Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women as an intellectual equal

There have been few women who I trust with my life, without question.
Even fewer of these women I trust with my deepest, darkest secrets
Fewer still, are women who I consider to be intellectuality equal to me, or atleast we can have intelligent and profound conversations together.
Actually, there is only 2 that come to mind.
Anyways, enough about that, on to why I hate humanity today.
No, I shouldnt say that I hate my instructor, however his critique of my presentation today was a bit of a personal attack and not a critique of my style. Hey fuck ass, quit leaving class all the time and missing 90% of what we say.
Normally he is a nice guy, maybe today he isnt in a good mood.
Maybe today my patience is at an all time low, seems to be a trend for wednesdays.
fortuneatly speaking to a familiar quebecois brightened my day with his sarcasm and dissappointment with the exams, NTS give him those notes.
Another realization: I have met several women who are fucking stupid.
I mean, intolerably stupid.
Women who I can only tolerate while I am moderately buzzed and they are hornily hammered.
We will call this one woman, grinder, because she was grinding all up on my cawk.
My counter part and I could have fucked her on our friends futon.
He is glad he didnt, I, am still interested.
She bites hard...Im not sure why she was biting my fucking knee in the cab, but that is a question to be pondered later, and it seems to me she is not a fragile flower.
Bout fucking time, Im tired of women who bruise too easily or get damaged too easily, give me a woman who can handle me.
Either way, I spoke to her while sober and discovered...
she is intolerably bitchy and stupid.
How she got this far as a pilot I am not certain.
That being said, provided she would keep her trap shut, I would totally fuck her.