonally and you must ALWAYS TRACK STRAIGHT otherwise you will get into trouble (ie crash) or atleast scare the shit out of you. Inorder to take off, you must push the tail up (aka push the nose down...groundward...) Then if you are feeling fancy you can keep the plane there by not allowing the nose to raise up enough to produce sufficient lift for take off. Landings on the other hand are turning out to be a real bitch... You are either maintaining a cruse attitude (landing on all threes/ nose first if you were in a tricycle landing gear configuration) this is terrible on a nose wheel, which we trained on and flown all of our career at this we need to unlearn, the other technique is basically a tail strike, which again on a tricycle landing gear is as bad as it sounds...once again unlearing the former good habits on a cessna which are bad habits on citabria. Tomorrow we start the aerobatics and our instructor is planning on installing several cameras on the plane to capture what we do and how we look while doing it, hopefully he will give us these videos.