Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shit be getting serious, yo

That Air Malaysia disappearance is scary. With all the tech thrown into aircraft, GPS, cockpit voice recorders (CVR), flight data recorders (FDR) and emergency locator transmitters (ELT).
Hell, radar and transponders have been around forever
Even with all of this stuff, proper training and screening of pilots it is possible for a plane to just vanish.
Granted, the location that they think the plane is located is a giant fucking ocean. Oceans are not exactly easy for search and rescue efforts

But still, for a time NOBODY had seen the plane, eventually various countries finally piped up and said they may have seen it on their radar but said nothing because they felt it may have been some sort of security risk.


I think they said nothing because it was a commercial airline of course and they did not want to embarrass the pilots by sending up some fighters or making a radio transmission. Then later when they had heard that this particular off course plane had crashed they kept quiet out of guilt.
What if they were able to save that plane by doing their fucking job.

Now, all of this is hear say, and really I am not sure if anyone had seen or heard from this plane before its disappearance.

Popular theories

...yup, that's the one I hear of the most. Aliens. I'm not getting into that one, there is no way to confirm or deny it, although there have been several cases in history of pilots reporting strange objects and strange unexplained disappearances. (Valentick, Moncla, Bermuda triangle, Earhart)

Outside Influence:
Now this could have been some sort of terrorist on the aircraft, but I dont think they got into the cockpit, they perhaps threatened the aircraft with a bomb. Perhaps the plane was strongly influenced by a military aircraft to do what they were told or face being shot down. On top of this, military organizations have the tech and ability to make things just disappear.

Rogue Pilot:
I hate to say it but there have also been incidents where pilots have attempted to take their own lives, I can think of 2 incidents (because they were on mayday). This seems to be the most popular theory by far but I have a hard time buying it, maybe because Im a pilot.

For the last few years every crash I have read hits closer and closer to home, one its the future flight instructor of one of the guys I graduate with and sometimes its a company that a friend of mine works for. I hope that pilots are lucky enough to avoid things that they cant get out of, and good enough to deal with everything else.

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