Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finally, an actual fucking post

You know what, recently I was thinking that there were aspects of teenage me that I miss.

On the one hand, having terrible blue balls, taste in painfully promiscuous women (who wouldnt fuck you) and just in inability to interact well with women, impatient, defensive, generally unable to be chill and hormonal bullshit are bad things, probably what I hated what I used to be

but, at least I had passion back then, a passion I feel I have lost lately in my effort to be balanced but it seems that in my attempt to get back this fire I have not gotten laid in a bit, Im more impatient, defensive and Im seriously fucking up my interactions with women.

fuck sakes, cant I just have the one decent thing about my teenage self? I guess not but upon further reflection, generally speaking, I found that as a teenager I was at my worst. Making stupid decisions for 'important' friend ect ect ect

I guess as a teen, and hormones probably have something to do with this, you give too much of a fuck.

When that shit stops, and you get more in control of yourself the trick is to give less fucks.

just, give less of a fuck about things that dont matter.

So, I have decided to give less of a fuck about sex. I will either get laid sooner with that attitude or become a monk, either way works for me because I have a higher calling, flying planes.


onto fergusen, and sydney, and isis

A person, on social media can and has said that Fergusen shame on the protesters violence isnt the answer, and LITERALLY a week before that was encouraging the bombing of anyone/anything associated with isis and now is saying Ill ride with you to muslims in sydney.


Seems that people are only conveniently good.

Isis beheadings, and hating on Israel, it is acceptable and encouraged to hate these people.
 Point taken, they take peoples heads. We probably should not like them

Fergusen cop shoots a black man. Community says he was a good kid, a bunch of police opression racism ect ect ect. The guy who got shot turns out attacked the cop apparantly and had just robbed a store, police chief says that a large number of crimes and homcides involve black people, and they are not being racist, its just the statistic.

Some people (mostly anarchist, people who dont like the police for literally no reason) are hating the cops for using violence, over stepping ect

Other people (mostly racist) are hating the black citizens for being gangsters, criminals ect

Some people (the sane batch) are hating the media and the last 2 mentioned groups for being idiots.

The problem is, no group of people, myself included, gave a single fat flying fuck about the PEOPLE.

It seemed that not a one cared about the cops who are good, not corrupted and had to put up with this shit, or the american citizens in the town who werent criminals who had to put up with it.

Second time this happens, its still about hate of a group and not the caring for another,

Finally, in austrailia. This Ill ride with you came from someone who offered to walk with an islam woman, because guess what? MOST ISLAMIC PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SELF EXPLODING EXTREMIST


This woman removed her head dress. Wise move, why? YOU MOVED THERE. Australia I feel is like Canadas cousin, similar things, both commonwealth and what not, and both were filled with what the motherland didnt want. But if you move somwhere you should adapt to THAT environment. I am not saying that you cant be who you are but you chose to be Australian/Canadian because where you were sucked, or where you are is better.

But I understand why this happens, we are the good guys, and if a Canadian went to their neck of the woods they would (and have) been killed for not conforming.

Im getting off topic, this is about Australia.

FINALLY, there is something out there, on social media, that is about the caring about a group affected by this hate and not being hated on.

HOWEVER, it should be known that people jump on whatever is convenient or trendy.

Explains previous relationships actually

but that aside, if enough people choose to care, and not to hate, it becomes easier to care. Because everyone is doing it.