Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The one that got away

I feel like I may have been giving some poor advice lately,
mostly because honestly I did not have an answer. Today I would like to talk about the one who got away, for those of you who do not have one, skip a little ways, Im sure there will be something else down there eventually.

There is a girl that just sticks with you, once in a while she will creep into your thoughts, more often into your dreams.

I used to tell my friends to move on, and let that shit go. It was not healthy for them or their relationship on the virtue that previous relationships should have no effect on current. See some previous post.

I suppose that isnt the worst advice but it really does not help them, its almost like how soldiers used to be told to man up as a way to deal with combat fatigue (PTSD)

Here is something useful to say instead

Its ok.

That is such a powerful statement, and I know, sometimes it isnt ok but in those cases its probably best to just listen,

It okay, it tells the person that these are normal thoughts. If they want to push through them or push them out of their minds that is up to them, but maybe they should do something else.

Enjoy them while they last

There is nothing wrong with reflecting on a better time, it lets you know what you did right and perhaps how to apply it to now. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a fantasy or dream where things happened differently.

It becomes wrong if you indulge this too much, but that is a slightly different story

It is good to go through these not with force, loud music or trying not to think of it, just let it go where it will. You may find out some interesting things about yourself and about that girl/relationship that made it so good.

I have to be honest I am having a hard time clicking the publish button, because I still do not know if this is right

This morning I woke up, with my morning wood, as usual. I was not sure if I should fap to some porn, think about a certain girl, or remember some really good sex/seductions in my life.

This is the time that she would creep into my head, and I would usually try my best to get her out of there, then I decided that it was ok.

It was ok that I wished that things worked out, that she was still probably beautiful and if I had the chance I probably would, again knowing what I know now.

And you know what, just like that she was gone allowing me to turn on some porn in peace and get off before I get off to my morning run.

Maybe Ive just finally grown up a bit, who knows. Now I think its ok to think about her, despite the fuck ups that were made maybe it time to just be ok with it. There is nothing that can be done now, no amount of rage, desire or lust will change how I fucked up.

I like the results, it lets me focus on more important things, such as rachel starr.

Now for those of you who skipped that because they dont have one that got away, they either dont take any risks or they caught her.

Fuck you by the way

You know who you are you luck fucks

Lets talk about its ok, it came up earlier. It is a powerful statement, you are validating that what people are acting and how they are feeling is normal, combine it with some kind of physical touch and you have shown that they have your support.

Now lets talk about the bitches

What, really, do women want? Now if you have to ask this question you are probably not getting laid on a regular basis or you do not have a girlfriend, because honestly if you had one of those you should not give a fat flying fuck about what women want, you know it but you dont know you know it you know what i mean? probably not, but you do.

Girl in their late teens/early twenties usually have  some ideal idea of a relationship, prince charming and all that nonesense, but as they go from 18 to 19...19 to 20 they become aware of how hot they are, then decide that for the early to mid 20s that they want more sexual relationships and finally as they get into their mid to late twenties then they want something a little more settled.

Interestingly enough this is also, generally how things apply to the bar scene, early on its party hard, then they ease up for a bit.

Men seem to be opposite, around the early 20s men just want to fuck, then upon realizing what a dick they were to women, or getting bored of being with a different girl they decide to settle down a bit

In all three cases there is a dont give a fuck level beyond the final state, usually brought on by a shitty break up or mid life. This is where you have 40 year olds behaving like they are in their early twenties.

There was a guy, let us call him D-WAYNE, and he was maccing on a girl, actually reasonably close to his age and (I never thought I would say this) younger and better looking that his milftastic now ex wife.

I really was hoping that he would get some ass in crotch, but alas there was none to be had.

Oh, right this is new I guess Im properly a DJ again, I suppose you guys want to hear any funny stories from that shit, its not as crazy as it was

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