Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Women are fucked

Is it just me, or are women just fucked.
Maybe its just me, lately I have been doing things for teh lulz, jokes teasing things that are not meant to insult they are just meant to be fun and I have some of my female friends loosing their shit out of them like i am horrifically out of line, like a just decapitated a baby infront of them or something.
Well, maybe I am out of line by times but I didnt feel I was in these cases.
No matter, they are probabily just angry that I wasnt throwing any dick at them, sorry ladies, you in particular do not make my trousers tight.

It has been terribly slow lately, not much drunken insanity. There has been copious amounts of booze, but nothing note worthy (other than my joke which was slapping a girls ass. In my defence, she did it to me first. I was just getting my revenge. fucking double standards) If women want the right to view men a sex objects, then we should be able to retialiate in these situations in a similar fashion.

Another interesting thing, when I have a lady around, and im talking to an ex on facebook I stop talking to the ex as long as the other girl is around.
Dont need them to think I am not to be trusted, and it would seem disrespectful otherwise.

No matter, the girl then leaves all pissy, thinking that I am doing something/talking about something fishy with my ex.


and if she was a better fuck, I WOULDNT BE WASTING MY TIME WITH YOU!!!

I dont understand why they dont get this, it is a rather simple concept. My ex is my ex for a reason, if anything they should be the least threatening females on the planet to snatch my cawk away