Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 Epic Weekends

3 Weekends, 4 parties spanning from when I started back at school.

Let us begin with the first party, it was an out doors one.
At this party is where I met several people in my dorm (and we only ever see each other when we get absolutely hammered) that is probabily bad. fuck it.

So we get together and do some drinking, this outdoor party is a dry event and can hold up to 1200 people, with 500 confirmed and they were expecting to sell out the tickets.
Fucking sweet.

Anyways, back to the predrinking, I have my drink of choice, JD and Coke, and I talk with these guys, and you know what, they are pretty fucking cool. I really should make an effort to hang out with them when we are sober, no matter. Time comes to go to this outdoor party and we all immediately loose each other. The music isnt bad (allthough I could and have done better while making out iwth a chick and recieveing a blow job from another)

Whos keeping score, right?

Eventually I find the boys, and the girls we do a bunch of dancing.

I meet 2 girls from another dorm, one is uber hot and a dancer. The other, not as hot but a sluttier dancer.

Initally I go for the uber hot dancer, but her friend starts grinding on my ass and her skirt starts going up.

Well fuck it, I dont really care if I get laid tonight or not, let my friend have a shot with the dancer.
Which he fucks up and then basically starts stalking her for the night. I Decide to peace out and drink moar or sleep, I sleep but not before going exploring.

and seeing one of the other boys fucking a girl from our house exex! Fucking mint! She was the uber hot one too, props to that.

From what I understand this causal fucking has been going on more or less ever since then, we have tried to talk him into asking her if she did group work, but he never asks her.

Party 2, the party at the nearby house.
This house is literaly 10 meters away from ours, so heres how the night works.
Predrink, go to party and drink as much as they will let up, return and drink and go to party ect ect ect.

I see some girls I know, she introduces me to my friends little sister. Shes cute, the way you see a 5 year old girl as cute. Therefore not fuckable, but not unattractive I just dont want my dick going there. Her room mate however, fucking redhead, we hung out and talked most of the night, I think I could have fucked her...dont remember her name though, I was really drunk. Saw another old friend, a girl I used to play sports with. I could have gone for fucking her as well. I also saw 2 other women who recgonized me, and for hte life of me I did not know who they were. They addressed me by first and last name...wish I got a better look at their faces, but from what I remember they were not that attractive, therefore not worth remembering (especially while drunk)
Following this party I ventured to the student pub (with that fist girl, my friends little sisters roommate) and no, I will NEVER, EVER use real names here, the redhead.
I loose here and I meet lots and lots of people I have not seen in years and the fucking pilots.


I dont quite remember all the conversasions but I drank alot then peaced out back to my house and encountered the boys again! At this time I stole a plunger from a bathroom and we crusaded around the town looking for food, eventually ending up at mcdicks and eventually getting home to me watching them puke up a storm and laugh my ass off as i tried (and failed miserably) to play pool.

NOW, onto the weekend that just past. 2 paries, I fucking love halloween parties.
I was a DJ, but my costume was ghostbuster.
Friday night: Off campus party ( I was told mostly mta, with some townies)

Early start, we rally out DJ group (all 4 of us) and arrive at a party with 8 beautiful women wearing more or less nothing pretending to be playboy bunnies. It looks like the night is oging to go well. I was horribly wrong, I DJ after my friend does for a bit, the other 'djs' wish to chase tail and play beer pong. Well tail will only be successful if the dj is almost as good as i am (good thing I am much, much better) and I keep the dancefloor going for the whole time I am working.

At this party there is many women, scantily clad,
then they bring their EVEN HOTTER mothers. I mean, their mothers are gorgeous, I would date the girl just to have a chance at seeing the mom naked. It was awesome.
Now...there was also alot of drugs, im not into that scene. Lots of pot and blow.
Fan fucking tastic. People doing lines in the bathroom so I cant piss and lines off my dancefloor so that I get offered cocaine more times in that one night then ever in my whole fucking life. Then...the townies and underagers show up, I want to leave but
a) im the DD for my friends
b) im the dj because they wanna chase tail (it was their gig and i was on farr to much I think)

the police eventually show up, noise complaint no big deal. The party starts to ware down and we all peace out, grab some mcdicks and head home.

I get 6 hours of sleep, now it is fucking saturday.

I acquire the sound equipment, fix my costume and head out. I set up and put on an old mix tape while i wait for the party to really start.

(both parties I had strobe light and fog machine) saturdays party I also had some nice coloured lights

the party started, I was heavy on the fog all night (ehehehe) and I DJed the best 5 hours of my life, with one hiccup (call on me was mislabed and I accidently played the origional and somehow managed to salvage it and create a strange remix of origional and eric pyrdz mix) I had an hour long encore, I wanted to peace out at 3, not 4 am.

When a DJ is playing glad you came, then a slow song (everytime we touch, I wanted lips of an angel but it was corrupted :( ) then closing time hte DJ is telling you to get the fuck out so he can either fuck or sleep.

When a DJ is playing blow my whistle bitch, think about sex, the bad touch and slow song, he is telling you to fuck whatever you are dancing with.

People did not understand these messages that I sent...
and there was lots of drunk french women, now I wanted to fuck one and maybe htey wanted to fuck me, but there was a few barriers. for example.

a)language (french/english)
b)loud music making hearing shit hard
c)intoxication on their part

I ended the night, no one got laid (except the guys with girl things (somewhere between girl friend and fuck buddy) ) and I drove a fucking snow storm with all seasons on. I survived, but it was a long fucking weekend, now I am editing this at 230 am because I cannot sleep and I have class in 7.5 hours. fuck.

I will also probabily make a second more serious entry after I piss, peace