Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is my life and it is ending one day at a time

I feel like I am working alot in the last few months.

I mean ALOT

Like when I get home a night I hardly have enough energy to do anything other than sleep for 8 - 10 hours to wake up and repeat the process.

Im looking forward to summer and my 2 new jobs, one I love the other will keep me active

Unlike McDicks and the highways.

Not that I dont like these places its just they are not as physically active as a contractor, and I feel that is whats causing me to have so little energy

I think I may go for a run before work today and perhaps after so that I will atleast feel like sitting on my ass infront of a computer

and maybe thats it, maybe I dont fee like sitting infront of a computer on my down time since thats what I do at work anyway.

maybe its the fact that this winter has gone on for a few days longer than forcasted and getting people to come to work to cover the needed shifts is difficult

I probably need to get laid as well, really this should be happening once a week minimum to maintain decent sanity more appropriately I need to interact with non coworkers and non pissed off public but as it stands all it is really is occasional texting,

not like anything can be done because the roads are always crap

and thus the circle begins

roads suck so highways need a dispater to work
dispatcher needs trucks to be operated
the public gets angry at the road conditions
that I can do nothing about because we are way understaffed in the off season, and trucks are breaking down left right and center
which means roads get bad
public gets mad....ect ect ect

maybe its the monotony of it all, Ive literally been doing the same shit almost every day for the last 7 months, the month before december it was just mcdonalds

but this is it, the last storm of the season should be my last shift until I get called in next year. Now its just a matter of waiting to get called into my new job or start contracting with my new job and seeing as the weather has been like this lately I am not sure how much work the contracting guys have gotten.

Finally what I think I need is some time off, no flying, no work just to myself to hang out in moncton, play video games get back into exercising just anything that isnt work, probably 2 weeks to get out of this funk and back into the swing of things. Probably to king air ground school shortly after

maybe I will just keep reading my manuals, I think I need to be a little slicker with the plane.

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