Sunday, November 1, 2015

An open letter to a old student and friend

If you read this, you will probably know who you are and Im worried that the next time we hang out I may not be able to properly voice my concerns

also Ill likely forget it

also I need to use this thing for something

There was a time I supported and even shown you some of your habits towards people when we were younger, I was wrong.

You should only treat people like that if they are from our hometown because..damn...

Im quite happy to see lately the effort and time you have put into your recent relationship (and possibly one or two before this one)

I am not happy to see that you are bored. I dont understand why you dont end it and I dont buy your excuse of not wanting to be a bad person

You did mention not wanting to hurt them, at least I know you love them.

If you love them, and if you loved your previous ones why were you always on the look out for the next replacement

Why was the phrase potential partner uttered when you were already in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship, you should not be looking.

I know I have a lot to answer for in this department (more than everyone knows, except for maybe 2 people)

You love your partner, but you do not seem to respect them

I understand why, these seems to be some communication issues, and you have never had a problem expressing yourself to me. Your partner seems to be settling down, you two really need to talk about things.

The lack of sex is a problem but does it indicate lack of desire for intimacy with you, lack of attraction to you or just not into it. This is shit you need to figure out

Then you need to figure out what you want to do with this relationships, because it is not fair to either person you are in a way leading them both on.

Now, on to the potential partner

At first you spoke of this individual like a conquest.
you should not treat them that way if you feel like they would be a better fit to your current relationship

Hell I regularly hang out with someone who I think it would be fun to date, but I am never going to find that out. Oh well

When I told you that there was no chance at sex with your potential partner because you were not single I knew how much your heart sank. If you really cared, if you really felt like this one was the right one that should not have mattered.

Because if you were single you two would be a thing, then you can go back to wanting the other person you feel would be a better fit for you.

Then you would get bored of your potential partner. Because it is what you do. They seem to me to have a similar sex drive to your current partner

And there is no taboo with this one, you would have no reason to be embarrassed or hide this relationship.

Every partner you have had in your live you have had at least one reason to hide it, they were too young or old for you, they were in a relationship, they had a kid something, anything that you feel people may have judged you for. I know you never cared but you like the thrill of being sneaky and getting away with it. There will be no such thrill with this one, your potential partner. The sex may be all right the first time, but I suspect it will quickly get boring

Maybe Im wrong

but I doubt it, lately I havent been wrong about these sorts of things and I hate it

If you love the other person more, do right by both parties and communicate with them, If you dont then it doesnt matter, this other one isnt going to be an easy conquest. People with who actually abide by their morale code do not break easily

In my experience, in that case, you get bored very quickly after the chase is over.

Also women with a low sex drive should just go to hell


yes I realize I never finished my rant about my ex girlfriends. Actually just realized that now, Ill make another post another time