Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snowden - the wrong decision

Dear Edward Snowden,

I am writing this letter to you to express my concern with your actions and your current associations. I understand that some time ago you released some compromising data against the United States government.

I am not sure whether to thank you or condemn you.

It must have been hard to betray your coworkers and colleges and perhaps even friends to bring to light things that you though were wrong, things that your country should know.

I hope that you thought that you were doing the right thing, the thing best for the american people. That would make you a hero.

Unless I am wrong and you are some sort of spy, and did this for money, in which case please ignore this letter.

Mr. Snowden my concern is with your current associations. It would seem that a Mr. Vladimir Putin has taken a liking to you, and is even protecting you from prosecution by the United States. Mr. Snowden what you did may have been morally the right thing, however it was illegal. If you love and respect your country at all you should face trial, otherwise you are a hypocrite believing that rules only apply to a select few and not to you. If you expect the government to be accountable for its actions, then you should set an example and be accountable for yours. Mr. Putin is an influential man, but I have a feeling that his companionship is to just get more information out of you. He is not playing nice because he feels like it, he is playing nice because you compromised United States intelligence and he hopes to use your knowledge to gain an edge on the United States if needed.

Please consider what I have said Mr. Snowden, and live well.

-The Generic Asshole

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