Sunday, May 28, 2017

Surviving the night, weeks 1 and 2

Week 1 - Its been a while

Im getting back into DJing, and this week back I have the mostly pop crowd with a little country. It was a fun night.

Women asked for benassi, I dont know who you are but I love you
MILF asked for country, however her milfness is questionable since she is younger than me, she asked for before he cheats.

Funny song, she gets knocked up, stops putting out and her relationship fails.


It was actually a very fun, kinda small crowd.

Week 2 - Fuck

This week was less fun than the last, and there was more people out. The problem: it was the rap crowd.

There was one girl, in white, plunging neck line, great breasts.

I was training a spare DJ, he and I have similar senses of humour and tastes in women.

Then the dudes start asking for rap, and at first its good but the more I play rap I realize that if you are a guy asking for rap because you like it, you are likely full of poison and dont really like rap.

Fuck off, I know better. Never take requests from dudes, but I am ethically obligated to play all requests as best as I can.

So Im teaching the new guy good habits, cue up your song make sure its correct and decent quality, immediately have your next song ready as soon as one starts incase something goes fucky. Play with your high/mid/low to prevent peaking and get best sound quality, reset after every song. You know, good DJ etiquette.

Hopefully next week there is a little less rap and more opportunity for mix, and also hot women with great breasts.

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