Sunday, June 11, 2017

Surviving the Night - Week 3

I really need to remember to do this as soon as I get home

Holy fuck was that a fun crowd,

if I havent said it before at the bar I DJ there are generally 3 types of crowds.

Pop, Rap and Country

Many different types of dancers, women, men etc but I will go into that in another post.

That night was a pop crowd, which means GOOD rap, GOOD old pop/dance (think late 90's early 2000s) and the odd electro/regge


holy fuck

First of all, the lady with the sproinky tits was there. I dont know why hers are so well shapen and bouncy

but its wonderful watching her dance and run across my dance floor.

I dont think she had a bra on

now that I think about it there was alot of not bras that night, and glasses. two things I really enjoy

The crowd picked up, my floor got packed to the point where few people were buying drinks and playing pool, they just had a real positive energy to them

Much better than the rap crowd I had last week

I got shivers when my mixes worked and they went nuts. I cant remember the last time that happened

I want to DJ better than this every week I go

also girl to guy ratio of about 15:1 at one point. Now thats what Im talking about

Saw several familiar faces, thank fuck

and I saw you, the one who sent her friend up to make requests, you are allowed to come up and make requests

Just dont give me "hey generic asshole, remember me?" shit. I will shoot you down. Of course I remember you, I remember most things. Its enough to want a self induced lobotomy sometimes

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