Friday, April 18, 2014

Double standards fucks sakes

Kind of continuing in the previous rant
I have heard of a company policy where a complaint against a female must be sent in with a similar complaint about a different male seriously what does this accomplish? making guys look like assholes? im doing a good enough job at doing this on my own.

I understand that this is put into place to make sure that girls do not suffer for being females or because males are douches, but what really bugs me is if a complaint needs to be made against a male, there does not. NOT. need one to be made against a female?

What this does is a) encourage mostly female workers
and b) makes it IMPOSSIBLE for complaints to be filed against these workers because guess what? There is no males. A complaint against a female needs a separate complaint against a male to be made, so you have a place of employment filled with women who can fuck up and slack off all they want


I have only heard officially of one company having a policy like this, but it would not surprise me if similar companies had similar policies.

Problem is, Im sure (hell I am really hoping) that most women are not femaniziz, so policies like this are put in place by girls in places of authority as a means to 'empower' women or protect them from male 'opression'


if a PERSON fucks up, fix it. This whole sex bullshit is really irritating me at this point, perhaps it is because I am on the internet and there are girls with (GOTIS) or girls on the internet syndrome, they are kinda like some girls in male dominated fiends. They think that because of where they are, and that they are female they are some sort of 'alpha female'. In some cases this is true, when it comes to my field, at a given level of experience most pilots are not better or worse than others (there is a few exceptions, and for those of you who went to school with me you know of one who is just too damn good. No, Im not as good as he is)

No, no no no, that is NOT how equality works girls. You are PEOPLE, a PERSON, who has the courage to get into that field, trained AS WELL AS EVERY OTHER PERSON

and it is up to you to be better.

It does not just happen because you said so, or you meet certain criteria.

Skill comes with practice, time and experience. Three things that I have seen people think they can do without and things that I have seen people expect others to have skill when they have not had enough practice, time or experience.


who the fuck are the 13 - 23 people who read this shit? Given the fact that my facebook friends are thinning out I must be striking a nerve with some of you...

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