Monday, July 18, 2016

DJ Drifters guide to (failiing at) clubbing

You know, when guys ask for a song so they can pick up chicks I always play it

I dont fucking know why.

Saturday, I started the night gloriously. Saw a guy I knew, had a girl to guy ratio of roughly 10:1. It was great, the ladies were dressed well. Not provocatively, only one was showing off the midriff and the others certainly knew how to dance.

It was a slow night, I pretty much played any request and mixing mashing cutting etc I allowed to be sloppy sometimes.

Now, a guy, he comes up and asks for the same thing every time: play more black music.

Ok, so I throw on some old school hip hop/rap. He says he needs this to pick up chicks and they are really going at this point.



I dont claim to be good at picking up women at the bar, and the show keys to the vip is a bunch of bullshit, good for a laugh.

A good way to NOT pick up women: be alone.

Women go to the bar in a group, and so should men. So my rule guys go out in a group, make it look like you are there for a good time and hanging out with your friends. It makes you look less creepy.

Rule 2: dance, but do not out dance the women.

When this guy finally got onto the floor, it was to the bad touch by the bloodhound gang, he was doing flips and shit.


But no girl was walking up to him to dance, in fact the girl he was hoping for (the last single lookjing one in the bar) asked for my name at the end of the night and not his, thank you for giving it to her Denise you are attractive and awesome and your husband is probably crazy.

A new fan, excellent. Brunette, glasses...Im noticing a fucking trend.

Now some people say show up late, seal the deal just before closing etc

I dont quite believe that, it makes you look like you are just there to pick up women.

There are women who are there to do what you do, in fact I would dare say most of the ones who were there last night were there for that reason and left because of the lack of dick floating around.

When the best looking thing in the bar is the DJ, its not the best thing for straight ladies.

The first two who were dancing where totally looking for some guy to dance with, or talk to or something, and left when the only men were interested in lurking at the bar or with their girlfriend/wife.

the other ones, totally down, into recent pop music, all above 6/10. Gents, you missed out, this was the night you all would kill for when you go out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Advertising in Porn

I use ad block on many websites, mostly on ones whos ads are intrusive and potentially dangerous.


I know that ads are only bad if you click on them (most of the time) and I know some ads and website are worse than others

Nexus mods, team four star and select youtube channels I am glad to watch or have ads for, at least until I am financially stable enough to throw money at their patron.

Porn however, porn ads are something special. Sometimes they feel pretty targeted. Like for example, when I am watching an anime bitch get the shit fucked out of her by hundreds of tentacles the ads are for other hentai related porn.

Makes sense, smart move youjizz, showing me more of what I apparently want to see.

However, I was just wanking to some lisa ann, because she is the queen of porn, and they showed me ads for teen, barely legal, 18 etc etc etc



fuck sakes

The appeal of the female figure is the female figure. I think I have brought this up before.

Also, yes, youjizz tends to get around ad block more easily than other porn sites, fucking twats.

You know, I dont think people would have such a problem with advertising on the web in general if it didnt start off as intrusive and compromising to your computers security. I understand internet famous people and websites have a hard time making money (hence the creation of patron) without ads but there has got to be a better way, and it is how porn does it.

Maybe its because of the blockers but I do not see pop ups anymore, I do see lots of ads in the margins of the webpage, empty spaces which because of formatting and such are not being used.

You could fill those with ads, I believe facebook was doing the same thing also. Those are far less intrusive and you have to click on them, harder for it to be an accident.

This is only a temporary solution however as formatting is different on mobile devices.

I know this will take alot of effort, but perhaps webpages should integrate add spaces into them, ads in the margins headers or footers, places where the space is not always used effectively.

I understand if web designers are opposed to this, ads do have a bit of a bad rep, but perhaps this will encourage webmasters to be a bit more thoughtful to what kind of ads they put up and where from. They get their money, everyone gets a bit better security and they are less intrusive.

The other option, one that is becoming popular, is the pay for no ads. youtube red, netflix, patron etc
You give your money to the creator, distributor whatever as opposed to companies giving their money to them.

