Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Games

Time to get away from the bitches and onto something with some relevance.

There are some faggots who call themselves gammers. I am talking about those snot nosed pricks, those 12 year olds who only play shit like COD.
Realism? Nameless soldiers what the fuck is this, does anyone not remember the days when you were a nameless space marine fighing the demons from hell?
Or a silent man killing the shit out of aliens with a crow bar?
How about a testosterone fuelled womanizing, steroid abusing, drunk, ripped as fuck blonde douchebag killing aliens to save strippers and whores?
What happened to making a video game with a lack of realism?
Now dont get me wrong, there are video games who stick to this
Ie: Borderlands and Fallout 3. Not exactly realistic, but atleast not generic as Call of Duty or Halo. Point being, I hate generic shooters.
Soldiers, fighting soldiers with realistic physics and weapons...real politics.
To be honnest, video games for me are an escape from reality.
So, shooters! (I generally like most RTS, I am just not good at them)

Duke Nukem
Half Life
Call of Cuty

Thats not a complete list, but thats basically the point. and this is about my anger on several subjects

1) Delay on Duke Nukem Forever (Its been 11 fucking years)
2) No new news on Doom 4 (been atleast 2-3 years waiting to hear something)
3) Severe dealy of Half Life 2:Episode 3
4) See above causing severe delay on Half Life 3
5) Fucking 12 year olds on X-Box
6) Realism in an environment where YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

I am going to stop talking to women and stop going out

You know, mayhaps my sarcasm towards women and relationships would be less if:
1) I did not go out
2) I did not speak to any woman

I had a clever and witty name for this post two days ago, and I have forgotten it. Fuck sakes.

Well went to the O2 last night, it was a pretty good time. Didn't drink, I really wasn't feeling it. Not that it matters, I ended up doing dick all today anyway besides Fable and Half Life 2. Anyways, so about the fucking women.

I go to the O2, and women are fucking whoring it up. They are drunk, young and out for a good time. Does anyone remember high school? Where you were hard pressed to find yourself a whore to get a good fucking from. It seems that the men wanted women only for sex at that age, and as I get older I am seeing men actually trying to have a good, healthy relationship with women.
Only for the women to fuck it up and want only sex from men, christ.
I believe I have said this before about women aged 18-25 correct?
Im gunna go check to be sure...
Wow, I guess not.
Well here it is, women aged 18-25 are going through this whorish stage of their lives.
They want sex, anyone with a girlfriend, or is 'seeing someone' (you know who you are who say this, quit leading my friends on or I'll fucking kill you) and they are always 'single' they dont have a real 'boyfriend' they are 'seeing someone'
Why? Its really quite simple, they want the attention and to flirt with the other guys but in case they dont get what they want, they want to have that safety net.
Guess what asshole? Thats you.
It seems at this stage in life, I am seeing more and more of women using men as a safety net in case they cant get laid.
I remember a time when I was doing similar nonsense. Maybe thats it, maybe this is revenge for all the assholes like me who used women.
Funny thing is, I didnt use women in highscool, shit like this started when I met the sleasy bitches of university.
Then they get angry when you cheat, when they have been doing the same thing.
There are three (Their names were mentioned but I have decided to remove them because enough people will know who they are), you fucking whores, I tried to take you seriously. You are the source of the sarcasm and bile, you are what made The Generic Asshole and Ian Tandwell. So when I corrupt other men to thinking like me, you will be to blame.
Well in more positive news my best friend got laid.
Well, I think this is good, its kind of a double edged sword...
I prided that man in sticking with his morales, and what he believe in.
Now it seems that the new ball and chain is suggesting things to him and he just does it...maybe Im wrong. I would love to be proven wrong for once.
Either way, he seems to be happy with this girl and maybe Im overreacting, maybe its not a matter of him going against his morales, but becoming more felxible.
Optimism, Sarcasm and Video Games are the only things that prevent me from going insane most days.
In other more positive new, that anti women rant, well the girls that made me realize this (Not the 3 I mentioned by name, because apparanly at that time I was still green and naieve as fuck because I didnt get the fucking point) have actually started taking the guys they are 'seeing' more seriously.
And by that I mean they flirt less infront of them and actually put out.
Atleast people are getting laid, but my complaint is:
Sure, pregnancy's would be up around here, because most of the men lack the grey matter to put on a condom and most women lack the desire for birth control or abortions.
I believe I have said that to atleast two women, both were girlfriends. Im going to fucking hell. If men and women just used each other, like fucking everyone, for sex in high school that would mean right now everyone would be mature, know what the fuck a relationship should be and be happy.
But what the fuck do I know right?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In other news

