Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dating as an adult

So there is about 10 people who actually look at this shit,

guys I dont think Im that wise, funny or insightful but so long as you are here how about another rant?

I've seen many post on facebook about dating as an adult. One suggests that you are either step dad (because some people are too stupid to use birth control and therefore shouldnt reproduce in the first place), two is ugly chicks (compared to my favourite musicians all women are generally ugly) and 3 single forever.

That is not quite correct,

There exist attractive, single women without children at all ages. Quit your bitchin

The other one I saw is "its like sorting through a dump looking for the least broken, ugly thing"

That is also correct, however I feel that it is correct for dating at all ages. We are all broken and ugly somehow.

Hell, look at this blog. Do you think someone of sound mental status would rant like this? Exactly

What it actually is people, specifically men, do not want to put in the time or effort into a new relationship after a certain point. 

It makes sense

If you consider the investment of time (remember time = money) and investment of money (time * money, time * time, time^2) the loss from dating is exponential, and when you are young you dont care as much about time or money, as you get older you do. Time is valuable and shit doesnt pay for itself.

Dating for some time, then the marriage, then the house then the family etc...financially its a crazy risk. Considering the current state of the planet, politics, environment and economy it is almost negligent to bring a child into this world and expect them to eventually succeed.

That is not the problem, the problem is time.

When my parents were my age, my mother was 2 years away from birthing me, which means that my parents were a year into dating, and a year away from marriage (I think)

both had stable jobs and one year after I was born (mom 30, dad 33ish) they built a house.

A fucking house.

That is incredible. I only know one (maybe 2) married couples who own a house, the rest of them live in an apartment because it makes a bit more economic sense.

I would love to build a house some day, if only to have a hidden man cave where I can store my nerf guns, lego and gaming stuff but that will likely not be a reality until I am in my late 30's almost. What the fuck

Maybe it isnt the time, maybe it is the economics, and generally speaking people are not as financially stable as their predecessors were at the same age. 

Finally: how about that divorce rate? 50% give or take. Half of marriages fail, even with dating becoming less formal and people being able to date around and figure out what they like and who would be the best suited for a partner marriages still fail.

There is only 2 ways out of a relationship, someone ends it or someone dies. Bottom line, it will never end well, so to everyone brave enough to try I salute you and hope that your time together brings you more joy then the eventual end of your relationship

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