Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Old Voyager

So I'm watching an old episode of Voyager. The one where seven returns to the Borg. And Naomi Wildman goes to see the captain with a plan to find and rescue seven.

She's kinda like Westley, growing up on a starship but she's better than Westley. Voyager is far from home and resupply so the engineers and scientists aboard need to be smart with with they have.

And it struck me, she's going to be one of the best Starfleet officers ever.

Her skill and intelligence comes from experience and creativity, where Westley's came from being a prodigy.

She idolizes seven of nine, she's going to be smart like her, she idolizes Captain Janeway because why not.

In Star trek timelines she's an engineer and diplomat (from that one episode in the future where Janeway and Chakotay meet future Naomi and Icheb)

It makes sense, she was born and raised in the Delta quadrant on Voyager.

Maybe she isn't the captain, but you would be hard pressed to find a better first officer.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tales from dispatch

So I have a boring adult job, sometimes its interesting. This is those times

Disclaimer: the following are true stories about my working with the provincial snow plows. The names places and events have been changed to protect the innocent

Night 0
Training none. No time, there's a storm

no training, no visibility no problem

My first night was a storm, I had not been trained yet and they needed someone in. Guess I was the first one to say yes and go out in a mess.

The other spare, an older lady with hair like Carter from Stargate. Recently retired and was using this to fill time and give herself and her husband a bit more spending money. She stuck around for half an hour, showed me the ropes then took off before it got to bad.

Beyond that I don't remember anything else from the night, it must have been fairly uneventful. I never officially got trained so I must have not fucked up too badly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

intimacy vs arousal

there are two females that I have been talking to today.

I have seen their genitals, can confirm they are both female and they said some interesting things to me.

One: in a longish term serious relationship, having trouble with distance currently.


the other: attempting to have a seriousish relationship with someone nearby and they are not interested


Let's go with girl 1

She claims she is always horny, always wanting sex.

Welp when we tried being a thing you certainly didnt fucking show it. Maybe thats the problem

That aside, her boyfriend lives farish away, and they cant see each other often. Lack of transportation and work schedules. It happens.

This is causing a lack of intimacy, its driving her crazy.


I attempted to give her some advice (because honestly when they break up it will be nice to have some easy pussy in the areaish)

Which was if you both are committed to it, there will be no problems.

My problem is I have tried with two different women who ended up not being as comitted to it as I was, seeing as they dumped me.

Huh, isnt that interesting...moving on

Im sure this couple talks and hangs out often, she would like more sex.


goddamn, I feel like Ive been in this situation before...RIGHT when my best friend and his (now former) girl were going through a rough patch she would tell this stuff to me.

I appreciate that you value my input, however I am probably the wrong guy to mention this to. Also at the wrong time.

If the lack of sex is why you are upset about your relationship you are an idiot, or lying. Seeing as you are female, you are lying there is other problems and the lack of intimacy isnt it, it certainly isnt helping though.

I am like 10 minutes away, if your that horny give me a text because fuck it I dont care anymore.

now number 2, she is being played like a piano. Guy is being sweet and nice to her to use her for sex.
Yup, I have definitly blogged about this before. What she cant figue out is why people are not interested in relationships anymore, clearly she stopped reading this shit. See one of the previous rants.

To be honest, at this moment there is about 4 women that I am pulling that stunt on, pretending to be caring and understanding and such so that in a moment of weakness they will fuck the shit out of me. Because remember: women are only good for sex.

All this aside, the problem we have here is intimacy vs arousal.


I think women sometimes forget this or often equate the two. I can be intimate with you, with my clothes on and penis not in your vagina. Intimacy is not just sexual, that is part of it, the sex is a metaphor. You are naked, stripped bare in front of someone, all your faults all your imperfections on display for them to see, then they embrace you and have you at a moment of weakness and do not do anything to hurt you or betray you. That is intimacy.

Arousal is sex part.

There have been many women who have been aroused by me and aroused me, this does not mean we have had sex, It certainly doesnt mean we were intimate.

There is a handful of women who know me intimately, and I trust and respect them above (almost) all other women but there is no arousal.

The reason why people get the two mixed up I think is because Love is becoming aroused by someone's faults, you see what makes them imperfect and you become more aroused by this. Love is what happens when intimacy causes arousal. Lust is what happens when arousal causes intimacy.

HA and my friends think this blog shouldnt be taken too seriously

I JUST FUCKING FIGURED OUT THE NATURE OF LOVE, and I plan on going out, womanizing and not loving that way again.