Im doing a fair bit of flying, done multi ground school.
It feels good to have a logical schedule, and be back in class. I missed the general douchebaggetry that is my class.
We are all assholes, and its hilarious by times.
In other news, flygirl (because I wont mention any REAL names here) still has my disarono from a few weeks ago. She suggested that she bring it to class and we drink it, as fucking hilarous as that would be, I do not want to be kicked out from THIS school, so Im afraid that I will have to pass on that.
MILF > Younger
heres why, younger girls will waste time with guys who dont trust them or are only looking for sex. Alot of SINGLE (even not so single) MILFs just want sex, they will want to marry someone who will be a good father, so heres the key to MILFS turn on the charm and charisma and flirtatiousness and they will fuck you silly, but make sure you dont put yourself out there as good parenting material, you will just be in a world of shit

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You will never guess who the inspiration for these foul bachelorette frog is?


There is a reason to why I am the way I am, there is part of it

fucking women...
Well I have nothing really to say about anything today;
I have seen SC2, looks pretty, got back into Im level 51 and about halfway through playthrough 2. I think I can handle anything
I guess this is an experiment, my first uploaded picture to the blog. If it works I will do so more often

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A game Idea

You know what? Why can't there be an RPG like game (or mod or something) where the players control a motor vehicle, armed with guns against other cars with guns.
And to improve your cars weapons or armour you loose some power from your engine.
For example, lets say it cost about 100rpm or 10hp or something per shot to fire a gun
Your car is producing 200hp at 5500 rpm, now you only have 5400 rpm to play with for acceleration and top speed. If you want to make your car more mobile, (not accelerate fast, turn fast) you need to use a bit more power to steering, to make your car more stable make it heavier, but now it needs more horse power to accelerate the way it would have when it was lighter and will have a slightly less top speed.
Wait, they did a game that complicated, it was called interstate 76 AND IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK ON VISTA!
Either way, I think that would be a fun mod for D&D or some tabletop dice game. While we are on topic of this, let me tell you about my dream vigilante car

7th Generation Honda Civic (maybe 9th because I hear they are going back to be baddass)
8th Generation Honda Accord

2 Door (coop)

V6 engine
8 Forward Machine guns mounted in the hood
Air scoops on hood to provide better cooling
2 Gatling/Chain guns mounted on the side
Higher ground clearance
Better suspension
8 sidewinder missiles stores below the car, then moved to the sides of the car before being shot
Larger gas tank stored in truck (much larger)
Frame made from titanium, laminated with kevlar (light and durable) :)
Painted bright blue
With black racing stripes running down the left side, halfway between the gear shift and the passenger side door.
Also, must be standard.

Now, onto the weekend.
Well, it was ninja girls 19th, so we celebrated the only logical way how: alcoholism
and in my case unfiltered cherry prime times

So I bought a pint of voldka and a pint of disarano. I didnt touch the disarano but in the hour and a half that we were at the house pre drink party I consumed over 3/4 of the voldka, and mixed it with redbull.
I was feeling pretty good at that point, and stopping there would not have ruined the night.
Therefore I proceeded to drink moar at the bar
4 shots of JD
1 shot of fireball
1 rum and coke
2 voldka sour
2 jd and coke
2 of an unknown drink

10-12 ounces of hard liquor in the 2 hours at the O2

It was briallian, however ninja girl kinda buzzed killed us, well except for me who was too intoxicated to give a fat fuck at that point. She left at 1230-1 with her exboyfriend
much to the annoyance of the other guy there, who asked me earlier for condoms, WHO HAD BEEN GOING ON THE WHOLE FUCKING NIGHT ABOUT HOW HE WANTED TO FUCK HER AND HOW SEXY SHE LOOKED! (sorry ninja girl, i should have warned you but to be honnest I forgot he said it by the time we got to the house party)
So he decides to go after the cute asian, much to the slight annoyance of the guy asian
but they all failed, apparantly they looked more drunk than I, as I was walking and talking straight much to the surprise of the angry frenchmen (whom I shared alot of prime times with that night)
and we got the exact same cab driver home as we did going to the o2, so that was cool. I crashed at the angry frenchmens appartment, had my final prime time, watched some just cause 2 and everything is fucking spinning, became aquainted with his toilet, more just cause 2 repeated the process and decided to go to sleep.
Woke up, dry heaved for hours, got an anti-nauseant which induced vomiting, but then felt pretty fucking good.
drove ninja girl to truro and eventually got home
needless to say, it was a pretty good fucking weekend

Did I mention the blue underglow to the car, well it will have blue underglow (in the form of blacklight)