Friday, January 28, 2011

Hell of a friday

Well, let me start at the begenning...
its 3:00 am, and I am waking up hoping to be at school early to study a bit.
No, nothing is ploughed, including my driveway/road
So, I begin the painfully slow exercise that is reversing my car all the way up the driveway then finally getting on to semi ploughed roads.
Then, I figure the highway should be clear, no its one lane.
I get behind some really slow driver (like 40kph) and i rage, You can go atleast 80 or 90 on the roads, anyways, so it takes me a while to get to school.
I get to school, and the parking lot is not ploughed, just a path. With no parking spot I put my car in a place that it is least likely to get stuck, and slaughed by plough. infront of the emergency exit.
Fuck it, I had no where else to park
Get to school begin preflight
Turns out my instructor is stuck in his driveway, another delay.
Then get to plane, it is behind fucking 4 other planes.
Attempt to pull out: failed because of the snow/ice/slush bank infront of hangar
spend alot of time clearing infront of the hanger to pull out the planes so i can pull out my plane
finally get my plane out, started and to the apron for runup.
I get about halfway through the run up and my wings are iced up, back to the school, shutdown, get glycol
now, we are ready to go. It is 711, I was supposed to be wheels up at 6. I finally get up and do the flight.
I return to dispatch to find the cup of cappicuno that i made as soon as i had got to school had gone untouched.
Oh, saw a pair of asians pushing a plane on the apron, apparantly my instructor thought they had hit the snow bank, i personally didnt think they did, because that meant that they hit the snowbank and thought the plane was perfectly safe for flight. no, no pilot thinks like that. so i think that the safety guys over reacted, but i suppose that is their job.
Then had about an hour of instructor groundschool...
i have been up for 11 hours now, and have basically done about an hour of flight, and an hour of class with seemingly alot of preperation done. fuck it