Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, let me begin with the begenning.
It is saturday, 230am. I am waking up to get ready for school, I grab a coffee and realize that town is unusually busy.
Then it hits me.
The bars have just got out.
I go to school, and get my plane and the asshole infront of me did not have the common courtsey to fill up the fucking plane.
I get the plane pulled to the pumps, fill up the plane and wait for my instructor.
Then, the phone call.
"There was a screw up, we dont need to do this flight"
I wanted to break something, I worked my ass off to get ready for this flight today. Im going flying.
So, my instructor said fuck it, lets go flying
So I flew.

Now, time for the night...
my shot failed, i needed a blue energy drink and triple distilled vodka.
the triple distilled vodka i had, the blue energy drink, not so much.
And a pint of JD (I had about 1l of the triple distilled vodka)
so we began drinking, I began talking to this girl who has apparantly been stalking me since 2006.
Another reason for me to leave the cadets,
anyhow, drinking more and my friend, starts making out with her hardcore.
this girl is NOT his girlfriend.
then then go into his room and start fucking, WITH THE WINDOWS AND DOORS WIDE OPEN
...we have still yet to find the condom, so we believe that he went in there without cover (he has said to me numerous times how he hates condoms, its like showering with your socks on) and well, ninja girl looks through the open window and returns to me (interrupting my cherry cigarrelo) saying yupp, they are fucking
so we go to the O2, and its at this point that things become hazy.
back at the house, the two lock themselves out of his room, naked.
they ask some of the guys in there to go all ninja and open the room, so one of them goes outside, through the open window and opens the door.
Then the guy realizes that what he was done is wrong, and he kicks the bitch out into ninja girls room (shes sleeping with her actual boyfriend, unlike some people)
the guy then calls up his girlfriend, and says whileist drunk he kissed a girl at the O2, but nothing else happened.
So, since I am/have a rather large dick, I decided to upload the pictures I took, proving otherwise.
I was out of line, it was too far but too hilarious to pass up.
Some of my friends thought i shouldnt have done it, others said good on me for doing so.
anyways, he eventually tells his girlfriend the truth, calls ninja girl a big fucking slut or something to those lines.
His girlfriend takes him back, ninja girl is forgiving him and i took the pictures down.
in the morning, the girl he fucked was long gone, to sackville in a huge fucking storm. I guess she didnt want to be around, I cant imagine why.