Monday, November 22, 2010

Asshole, Generically

Well it has been a while hasn't it...
Last update was about a month ago, and here is what has been going on in my life.


There was that one drunken party halloween night, where I was 1/6th of the village people and that was a good time. It was quite amusing, one of the guys dressed up as a mummy got lite on fire by a sparkler, women whored themselves around and a pint of JD that belonged to me dissappeared a little too quickly...
moving on, thats about all thats going on in my life so far. So, onto something more interesting;

the weekend...sort of
there be a party in halifax to support movemeber (you fuckers who have no been growing out your moustache to the best of your ability should return your gentiles at the door and pick up your new vaginas) for those of you who do not know what movember is, it is a fundraiser for prostate cancer. men grow out their upper lip and do not shave it for the month of november, and come up with epic moustaches (beards, gothi must be shaven)
as for me, I am sporting the 'anti hitler' because i can only grow hair on the sides, the middle part (the part that only hitler sported) is ungrown, because i cant fucking grow hair to save my life.
so this party is to celebrate the end of this month and scueesful fundraising for prostate cancer research.
and we are going to get fucking loaded
the plan is to drive to the city thursday afternoon after class
check into our hotel rooms
suit up
go to party
go to club
return to hotel
sleep for a few hours
drive home
its going to be a fucking time...if people go to it.
i am not sure what the level of interest of this is, there is 2 for sure, and 2 others that i think are going to go. We are hoping for a sloppy drunkfest involving all of our school, admin and instructors included.
In other news, I will be on rouge alpha a bit more, so any story shit will be there. as well as my new scientific study. cheers

-The Generic Asshole