Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things have come full circle

an old DJ I trained in high school gave me some training about a month ago and I am to replace him as he is moving away and can no longer DJ at this spot, truth be told I get the feeling that he was getting kinda tired of it. Its a hit or a miss in terms of fun, last night for example there was 12 girls I saw, maybe 20 max and at least twice as many guys.

Interestingly enough there did not appear to be that many couples, go figure.

So generally speaking my dance floor was made up of the same 7 girls.

Thank fuck one of them is still hot (but I have known this one forever, we went to school together, she is a rare example of a girl who never got less hot)

But, the new manager is still probably the hottest girl there...sigh.

Actually, in terms of technique, I was quite pleased with how I was doing, one slight hiccup. I got distracted talking to an old buddy of mine (another DJ from high school actually). I was quite proud with how I was mixing the rap as well, I dont think I will be able to do it that well again.

I do wish people would tell me what they want to hear, but generally speaking there seems to be regularly requested songs for the summer of 2015.

Uptown Funk
Party Up - DMX (yes, really.)

Songs that appear to work (including those above)
TGIF (yes, really.)
Shake Dat


thats all I can remember from last night. Wish the recording software on VDJ would record the stuff we do on the controller.

But one of the bouncers said he actually did like my mix that night, so did the manager.
Even if they are just being polite, its my second solo gig there


But its weird because I actually feel like Im better than I was in university (when I was probably my best) Im taking bigger risks with songs and rarely cheats like back spinning and syncing the first and last beats of songs.

I want to desperately show that I do indeed know new tricks and songs

and all these people want to do is hear how I used to do this shit in high school. About 10 years ago.


Here we go again.

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