Maybe in the rest of the world this will work, however, in canada, mobile and internet prices are kinda expensive. So on top of paying your ISP, you pay your youtubes, patrons etc to not have ads.
That can get expensive quick, this is another problem though.

You could just not use the internet, but I need the internet for work related email, pre flight prep, weather etc

My job would technically be doable without it, however it would be a little less safe and I would have less situational awareness, so you know what? the 100 a month that bell is charging me for dsl is worth it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

fuck free or fuck free for all

I glanced some Steve Harvey this morning, and heres the tl;dw version

A woman lives with her boyfriend.
They both agree not to have sex until marriage.
After 2 years, the boyfriend is not ready to marry her, he wants 2 more years.
Presumably sex free as well.
The girl wants to get married because
-Her family all had long courting periods before marriage
-(implied) wishes for sex

(implied) both of them have had sex with partners before, and it failed

and that got me thinking which is better, fuck or fuck free?

Let us talk about 2 people, who have never had sex before but would like to.

I have mentioned this before, and I am still envious of my former room mate who saved himself for his wife, and I hope they are the first, last and only ones to fuck each other.

What if he is bad at sex? I am really not worried about it. I've seen how much heat is packing (he liked running around the room naked) He is going to be fine.

It worked very, very well in that case because both parties did not know what they were missing and the excitement over the sex was not greater than the excitement about spending their lives together.

If they did not get married this is still an ideal situation, it is an excellent opportunity for both parties to get to know what each other likes and what they like free from expectations.

I wish I did it that way...

How about when one person wants sex, the other does not.
In this case, both parties have had sex with previous partners. Like the example above
I have been here before and let me tell you, it sucks. This is what I would like to call sexual incompatibility. Generally in this case, the person who does not want the sex either is still in love with their previous partner and/or the last sex they had was awful.

Huge expectations for both people, and generally it leads to passionless, awful sex or no sex at all. Either way, everyone ends up miserable.

Same situation as above, except one person has not had sex before.
This is even fucking worse. If the virgin wants the sex they will not get an adequate fucking because the person with the experience is incapable of giving out a good fuck.

If the virgin does not want the sex, what it creates is alot of sexual tension which at some point will break. However if they decide to stay a virgin for some misplaced religious beliefs the other party will give up and go after another target because frankly fuck that shit.

I have been there before

If the not so virgin sticks it out until the tension breaks they will be rewarded with mind blowing sex and most likely an eventual failed relationship

I have also been there before.

You know, its not the 60's anymore guys. People will not judge you negatively for having sex before marriage.

I have seen a couple of types of virgins, basically you have 2 types - stubborn and horny. The horny ones will give in the stubborn ones are likely moderately to extremely religious/spiritual.

I have also made this point before - what makes us masters of this planet, what differentiates us from the apes is WE DO NOT NEED TO GIVE INTO OUR INSTINCTS.

If a beast is hungry, it eats. If it needs to shit, it shits, if it needs to fuck it fucks.

Until it is necessary for our survival, we do not need to indulge those instincts. If you are thirst you dont need to drink, however after a day or 2 you will need to.

The strongest of these instincts is sex, heres the problem its needed to continue the existence of our species and it feels good.

Why do you think sex feels good? Its an evolutionary trait because humans became smart enough to overcome its instincts, they could become smart enough to not want to fuck which means the species as a whole could die.

Point being: there is no shame in giving into your instincts, they are probably telling you something that you probably need to do in the near-ish future in order to not die.

This obsession with a lack of obsession with sex is pretty much as bad as an obsession with sex. The sex isnt sacred, the relationship you form with the partner is. The marriage isnt important, the family you make from it is.

I feel that certain men have pushed a certain agenda with the church. I suspect they though they were doing what was best for people, but it taught people not to think, challenge and ultimately put the emphasis on the wrong thing.

So, that woman at the start. No sex until marriage, but you live with your boyfriend, you kiss, you tease and you play (probably). You have done more damage to your relationship than good, you should not have lived together if you were going to play that game, and you have put a lot of importance on sex, and not making love, you have put alot of importance on a ring and party and not a family.

Buy a condom woman, fuck your boyfriends brains out, then figure out how you feel about him and quit leading him on.