Sunday, August 24, 2014


Recently I've been wondering what happened to old acquaintances and friends.

No. Not high school,

university. My first year, probably when I was a good balance of effort and awesome and not that much alcoholism, however too much naivety.

More optimistic, and less of a dick. What do I want to do you ask?

Find out what happened to the woman who turned me into a womanizing dick, the first female I was truly, remorselessly a huge fucking prick to because of what she did. It was easier to just pretend that she was nothing and not contact her ever again, make eye contact and painfully, obviously ignore.

Apparently this upset her. And to this day, I still dont give a fuck about how much I hurt her, but I am curious to if she is alive and ever bothered to finish her last two years.

The next is my bros from that year, the two guys I spent the most time with. Along with the girl the 4 of us were practically inseparable. Late night movies, that were actually rented from a store, video games and generally good company.

One wanted to be a marine biologist, and he was the type of guy who was unbelievably smart. The most intelligent man I have ever met. He went on and off to university taking it in little bites to keep from getting burned out and from going too far into debt. Im not sure if he ever finished.

The other wanted to be an artist, its obvious why he went to the school but he didnt belong there. He was far more talented than the fine artists that they normally accept. Last I heard his country had strongly encouraged him to join the military, he could actually be dead.

These guys didnt belong at the school, they were too good at what they were trying to learn and at first seemed to not put any effort into classes and do well, eventually they just slacked off.

I dont even know why I care, Ive seen the smart guy once at a concert so he isnt dead yet. None of them, myself included, at the time were very big on using facebook.

The guys from my second year I keep in better touch with, still not great. Its kind of amusing that with social media it should be easier to keep in touch, yet it seems we communicate with some people just as much as we would without it.

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