Monday, February 6, 2017

Tales from dispatch

So I have a boring adult job, sometimes its interesting. This is those times

Disclaimer: the following are true stories about my working with the provincial snow plows. The names places and events have been changed to protect the innocent

Night 0
Training none. No time, there's a storm

no training, no visibility no problem

My first night was a storm, I had not been trained yet and they needed someone in. Guess I was the first one to say yes and go out in a mess.

The other spare, an older lady with hair like Carter from Stargate. Recently retired and was using this to fill time and give herself and her husband a bit more spending money. She stuck around for half an hour, showed me the ropes then took off before it got to bad.

Beyond that I don't remember anything else from the night, it must have been fairly uneventful. I never officially got trained so I must have not fucked up too badly.

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