Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Restoring faith in humanity (and failing)

The internet is a fucked up spot.

Depending on where you go you can find, cute, faith restoring, enraging or porn.

I go on a website that will not be named. Because I still follow the fucking rules.
I used to go there for laughs and to loose my hope in humanity, and you know what? Facebook does a better job at this now. I tend to use that other site as a source of fast, very unreliable and biased news. Kinda like CNN, but with less rules.

Facebook you can find everything
softcore porn. Women (and men) upload tonnes of suggestive pictures of themselves.
Bloggy rants. I just went through my old notes because they reminded me of what an autistic beta male shit I used to be.
Restoring faith in humanity, follow various awesome and funny celebrities
Loosing faith in humanity, follow anyone you used to go to highschool with
cute. cats are fucking everywhere.

So, I mean, I know why this is happening. Its been going on for years, the integration of real and digital life which makes sense. If your personal info is on all facebook, available for everyone to see may was well have a resume attached to it so that potential employers can see if they will like you.

The problem with that is you always have to be one person, and no one is only one person.

They way you behave around your roommate is different from your parents, from your friends, from you girlfriend and your coworkers.

For example: I do not swear at all at work, I try to be patient polite and not blunt. Why? Because its the best way to deal with people and keep them not pissed therefore making work more enjoyable.

When I am with my friends I swear like a fucking sailor, we are patient and tolerant of each other but also brutally honest.

Around my parents I dont swear, and I am patient of them because Im at the age where I am an adult, they are at the age where their mind starts going ect ect ect.

Also there is lots of sarcasm and teasing, definitely more than work.

A room mate may be treated as a friend or as a coworker or both

Finally you seduce a girlfriend, so yeah thats a huge difference there.

This may sound unhealthy, and it kinda is, but everyone's behavior changes slightly based on who they are around and the type of relationship it is.

Truth be told, the one time you are probably perfectly honest with being you is around your friends and girlfriends, because everyone else you want to impress some way. Your friends will just accept you and your girlfriend should to (if not, consider an upgrade to a newer model)

So how are we supposed to integrate our real life with our digital life if there are aspects that you dont want one group seeing?

Simple. Online behave as you would be at work, keep this in mind for social media.

I know I had to for my first job, half of my university pictures I had to make more difficult for coworkers and bosses to see.

Perhaps employers should change their attitude towards their employees, if they want to be a complete dumbass on facebook or when they are not at work let them. You are not paying them it is their own time they can do what they wish.\

On the other had you are always representing your company, so perhaps we need to consider that before uploading some crazy picture to facebook.

Maybe everyone needs to mature a little more, people using and viewing facebook. Consider more seriously what you put up and who can see it, and for people who view and see it consider that there is always more to that individual than you know, and if you are old dont forget that you were young once, doing silly things.

You just didnt announce it to the world.

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