Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fucking Idiots

So, they made a group harrasing an aquantce of mine
I cant call this guy a friend, because we have only hung out once, a regular 4chan browser, a dick head, who really doesnt care what he says or does. he just does it for the lulz.
this man has my utmost respect
anyway, he has pissed off enough people that they made an anti-him facebook group, whick does to him what he does to others.
do these fucking idiots think that this will bother him? a group of people hating him.
he knows he is hated, he doesnt care what you think. grow the fuck up and take it as it was meant to be, a fucking joke.

onto my instructor, the mother licking cunt mongler has told me to cancel my flights an hour before hand, even if its the fucing acpolypse happening i still need to be there.
I am not going to be there unless it looks like a good chance of good weather
ultimately they are responsible for the planes, and if they say no there is shit all that I can do about it.
it would seem that there needs to be a woman to direct my hatred and anger, since my former music teacher died (the fucking cunt) in a rather shitty way, it looks like my instructor has filled the void.
fan fucking tastick.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alot of Shit

Well first of I I accidently hit enter before I typed anything, fuck.
So this article has a little bit of everything

Kiss a pilot Day, Car crashes into truck, amazing flight, and the generic asshole on relationships. This is going to be a long one.

Lets start with kiss a pilot day, its also known as fuck a pilot day ant it is the 13th of february, this is so that pilots can get laid without getting sloppy seconds (or seventeenths) on valentines day, this also relates to an earlier post about aids and how pilots and relationships do not work (will be discussed later) Unfortuneatly the girl to guy ratio is a little lack lustre, so one girl got kissed by 10 guys...and the guys had to kiss each other in some cases. Pretty shitty when we dont shave unless we absolutely have to. Anyhow, moving on.

Car Crashes into truck.
So heres the set up. A tow truck is parked on the side of the road, 2 punk assed kids from oxford (likly 16-18 years old) are driving around and they hit the truck, one of them is now in the hospital.
I was just invinted to a facebook group to press charges against the tow truck driver (the girlfriend of the guy in the hospital made it)
ok lets see this, 2 kids, most likly inexperienced drivers, driving too fast, driving stupid and not paying attention hit a parked tow truck. and they want the tow truck driver to be charged? you know what? I hope those fucking kids in the hospital die, gets some bad and stupid fucking drivers off my damn roads.

The flight
this one is a little more light hearted. First its a cluster fuck day, first attempt is cancelled due to low ceilings, second attempt is delayed due to lack of aircraft and as i am getting ready for the third attempt i am told I can have the plane now, and only now. So i run over and get my co-pilots, do a weight and balance and walk around in less than 5 minutes. fastest preflight ever.
We take off, I go under the hood (foggles, it means i can only see the flight instruments and not outside the aircraft) and my co-pilots become my eyes, making sure that I dont do anything too stupid. Well first of all, one of them puts on another pair of foggles, no ninja girl (yeah from an earlier post, we get along now :) ) is our eyes as I make turns and navigate with just my instruments.
A guy comes on the radio, he says he is in a location, and I am 500-600 kilometres away from him, I respond to his posistion report with "this is [aircraft callsign] no conflict" ninja gurl wants to hit me and calls me an asshole as myself and glace bay laugh our asses off. Then we head in, ninja gurl suggested that we do to avoid getting hit by another aircraft (dick head nearly hit us anyway, damn asians)
anyways on our way in I realize that I had some time to kill so we did some circuits. On take off we see a beautiful fighter jet parked outside of tower, I say its an f-18 but the tail section looks like a f-22, we ask tower to identify that pretty little jet outside of them and guess what? the asshole was right! It was an f-18. on landing we ask tower permission to taxi to the f-18 for pictures, then on our way to school I asked dispatch why he did not advise of student traffic on the tarmat (there was like 100 asians getting their picture taken) glace bay encouraged me by saying 10 points a asian. now that is what I call a damn good flight.

