Friday, December 17, 2010

Upping the confirmed kills, one slut at a time

Well, for those of you who dont know the definiton of confirmed kills, it is this.
the number of women you have had sex with.
different women, no virgins do not give you more points
with my wisdom and experience virgins have these problems

1) they dont know how to fuck
2) they dont know how to suck
3) they dont know how to jerk

they also have a tendency of becoming clingy psycho bitches, come on we have all seen wedding crashers

anyways, so i have decided upon ranks for the confirmed kills, as sort of decoration for my crew.

Definiton: Ace - 5 confirmed kills
Double Ace - 10 confirmed kills
Triple Ace - 20 confirmed kills

now speaking of my crew, I am presented with a problem. Its not descention, its a separation. Not the first time.

What happens, my crew become more than crew with each other, leading to a nesscary split. For example, when my crew live together, the novelty tends to ware off eventually and they start disliking each other and will only bitch if they both are on duty, severely cutting down effeciency and situational awareness.

The Crew Includes (using alias to protect the innocent)

The main crew are these people


here is the problem...Brandon and Martin no longer get along with brad


Well, brad and martin do not see eye to eye regarding martin's lady friend.
As for brandon and brad, beats the fuck out of me why they dont like each other

either way, instead of talking this out, they seem to try to fix it how we fix other problems...

here is my problem, this is an internal issue and not external (as we often deal with) and should be handled differently, and because of it i cannot have people working together in the same vessel.

Every time this sort of separation has happened it involves a person or group of people leaving my crew perminantly. the earliest record of this is during the first generation of crew where I lost 90% of the original bunch.
mind you, they are a bunch of homosexual wannabes (yes, they want to be gay)
so nothing of value was lost, but it took time to replace these high ranking officers.

i have lost officers because they acquired vessels and were not ready for the captainship, and in my mind do not understand how to run a vessel or a crew, they have also not been active members of my crew either.

a fellow captain rarely goes out with us because he lived with one of my commanders once and they no longer get along.

my crew is resourceful, highly trained and highly experienced. it pains me that we cannot find a way to solve these internal issues.
mind you, the largest losses we have experienced has been for the benefit, but i see no gain in loosing or destroying communication with any more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The future

Well, since the level of stupidity and drunkeness that I experience is decreasing (thank god...i think) so this means...your gunna have to wait for the weekend/new years before any more crazy stories.

I suppose some of you have heard about my latest project, a scientific study on women, what they say, what they do how to figure them out. basically like a car has a drivers handbook, i hope to make a handbook about women for men. Another project is the resurrection of the university survival guide, as i am considering going back to university depending on job prospects. So you can expect these two ideas to be merged into one, the study on women will include the anomaly of the 'whore train' and the survival guide 'wing man theory'.

There is also works of fiction that i have been meaning to work on for some time; they include (in no particular order)

-Apocalypse - Magic, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Gods beating the shit out of each other
-Vigilantes - Basically for anyone who played the vigilante 8 series of games, an expanded story with some new characters
-Premonitions - A fucked up quest to save a princess
-Duality - Another fucked up quest of a man exploring his mind
-Andromeda - As you know, I love andromeda, and hate how it ended, so I have committed myself on rewriting season 2 basically to have a better, more fulfilling