Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the last time

Have you ever said this is the last time to anything?


I mean if you are doing something that you don't want to do anymore, some sort of vice fit example, why do you say this is the last time then do something you are about to quit

What if it was something that you like doing and you think what if it's the last time.

In this case why does it have to be the last time, and if you have that type of attitude it may just be.

So let us discuss this idea of the last time

Let's say you want to quit smoking or drinking pop. So you have one last dart or one final sip. Why do people seem to think that saying it's the last time then doing it again gives the action a sense of finality. If you want to stop, just stop. Don't do it one more time to remember how much you enjoy it, on the other hand if you don't like it but do it out of habit maybe one more time will motivate you to never do so again.

If you like it and want to stop then just stop. If you hate it and want to stop then do it once more, remind yourself why you need to stop.

One last time seems to me to be used for something that you enjoy and should stop. It is very bad at motivating you to stop so don't use that phrase, instead say that the last time you did it was the last time.

Now let's talk about something positive, like telling the person you care about you love them. You should do it often because it may be the last time.

Same phrase different attitude, where the former was used nostalgically about a vice the later is used as a carpet diem sort of idea

In both cases you should not be putting off what you want to do.

If you want to quit then do it.
If you want to kiss her then do it.

Otherwise you may never get the chance or motivation to.

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