Anyways now on to relationships.
I think I am schitofrinic, or however the fuck you spell that.
I went from caring for someone deeply to hating them, wanting to torture them and kill/torture everyone they cared about, in 5 minutes. This cannot be healthy, speaking of going from love to hate, all of my friends either broke up or got into fights with their respective cumdumpsters this weekend, valentines day, fucking figures. Me, personally when I loose a girl I just think of how much more attractive and better the next one that I will fucking in the next 2 or 3 days. And a new girl just seems to come out of no where when this happens, so what do I care.
Maybe its my pilot thinking, things that dont matter, the runway behind you, the fuel you have burned and the altitude and airspeed you dont have. It can be applied to women, the ones you left behind (your ex girlfriends), the ones you have wasted (fucked up relationships), and finally the ones you dont have anymore.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Booty Call

Let me tell you about the most fucked up booty call Ive ever been on.
Allright, second of all we had to drive to get her. I am not talking about 15 minutes to her house, Im talking about a fucking hour drive to a nearby town.
So we go, first of all, I am delayed.
I need to pick up my mom from work, and they worked her overtime, 1 hour late.
My car's battery is refusing to hold its charge, it died, 1 hour late
The trip, at legal speeds 1 hour (in our case 35-40 min)
So there we are, enroute when the fucking whore sends us a text
"Ill meet you at 630, i am having supper"
My fuck, we would have been waiting around 2 hours if we were on time, so I slow down
Pleanty of time.
We get there, and are still 30 min early, so we visit a friend while we wait for the oversized incubator to give my friend a text.
We eventaully recieve the text, only to realize that she lied. They did not have a place to fuck, and they are not fucking in my fucking car, that is where i do my fucking. So we go back to my friends appartment (because i am tired of driving around this underaged slut) I feel fucking disgusting because of you
Anyways, things get awakward, they are holding hands, I am texting my anger to the 2 other guys in the room, and the whole time this bitch has been dropping hints that she is pregnant with her boyfriends child (yeah thats right, she has a boyfriend, and wants to fuck my friend...bad idea, and I fucking warned him)
I used the man code to get the fuck out of that, and it worked.
On the way home I told my friend that she is pregnant, and there is nothing more messy than a sexual relationship with a knocked up woman, especially she is still with the fuck who couldnt hold it in and be bothered to wear a god damned condom. Well she cant be bothered to take the fucking pill, so I am kinda hoping she dies in child birth, one less dumb slut on this planet.
Anyways, shes 16, pregnant, blue eyes, black hair, physically meh, a 7/10 at best.
Personality, a little cocky, very overall an 8 maybe.
Anyways, she wants to fuck my friend
she knows she may be pregnant, and seems to be lieing to my friend, further proving that poligmay is the way to go as i said in my previous post.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Its been a while

Yep, you fucking guessed it, nothing has happened but something has happened to me, a change, re-enlightenment (for those of you who missed the womanizing and pro-poligamy generic asshole, hes back)
I had a dream, a dream where I was out and about, driving around in bizzo-ville. I was with a friend, and two women. One of these girls was about to get married (oh yeah, it gets better) and she was fucking hot, but out of respect for her future husband I kept away from her, lord knows every guy was dieing to be like that lucky fuck. anyways as I am driving around, a pass by a bear the size of my car, for some strange reason we get out further ahead and the girl starts running towards the bear. I stop her and we end up running the other direction, towards a fucking wedding store. So my friend and I have just been drug along in for shopping. This is where the bride pounces on me in a wedding dress. I reject her saying, no its not right and i have a girlfriend. Then these two girls, (bride and bridesmaid now that I think of it) start asking out opinion of lingerie. fuck, anyways when this mess is all over we go out and get in my car, where i see my girlfriend fucking another guy in her car. I roll down my window and proclaim 'slut'. (ive had some fucked up shit on my mind lately it would seem) and at this point i regret not fucking the fucking bride.
anyways the wedding goes and my friend and I are behind the scenes (sound guys i think) anyways the wedding is not going as planned, people are breaking shit, sounds cutting out and we are running around trying to make things work.
Anyways after the wedding the bride promises me sex (well threatens really...I think im going to get raped) and my friend and I get into the car and venture off, at this point i find my girlfriend, we 'get back together' and get married.
I wake up screaming and covered with sweat, pretty bad fucking dream
Anyway, this dream has changed me, well changed me back to what I was. I made a new years resolution to be more monogomous. Fuck that shit, ill go to the gym instead.