Saturday, October 24, 2015


Have you ever been watching a hentai, and suddenly about half way through, unexpectedly it becomes tentacle porn?

I did, it was weird. I love tentacle porn but I wasnt in the mood for it


Now onto the silliness of djing. Disclaimer I DJ at a small town and used to DJ at a small university, so yea, everyone does know everyone else.

I suspect if you go back far enough I will tell enough stories about the university stuff, thank cock that it is less silly now.

Maybe because I am so much older and younger (at the same time) as many of the patrons.

Among the usual suspects are the younger sister of a girl I was in cadets with (BTW that girl was stupid hot)

Fun fact: my old air cadet squadron used to be mostly women, and if the officers were any indication, pretty attractive women. Pilots license and ladies, fuck yeah

Every week she asks if I remember her, of course I remember her. My friends had/have a tendency to go for women younger than them, so they were always dating a 9er or some shit.

Not sure why. BTW you guys are fucked, go for milfs for fucks sakes.

and several of my friends were interested in her, weather they admit it or not.

Another common one is my ex girlfriends father. To his credit he has become less old and creepy in the last few weeks and actually isnt scaring away women and actually is going for women closeish to his age.

In fact last week he was chatting up/dancing with a woman in her mid 30s at minimum, who was significantly hotter than his milftastic previous.

Kudos mang

And forgive me for sounding racist, a couple of black guys. They ask for black music, always out drinking and dancing so to the best of my knowledge of old rap and hip hop I indulge them

Thank you, you all give me purpose.

I see a couple of other odd ones I knew from highschool (or earlier) they havent come up to me to make a request yet, so I cant be fucking up that bad.

Last week was the first quiet week I ever had. I hated it, I need to bring a better game this week and get the place packed

Otherwise my awesome (and hot) manager may (and probably will successfully) kick my ass

I have only had one chick (fat, blonde, white dress) try and make out with me. So far I am doing a pretty good job and avoiding it, I dont do that game anymore. I suspect it will be unavoidable new years matter.

I hope she wasnt a bride

One regular(ish) girl is appreciative of the requests, so hugs and kisses on the cheek are rewarded.

That isnt so bad, was a time I would prefer booze but I need to drive home

Also my drive is loud as shit, missing muffler. Fuck sakes I sound like a ricer now.

and finally there are droves of familiar looking females. Generally I remember the guys, I feel like I probably went to school with them somewhere sometime but I dont remember any names.

My old roommate suggested that I learn their names, make them more human as opposed to objectifying women


Ill do that when I dont feel like slab of meat up there.

Now, for the DJs prayer

Dear God,

Please let me not fuck up
(And let them enjoy my music and come out and play)

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