Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another problem...

So this bitch wants to fuck me...and my friend
During the same weekend.
Do I crush my friends dreams by fucking her so he cant
or do I let him go and fuck her?

What do you think. Im going to hell.

Bitchin about Bitches, and other things

Well, it wouldnt be a GenericAsshole blog if I didnt complain about my general dislike of women, and how they should only be used as cumdumpsters.


I fucking love it
If i could fuck without the woman, I would however they have aesthetically pleasing things such as breasts and ass. A flesh light and my hands do not.

I suppose thats what porn was made for

Yes, there is a point to all of this:

Sex with no strings attached is one of the most dangerous and damaging things you could ever do.
Take me for example, I was a very different person before a large breasted blonde took my virginity in high school.

Then scared the piss out of me, but we will get into why Trojan Magnums are an inferior condom later.

Sex with no strings attached is great at first. Booty calls, mutal attraction to one another and mutal agreement to only use each other to get off.
Problem is, all it takes is for one person to have the slightest attraction, beyond physical and want something more.

then one of three things can happen

1) the other person doesnt feel the way and ends the fuck buddy relationship. Hurting the one who actually gives a fuck

2) the other person starts fucking other people and the first person gets jealous (can happen along with option one)

3) both people give a fuck, they start dating, marry, fuck more and live happily ever after.

now, since this is real life and not fairy tale, option 3 is basically non existant.

So why this rant at this time.

A former flame of mine wishes to engage in sexual intercourse.
We enjoyed fucking each other, I find her aesthetically pleasing

Problem: She just wants to fuck me until the a guy moves back to town so they can date.
Shes been leading him on it would seem, and he seems to be fucking around on his current girlfriend to do this.
Well, apart from the lulz that would happen should i get involved in this drama and the ability to get my cawk wet, it seems like a bad idea.
This could go very poorly, and i feel for the guy.
Lord knows I have been in his spot more times than i care to admit (See transformation of Drifter into GenericAsshole) actually, this girl was one of the ones who did lead me on into fucking her...shortly before she got knocked up by the guy she almost married.
Then we fucked some more (probablly while she was engaged to that guy, but we will overlook this. Its called revenger, High school sluts, you made me now you have to live with me)
Now she wants to fuck again, while leading on another guy.
Bastard Child? Yes, too bad it isnt mine, I could raise him to be a little me...
and trust me, math was done to insure that this was the case.
Its nice not to be on the receiving end of a slut this time, but it does leave me in a bit of a bind: what do i do?

for an example of the above mentioned case of sex with no strings attached becoming a slight problem see this.

The movie is a pornographic affair, its dutch, its softcore porn but it has a message. Watch it, I fucking love it.

Now, case number 2
Blond, big tits (there seems to be a fucking theme here)
This girl is nutz, however has brown eyes (the first one had blue) anyways, we never fucked.
Lord knows I would have, in a heart beat. Shes a freak, she loves sex (another disturbing trend with the women i attract...) We came close once, but it was a church camp and fucking her on the beach without a condom seemed like a slightly bad idea.
I was also like 15 or 16, and had no idea what the fuck to do.
Turns out, she hates guys. Every guy ditches her for her more attractive friends and she has violet vagina hard core.
She is also in PEI, so driving 2 or 3 hours, buying condoms and paying bridge fee may be a little expensive.
Maybe I could convince one of the guys to fly me there...
Anyways, she hates guys, she wants to get fucked. I used to do strip shows for her (and another girl at the same time, but they dont know this) and i think I could quite easily take advantage of her.

Problem: I respect this girl, she doesnt stimulate me mentally or psychologically. I like her, I would fuck her however I dont like the idea of taking advantage of her.
Also the fact that she is in PEI and I am not is kinda discouraging this idea, so question: How far is too far for a booty call?

Could I fuck these girls? Probably, but is there any point?
Well, I could get my confirmed kills up to 11. Or, heaven forbid find a decent woman and settle down.

Too bad my profession doesnt allow for such things, and where would that leave you, my dedicated viewing person (JW, thats for the support Bra)

In more positive news:
I graduate one month from today! BOO FUCKING YEAH!
In other news, back to university in september (hopefully) where there will be more blog entries on more sexapaids, stupidity and hopefully I can persew my dream of making the greatest porn ever (Pirates, you are not the epic porn i was told you are, my dick and i are dissapoint)
I have one flight left, then all i have is the sim and 3 written exams.
The other rating im getting? doesnt need to be done for graduation, so boo fucking yeah.

The plan:
Graduation day :Ceremony, Reception, Boozing HARD CORE (possibly trying to organize a threesome with 2 of the single ladys), HUGE ASS CUBAN, then saying goodbye to the guys who are on a plane the next day to go back home.
It is a small community, the aviation one. I know I will see these guys again, but it will be sad to see them go. They have been a big part of my life for the last two years, and without question are the finest pilots in the world. I cant imagine going a day without seeing them (since i have spent almost every waking moment of my time with them for the past 24 months)