Wednesday, May 6, 2015

lady superheroes

really marvel?

sigh, perhaps you just tried the wrong ladies...


My God that would be awesome and heartbreaking at the same time

Also female thor? WHY, Black spider man, was that really nesscary? Killing Captain America and replacing him with the punisher

I feel that marvel is getting a little too trendy.

Female thor, always spouting typical modern rad fem shit, that turns me off of thor, hell that turns women off of thor you are making her appeal to a small number of people


Maybe if this was brought about by her mind slowly being corrupted by her powers and shes slowly going crazy and loosing her humanity to be redeemed or become evil later

THAT would be an interesting story.

Black spider man, he is cool but I really wonder why Marvel cant bother to just create a new black and/or female superhero who is awesome.


They have made strong black and female characters before, granted I will say that they were never centre stage, however they have warmachine and the falcon set up very well to replace their mentors if something was to happen to them or to become a new persona. These guys are awesome on their own and yes they are a sidekick but they are not wimpy, they can stand on their own with their own stories and if need be toe to toe with their mentor.

Marvel is afraid, because historically their ladies havent fared well in terms of movies.

yes this article mentioned the shitty male super hero movies, but fails to list the successful ones.

Batman, Batman Returns, Superman 1 and 2, Daredevil wasnt that bad and has since become a badass tv show, the animated shows have been nothing but awesome ect

I could go on


The point is, they have tried the wrong women. Electra really needs Daredevil to work, they have good chemistry. Catwoman isnt a hero, and dont fucking blame the superhero for that one that was poorly written.

Also supergirl, supermans little cousin, to me personally always came off as more annoying than arousing so, yeah, that one is probably always bound to fail.

Interesting only one of those heroes is marvel...the other 2 are DC...

Marvel may not be afraid of women super heroes, they just havent got around to making the movie yet and they seem to want to make the movies work with an overarching story (the infinitly gauntlet and stones for example)

In that case, there may be no room for these ladys right now, think of the marvel movies as chapters leading up to infinity wars part 1 and 2.

Why wasp?

Spoiler alert

1) She fucking flies
2) Her husband (first antman) is an abusive prick

she eventually divorces him and he goes evil (not sure if the two are related)

SO on top of her superhero shit, she has personal matters eating at her which could affect how she fights and how she makes decisions,


you could actually write about how this affects a person, for good and bad

So girls, chill, theres lots of better lady superheroes out there for you to look up to


stay on topic

and they may be comming, but they will probably not be comming soon, because this story is about something different.


Iceman is gay now after 'coming to it himself after jean grey stepped inside his mind'

Yeah, bullshit. 1) they made an xman gay who would be a heart throb for all the gay men, iceman has that jawline for days, fantastic facial hair, a manly man what man could possibly resist that..oh wait.

Truth be told iceman what is really started this ramble for me, and I completely forgot about him.

tl;dr version - I feel marvel has become too trendy, empowering women/radical feminism is trendy so lets make thor a radical lady feminist

Being gay is now in the process of being accepted by law, so lets make one of our mutants gay.
Granted the xmen is the perfect spot for a gay character, because he could be an outsider among outsiders.
E for effort marvel

Not enough black super heroes, there is a black president and alot of civil unrest among the treatment of black prisoners by police in the united states, maybe there needs to be a black superhero

They are right, but they are doing it the wrong way. If you want a strong female hero to look up to, publish more wasp, maybe more black widow, lady sith (is that spelled correctly) gomorrah, rescue. There is lots of girls to choose from and for the sake of that story, they cannot rely on their friends or love interest maybe they are the ones to to the rescuing who knows.

A gay superhero isnt an awful idea either, especially in xmen where the big thing is how much do you try to fit it and how much should you embrace your individuality, and if that was the defining internal conflict of one of there heroes from the beginning that would be fantastic.

Nothing wrong with a black super hero, and that sort of thing may be needed now given what is happening, but he deserves more than the hand me downs of another super hero, what message are you sending there?

Ultimately, I feel like these changes were done on a whim, without though and are more insulting to these people than showing more of a variety of heroes.

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